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Lucia Chapter 121 [part 2]


< — Epilogue– > (1)


In order to avoid putting pressure on her pronounced stomach, Hugo hugged her from behind while planting kisses on her back. His inner thighs were glued to her soft behind.

He slowly moved his waist, repeating shallow penetrations into her from behind. He took her bosom that had grown voluptuous after her pregnancy and kneaded them carefully. She didn’t like it when he held it strongly because it would hurt.

He couldn’t move too fiercely or enter too deeply. There were only a few positions that he could do.

They could only do it twice a week. When he got angry after being told to only do it once a week, the doctor reluctantly said that twice a week was okay as long as it was done carefully. This was the result he got after she took a step back.

‘Huu…this is crazy.’

He was currently tasting a delicacy of heaven. It was difficult because he was anxious as he enjoyed himself, but if he didn’t taste it at all, he didn’t know how he’d survive. Even as he was doing it, he felt like he would explode from the frustrations.

He wanted to enter all the way in and feel her tightening on him. He wanted to try out all sorts of positions. He wanted to hear her cries and screams of pleasure.


When he heard the brief sigh that spilled from her lips, he pushed his soaring excitement back down again. She had grown more tired as her stomach got bigger, so she didn’t feel much inclination to having sex, but her insides had become more sensitive and it made him tense.

He pushed in a little deeper and her moist innards spasmed before narrowing. Her hot vaginal walls squeezed his penis tightly and he clenched his teeth at this rising pleasure.

“Ah! Hugh, you’re too…”

“Sorry. I went too hard there.”

As soon as he entered strongly in his momentarily fuddled state, her reaction immediately showed that it was difficult for her. His wife was like a thin glass that seems like it would break with a single touch.

“Hugh, stop. My stomach is cramping.”

He hadn’t had a proper taste yet. But hearing her say that her stomach hurt made him incapable of disobeying. Hugo reacted very sensitively to what she said, not because of his worry for the child, but because he was afraid that something might go wrong with his wife, who was pregnant.

He tossed aside his insisting lingering regret and carefully pulled out. His unsatisfied desire was boiling over, so Hugo swallowed a sigh.

Once in three times when they did it, they would stopped like this in the middle. His patience was being tested. And in the process, he was discovering himself anew and realizing that he had a lot of patience.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay now.”

“Shouldn’t I call the doctor?”

“No, it’s not that bad.”

His voice in her ear was filled with worry. Lucia honestly liked his unusually excessive worry of her. He poured all his care on her as if she would be blown away with a little wind. She felt like she had become a queen looking down at the world.

“Hugh, do you think the baby will have your hair and eyes?”

“I doubt it. Only the males are born with black hair and red eyes.”

Lucia sighed disappointedly.

“I wanted her to have your hair or your eyes.”

“I’d like it better if she looked like you.”

Hugo was satisfied with both the fact that his child would be a girl and that she would not be born with the features pertaining to the loathsome Taran bloodline.

“You know, when the child is born, I would like for Damian to come home. The end of the semester should be in the winter. I want him to meet his new sibling.”

“I’ll ask the Academy for an outing permit in advance.”

“I’m worried because the children will have quite a bit of an age difference. Damian is so mature, he might find his younger sister bothersome.”

Lucia was very careful in telling Damian that he would be getting a younger sibling. She agonized about it, and when her pregnancy reached a stable period, she put down a few words at the end of her letter. She hoped that the birth of his sibling wouldn’t hurt Damian in any way.

Sometime later, Damian replied with a long letter, reporting his life in the Academy as usual. And at the end, he wrote down his feedback in a brief sentence.

<< I am happy to hear the good news too. >>

There was no mention of his incoming sibling anywhere in the letter.

Lucia couldn’t tell what Damian felt from the letter alone, so she was continually worried about him. No matter how dependable and mature Damian was, he was still a child. She worried that he might feel a sense of distance because of the fact that his mother and sister were different from him.

Moreover, Damian and the baby were born far apart from each other. She thought that she had to make frequent opportunities for the children to meet and build affection.

“Is it okay?” (Hugo)

“What?” (Lucia)

“I thought…you might be uncomfortable about Damian.” (Hugo)

According to the customs of the Taran family, the incoming baby was Damian’s bride. After Hugo confided in her about all the secrets of the Taran family, he thought that even if there were any changes in her from before, especially in her attitude or feelings towards Damian, he could understand.

“…I see you didn’t believe me.” (Lucia)

Lucia was slightly shocked. Since he thought this way, Damian’s thoughts could be more extreme. She was in low spirits because she felt like she could see the uneasy feelings of her distant son.

“I told you Damian is my son.” (Lucia)

“…It’s not that I didn’t believe you.”(Hugo)

“From the moment Damian called me ‘mother’, I became his mother. Do you know how happy I am to have such a kind son? He is young, yet so diligent. I want to take him around and brag that he is my son.”

“You’re really generous with the boy.”

“He has a shortcoming too.”

“Oh? What?”

Hugo asked intently.

“He is too blunt. We can put that aside as an inborn personality and say it can’t be helped, but I am most worried about him becoming a playboy when he grows up.”

She didn’t add the words, ‘like you’, to that sentence, but Hugo flinched. Then he squeezed her tighter in his arms and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t worry. Since he’s like me, when he marries, he won’t look at another woman again.”

Lucia burst into laughter. He had been getting increasingly better at devising clever excuses. Seeing that she was in a good mood, Hugo’s hand sneakily traced her inner thigh.

“Want to continue?”

“I’m going to sleep.”

His ruthless wife flatly declined and fell fast asleep after a while. Hugo was saddened by the fact that he was the only one struggling with yearning for her warmth.

‘Kid, when am I going to be able to see you?”

His anticipation for his daughter was closer to thinly-veiled personal interest, than paternal love.


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