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Lucia Chapter 100 [part 1]


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The man was given the mission of monitoring the actions of David, the Count of Ramis. All he had to do was roughly know where David went and whom he met with. This kind of mission was very easy for him because he had the experience of doing close surveillance where his own life was threatened. He felt dissatisfied because the mission was too easy. He wanted to get more dangerous and important missions.

So, he thought that if he found something important about the Count of Ramis, it would be a great boost to his career. Without realizing it, he drew closer and closer to the target within a few days.

‘He’s punctual today too.’

After coming down to the Ramis territory, David often went to the village pub to hit the bottle. In the Ramis territory, there were no high-class bars that attended only to nobles like in the capital. When the son of the territory lord entered the shabby bar where ordinary villagers went to, everyone drinking alcohol inside held their breath.

The noisy pub became silent in an instant and David alone drank in the set atmosphere. After a couple of customers that were about to leave were clubbed by David’s attendants, no one was able to leave and they all just sat there, holding their breaths.

The man secretly watching David felt uneasy to see this display of authority. The man was commoner-born. In his hometown, he got into trouble because he didn’t fawn over the haughty nobles and ended up leaving his hometown with gnashed teeth.

David got up and left the pub. And the man who was disguised as a customer also got up secretly. As soon as he left the pub, he quickly looked left and right, but he didn’t see David.

‘Where did he go?’

Inside the dark path leading to the village, a human shaped shadow flickered. The man carefully moved his feet.


He was slammed hard on the back of his head and lost consciousness on the spot.

“Find out who he is.”

David’s eyes blazed with bloodthirst as he looked at the man collapsed on the ground. His attendants bowed their head in reply.

“No. Throw him into prison for now. I will do the interrogation later.”

David ground his teeth. He could roughly guess who had put a tail after him.

‘So he sends me down to the fief and even puts me under surveillance. Father.’


Anita was informed by the staff that a VIP had been escorted to the VIP suite. She entered the VIP suite with a cunning smile on her face. With a face reddened from intoxication, David saw Anita and heartily called out to her.

“Oh, Countess. I have come.”

Anita sent out the female employees serving at the side with her eyes.

“If you had sent word of your arrival, I would have come sooner.”

“Are you uncomfortable because I suddenly came to find you?”

“Of course not. It is the greatest honor for Your Lordship to come find me often.”

Hearing the extravagant title that didn’t match his status, David just chuckled and said that it was nice.

“As expected, the only one who understands me is Countess.”

“I told you. Call me Madam Juel, not Countess Anita here.”

“Yes, you did. Yes, you did. Madame…Madame Juel.”

After throwing the unknown man following him in prison, David was enraged and recklessly came to the capital. When he got to the capital, he realized that he couldn’t go home. If he went to question his father about the man following him without concrete evidence, he would be scolded severely instead. As he was looking for a place to go, he thought of the very agreeable Countess and went to her bar.

David stopped by Anita’s bar everyday until he was chased down to the fiefdom. Fabian wanted to know what exactly the two of them were talking about, but even if he had the ability to know, there was nothing of value to be found. The two of them had only just gotten close in the meantime. To be more precise, Anita was in the process of getting David’s trust.

Anita was skilled in the art of eloquence and was good at bettering a man’s mood. In addition, she had a moderately broad knowledge on topics that men were interested in, such as politics and the economics field. Most of the men that talked to Anita were completely enraptured after conversing with her.

The only man that had been unaffected after talking to Anita, even with their deep relationship of spending the night together, was the Duke of Taran. This was because Hugo did not have genuine conversations with any woman.

When Anita realized that the Duke of Taran would look annoyed when a woman chattered noisily at his side, she cautiously kept her mouth shut as much as possible. So Hugo did not know the flirtatious side of Anita. But even if he knew, he probably wouldn’t have cared.





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  1. Ooh boy. I can see it now. David’s angry and wants to lash out. Anita lets him know Hugo is out of the capital. David goes after Lucia. Roy goes nuts. Cue political scandal.

    1. Double F. Well it doesn’t matter he’s dead now anyway. Idiot first rule of spy school is “Don’t get complacent” ..that’s also the last rule of spy school because seriously if you can’t do that much you need to not be one at all.

  2. a tired college student

    Thank you thank you thank you sooo much for translating this Ruby! I recently read the manhwa and after catching up to it I just had to read the light novel. This is the best isekai light novel I’ve read! I love isekai but the stories are usually cheesy and immature. This is also by far the best translation ever! There’s so much more depth and sophistication in the story. I’ve been reading this during my breaks while I study for finals, and it’s the only thing that’s been keeping me sane. Truly appreciate the amazing work 🙂

  3. Lol, if she were to realize that Lucia got Hugo’s heart without flirting, unlike her who couldn’t get his attention despite that, she’d probably go so mad that she would just try again to attribute again some dirty past she would’ve imagined herself

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