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Lucia Chapter 116 [part 2] MTL

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Hugo woke as he waved his body beside him. Hugo woke up when he saw Lucia sitting.

“Why? Are you sick?”

“I can not sleep.”

“… … ”

Hugo thought, “I slept like that in the day so I will not sleep.”

Three weeks from the day when I was diagnosed as pregnant. Lucia was sleepy. I chose the chief and slept almost all day. I slept early in the evening, got up late in the morning, and slept a nap during the day. It was a life that I was asleep as if I was sleeping well all my life.

Hugo has only seen his wife ‘s face almost these days.

“What can I do?”

“I do not just go to sleep, I keep thinking I want to eat … … ”

“What do you want to eat? If you tell Jerome, he’ll be up soon. ”

“I told you I can not get it.”

Jerome can not save food. Hugo felt a little ominous.



“… … ”

Spring has just come. The weather outside was still windy. The fruit of the vine would not have grown well.

“Do not you get it?”

She was confident that she could find the world through all she wanted. However, there was no ability to produce unfruitful fruit. There is a temperate climate in the southern part of the country, but this is not the grape harvest season.

However, I could not say that I should not be able to say to my wife who looked at me with full expectation. He bluffed.

“… … I’ll find out. ”


Hugo sweated as she grabbed her neck and held her arms around her in her arms.

‘It was big.’

* * *

Quize heard a message from the queen that the Duchess seemed to have been called. I have guessed that the Duchess would have had a child since she had no outside activities.

But almost every day, even though I face Taran Duke, I did not seem to have a good news for about a month. It is likely that he will be told that the child was born after birth.

Quize sneaked out first.

“I heard the news of being a father, a father.”

“It’s been a long time since I was a father.”

“I was told to see the second.”

“… … Yes.”

“With people. The good news is, go ahead and do it. Congratulations. Is the Duchess healthy? ”

“Yes. There is no big riding. ”

“Good luck. The queen had a lot of trouble because she could not eat properly when she had a princess. If the woman has a child, what about the Duchess? ”

“I do not suffer greatly.”

“The child looks like the Duchess and is mild. I wonder if a boy who resembles a ball will be born, or a resemblance to a gentleman. Jim was betting on his boss. Jim is a son. Jim believes in the ball. ”

Quize did not seem to have a gambling luck anyway. Looking at the chattering quiz, Hugo muttered into her, ‘I’m a girl.’

The child, who was born, thought he should resemble his wife. Or it will not be worth the trouble.

Hugo took over the pride of the king ‘s arms every time he lined up the princess’ s loveliness. What does the child’s gratitude have to do with me? My child is having trouble before birth.

Last month. It’s only a month. One month was a long time. There are still six to seven months before the child is born.

This would be like the darkness that stood on the narrow ridge of the back and forth below.

Lucia did not have severe morning sickness that refused food. Though it smells horrible, I usually eat very well.

Many times she was fortunate to have an example of a dry mother who had almost no water during her pregnancy.

Hugo also agreed totally. If you do not eat properly, you will be hated by your wife who is struggling with symptoms of morning sickness.

But the world was not easy. Morning morning was light, but Lucia’s nerves were relatively sharp.

Still, it was not uncommon for others. The tone was cold and the irritation was only slightly increased. However, it seemed to have changed dramatically because it was a mere character and contrast. Especially the impact of Hugo who underwent change of wife was big.

* * *

Lucia was not among the people who came to meet Hugo who returned home today. Jerome gave his master the same answer yesterday.

“You sleep.”

“What about dinner?”

“You have not heard yet. It is sleeping daytime … … ”

I was worried that my wife ‘s sleep was getting too much. So Hugo recently asked her doctor if she was okay.

‘Sleeping and feeling fatigued easily is a typical symptom of early pregnancy. Although my wife is sleeping a lot, it is not something to worry about. If you are a lady, you are going through very early in pregnancy. ”

I can not agree with the fact that it is very safe, but I was relieved to answer the doctor ‘s answer. It means that you can not sleep to be treated.

When I sat down with my wife, I had a conversation. If you stay at home during the day, you will be able to see the state of being awake. Hugo’s busy schedule of going out in the morning and coming in the evening was not loose.

A few days ago, Hugo became more depressing. I was so relieved by the fact that I had to hold my wife in her arms every night, but she started to feel annoyed.

Now, by putting his hand into his pajamas (on his own standards), he touched a little and was not able to come near him at all.

Hugo could not know where to solve the absurdity and grievance. I asked my doctor again. Nowadays, the doctor was acting as a consultant for the duke.

‘At the beginning of pregnancy, there may be a reaction to the husband’s physical contact that is extremely reluctant. It may or may not improve in the middle of pregnancy. ‘

It was advice that was not helpful at all. Hugo thought his doctor should be a quack. I was embarrassed by my innocent doctor.

Hugo entered his wife ‘s bedroom. I approach the shape lying on the bed in the dimly lit bedroom and carefully sit on the bed.

Lucia, lying on his back, looked up and turned and turned to face him.

He stretched out his hand without knowing it, and he was puzzled and disgusted. Why can not I touch my girl as much as I can.

Who should blame for this irrational situation. Hugo’s gaze went down a little and headed to her boat, covered with futon.

An unseen unknown creature that grew up in her womb drove her to the greatest danger of her life. I knew that I should not make the mistake of taking out the words that blame my baby.

He thought too simply of the problem of having a child. I just thought that if a child grows up, it will end when she grows up.

The king who had undergone this process four times was admired.

Hugo gave up his courage and reached out his hand. She touched her cheeky cheek and swept her forehead and turned her hair. Lucia was nervous, and he was nervous for a moment. Then he breathed in as Lucia blinked.

“Hugh … … ? ”

Her reaction was gentle. Hugo breathed a sigh of relief. My wife ‘s psychological state was like a plateau, so I could not relax more than the battlefield.

He missed his wife a few months ago, who was always laughing at seeing himself. Lucia laughed at him and stretched out his arms. Hugo wanted to know what this is. As she smelled the soft and warm scent of her nose, she realized the truth that happiness comes from something really trivial.

“I saw my mother in a dream. You looked young, beautiful and happy. ”

“I hope you will come to your dream every day. Young, beautiful and happy. ”

Lucia laughed at the jokes, but Hugo was genuine.

“I have to eat dinner. Do you want me to prepare now? ”

“I do not have much appetite.”

“I ate a lot of lunch. Nothing to eat? If you think about anything, tell me. ”

“Your baby in the boat is sucking the nutrition of your body,” Hugo muttered to the inside, adding a radical expression to the words of his doctor.

“Well… … . I do. I think that would be my appetite. ”

Hugo was nervous. This time, I wanted to tell you the food you can get.

The last time I did not save Jeongpo Island. Looking at her for a few days, she had to feel her incompetence and incompetence.

“The night market was opened in the town where I was a child. Peter cooked grilled skewers was really good. ”

Hugo was relieved because it did not seem like it was impossible but it was impossible. Night market. Peter. Grilled skewers. I remembered the key words.

“All right.”

“Wow. Then we can do that for dinner. ”

“… … now?”

“If not now?”

Hugo swallowed a sigh. Immediately he called Jerome. Jerome took a couple of servants and visited the village where he had lived.

After a few hours, he took the grilled skewer and took him upstairs.

Lucia was making a linen outfit in the reception room and was delighted to see the dish her husband brought and made her happy. However, he said, “I have just had a few bites and I have been hungry.”

“When will cheongpoddo open?”

It’s a green one. Hugo seriously worried whether he would buy a farm.



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