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Lucia Chapter 78 [part 2]


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When he was feeling her soft skin, the heat in his lower body was already rising. He kissed her slightly parted lips. He sucked on her lips a little then he bit her lower lips lightly and licked it. He tasted her lips over and over again then he put his tongue in her mouth. The inside of her mouth was hotter than usual. He swept his tongue over her teeth and traced the flesh in her mouth. At first, her tongue was unresponsive but as it kept touching his tongue, it began to move.

Lucia’s eyelashes trembled and she opened her eyes. She lifted her drooping arms and wrapped them around his neck. His gently moving tongue began to fiercely entangle with hers. Slopping sounds could be heard in the room. A faint moan escaped her throat.


He kissed her for a long time, changing the intensity, sometimes deep, sometimes shallow, as if rummaging through her mouth with his tongue. With just his kiss, Lucia felt heated up and her sight grew blurry. Even after the kiss was over, his lips did not stop. He rained small kisses on her eyes, nose and ears. He gave her earlobe a light bite, licked the back of her ear, and trailed his kisses down her neckline. The feeling of his wet, soft kisses on her body made the insides of her leg feel tingly and strangely hot.

He grabbed her breasts causing Lucia to flinch and a sigh-like moan escaped her mouth. His fingers painlessly kneaded the mounds of her breasts, distorting them erotically in his palm.

Hugo stroked the tender breasts in his hands and busied himself licking her neck. He bit her round shoulders, licking and kissing the traces of his teeth-mark. The scent from her body was sweet. It was delicious. He wanted to taste everything. He wanted to keep licking her wet, soft skin. He engraved dense red traces on her white skin.

Mine. My woman.

He was seized by a mixture of intense possessiveness and desire. He swallowed her entire body inch by inch like a gourmet in front of a grand feast. From the tip of her toe to the top of her forehead, there was no place his lips did not touch. Slowly and without any breaks, his lips sucked and his tongue licked. His large hands kneaded her entire body, at times, softly and at times, intensely.

Meanwhile all this time, the part that was stimulated the most, was the part that was neglected the most. Her breathing sped up and she squirmed, tormented with sweet pain. Lucia fought for her breath as if she was exhausted. His caresses and licks all over her body were tickling and at times, electrifying but he refused to give any further stimulation. The feeling of agonizing while a sensitive sensation was awakened in her body was ecstatic. It was tormenting but enjoyable. She wanted to continue doing more but she also wanted to hurry up and feel the pressure of his huge member filling up her body.

Sex with him was always unpredictable. The intensity of his caresses or the length of his time inside was always different. There were times where he only caressed enough to get the heat going, and there were times like today, where he took his time and worked on her and sometimes, she got so excited he could just insert it like that. She could not flat-out say that she liked or disliked either methods. No matter how much time passed, she was still unable to stand up to his skillful ways of stirring up her body.

He took one of her breasts into his mouth and sucked on it strongly as if inhaling it. At the sudden strong stimulus after the previous slow stimulations, Lucia couldn’t help but her cry out invitingly. His tongue lapped around her stiff nipple, biting it lightly before repeating again. Her waist shot up uncontrollably and something hot flowed from her already wet lower body. She watched him rise from the bed and when she saw that he was taking off his clothes, she turned away. Sometimes, she was bold enough to surprise herself but at other times, she was embarrassed to see him naked.

He grabbed her ankles, spreading her apart and positioning himself between her legs. Then an overwhelmingly strong force pierced through her narrow path in one go.


Her pupils dilated and Lucia chose to breath. She felt dizzy. It was just a soft tantalizing touch but her breath was stifled at the sudden flood of intense stimulation. Her extremely sensitive inner walls squeezed tight as if rejecting the sudden invader.

Hugo spat out a sigh.

“Huu…loosen…up. You’re too tight.”

With only one penetration, Lucia felt a weak sense of climax and was filled with satisfaction. Her inner walls were in spasms and squeezed around his penis. Hugo snorted and whispered by her ear.

“How obscene. I just put it in and your body likes it so much.”

Lucia’s face caught on fire. Stimulated by shame, her body tightened on him causing him to let out a suppressed groan.


Serves him right. Lucia watched his expression and flexed her thighs. His eyes trembled. How fun. She wrapped her legs around his waist and tightly squeezed where their lower abdomens met.


He growled. Seeing her eyes sparkling with playfulness, Hugo’s lips curved oddly. She’s playing with me? He smirked and grabbed her thighs, pulling them apart. He pulled out, and swiftly rammed back in. As if a bell had gone off, her entire body reverberated with tingles.


“I’ve wanted to do this like crazy since I picked you up at noon.”

It was the beginning of a fierce bout of sex that seemed to want eat up the other party. His strong, erect penis endlessly penetrated her tender flesh, tormenting her excited spot. The creases of her inner walls were lined with sensitive muscles that squirmed as if asking if they still had to endure.

Her white skin was flushed red and moistened with sweat. Sometimes, it was a weak cry, other times, it was a loud scream that rang out through the bedroom. Sweat from his moving muscles fell onto the sheets and also onto her body. Intermittently, a moan also came from his mouth. Halfway through, the two of them lost their senses. They only craved each other’s body and blended into one.


Her slender legs closed around his waist. His lips stubbornly pestered her neck while the movements of his waist never stopped. Whenever her sensitive breasts brushed against his chest, an electrifying feeling swept through her entire body.

She tried to hold onto his shoulder but her hand kept slipping on his sweat. Every time he thrust into her with his weight, she couldn’t help but scream. Her eyes were so heated up that they grew wet. Tears unconsciously rolled down her face. Just a little bit more! The wave of intense pleasure was about to come surging in.

His movements suddenly stopped. When she opened her eyes to look at him, his red eyes were slightly curved.

“Not yet.”

Hugo leisurely watched in appreciation as her amber eyes trembled in anger. She hit his sweat-covered shoulders causing him slight pain but he didn’t care. Once she had an orgasm, she got tired pretty quickly. He hadn’t yet tasted her to his satisfaction. He swept away the hair on her forehead with beady sweat and kissed her temple.

Lucia was anxious. The peak of pleasure was just a little further away. She tried to grind against where they were connected by moving her waist herself but she couldn’t even do that when his hips were firmly held in place.

What a selfish tyrant!

Even if she struggled, she was no match for him in strength anyways. When he didn’t move and just stayed inside her, the heightened stimulation slowly came down. But then, he shoved his member deeper.


The stimulation from the thrust was too weak and short. Lucia felt his lazily smiling appearance was hateful and unbearable. He stayed still for a while then gave one heavy thrust and repeated the circle. Her whole body quivered in excitement but it was only up to there. She felt like she was going crazy. Whenever she gasped for breath and slackened her hold, he pulled out and thrust in heavily and every time, she had to squeeze her eyes tightly shut.

“…Do it…”

His eyes hardened when he heard her weak pleas flowing out.

“Please do it. Give me…go harder…”

His red eyes burst into flames. His slightly relaxed muscles grew taut. He placed his arms at the sides of her head for support and plunged into her moist insides. His hard rod roughly pounded her vaginal walls. Every time he thrust in and out, the stimulus from the friction made her cry.

“Ah! Ung!”

The strong stimulation, twice, thrice, three times in a row, brought her to climax in an instant. A pleasure akin to being struck by lightning swallowed her up. She clutched his arms tightly with her trembling hands. From the tip of her toes to the crown of her head, all her peripheral nerves were on edge. She dragged her finger, scratching down his arm. The mark from her nail scratching his arm drew a red line. A whimper-like moan escaped her mouth and her body trembled, her vagina going into severe spasms.

He stopped moving and took a rough breath. As the wave of pleasure subsided, Lucia realized he didn’t cum and made a long face. How much more would they do?

When he pulled out, Lucia flinched and shuddered.

“On your stomach.” (1)

He commanded hoarsely.

“Hugh. It’s hard for me today.”

“I know. I’ll finish soon.”

He made the overused promise that he never kept.

“Then, can we just do it this way? From the back is too…”

It reached too deep inside so the stimulation was too much. In that position, it felt as if she was suspended in the air and falling. That feeling was too hard to bear when she was tired.

When Lucia whined, he gave a little sigh and grabbed her ankles. When he tried to lift her legs over his shoulders, she was on the verge of tears this time.

“I don’t like that either. Today, I don’t want anything difficult. Hm?”

Hugo groaned loudly. His wife’s physical strength was too weak.

Actually, with a regular person as the standard, Lucia’s body was not weak. On the contrary, with the mere fact that she tackled Hugo on a daily basis, her body was healthier than normal people.

However, for Hugo’s standards, this was quite insufficient. He wanted to do this and do that, all night long. There were too many things he couldn’t do. With no other choice, he gathered her legs, placed it at his side and took a flanking position(2). It was his least favorite position because he couldn’t enter really deeply. But it was her favorite position because she liked moderate stimulations.

He settled himself down, found the narrow entrance hidden in her skin and pushed himself inside her fleshy entrance. As he slowly moved back and forth repeatedly, her eyes went red. Although the stimulation was weak, her pleasured expression was so cute that it was charming in its own way.

‘I’m going to have to get a miracle drug that increases physical strength.’

Hugo wondered what he had to do to be able to enjoy more of his wife and eat her up more often. His mind wandered for a moment but he got it back on track. The movements of his waist gradually grew faster. Below him, her body shook with his movements. He grabbed one of her legs, pulling it aside then placed it back to normal. He grabbed her hips and rammed in heavily.

“Aah! Hk…”

The stimulating sight of her reddish, wet eyes caused his waist to stiffen. He gasped for breath. The stimulation wasn’t enough. He lifted her buttocks and thrust in deep to the hilt. He drew out and thrust in deep again. The feeling of her insides squeezing him filled him with thrill. Lucia screamed as the view in front of her flickered. Again, he moved his waist, thrusting into her with strong force.

“Ah! No!”

When her deep insides were stimulated, Lucia broke out in tears. She already said she didn’t want it hard today!

Hugo clicked his tongue, suppressing the urge to penetrate her a few more times and released into her.

A moan escaped through his teeth and his sight grew hazy for a moment. When her body stopped trembling in pleasure, he took her into his embrace. He gently kissed her sniffling figure. He broke out in cold sweat, wondering how to appease his wife who was now glaring at him in anger.



Translator’s Corner:

Naked:  Was I tempted to write “in his birthday suit”? Yes. Yes I was.

1. He just says ‘lie down’ but he means the ‘faceplant’ version, so there.

2. They prolly spooning…? Don’t ask me.




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