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Emilone’s Temptation Labyrinth – Chapter 48

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“My, my, it seems I’ve made a mistake. And if you talk down to me any further, I’m afraid I might get offended and make a worse mistake.”

The Emperor took a step closer, unable to hold back his anger and the moment he did so, I snapped my fingers.

The tea table behind him instantly disintegrated into nothingness, without a sound.

Wow…it was really so simple…

Although it was tough to use this ability on a living being, I could destroy a moderately-sized tea table like the one he was using.

Of course, after using it, I heard a slight ringing in my head—an obvious side effect—but it was mild enough that I could act like nothing was wrong.

Blood drained from the emperor’s face.

And his mouth flew tightly shut.

I turned away from him, leaving Reneben and Jessie to handle things.

Then I started exploring the imperial castle alone.

It was only after chasing the approaching servants with a cold face that I was able to successfully stay alone.

Once my men from the temple arrived, I must have them inspect the entire castle first.

According to Reneben, the previous saints also did this every few years but there was a time when they swept through the nobility to address any misdeeds.

I was going to use that as an excuse to flip the imperial castle upside down.

And it just so happens that the public was agitated with the news of me moving to another kingdom besides the empire. Word was spreading in my favor.

And while that was spreading, Reneben deliberately let it slip that the Marquis’s misconduct on the first day of the Goddess Festival had angered the Saintess and caused her to throw him out, which made more people come to my defense.

My hair kept falling onto my face, probably because I’d lost the hair clip that I put on earlier.

In the letter asking for help, they gave Prince Yuina’s location but rather than naming a place, it was described as ‘the rose path that is found walking along the white outer wall’ so it didn’t seem like it would be easy to find.

I clutched my flying hair tightly and just as I was about to start walking in search of the white outer wall, I heard a voice.


For a moment, the loud and hectic thoughts in my mind went silent.

I turned around, only to find the uniformed torso of a man, standing very close to me. I felt like I already knew who it was without having to look, yet I took a step back.

And with a step back, I could see his face.

He was breathing heavily with sweat running down his face like he had just ran.

Maybe his physique was just that good or maybe he was just that tall but even though I was wearing heels, he was still looking down at me.

His waist, which was always bent slightly as if to meet my gaze, once again, bent slightly.

His lovely consideration made me want to try higher heels next time.

“I heard you were here…so I tried to get here quickly…”


That reminds me, he’s a prince from another kingdom. Which means he’s staying as a guest in the Imperial palace.

When I stared at him for arriving with such perfect timing, Alois shook his head like he was embarrassed.

“I was going to greet you, but I heard you were busy. Or maybe I could offer my help if there’s anything you need…”

What was he thinking beneath that bashfully blushing face of his?

I was going to mull over it then I realized my head was just too full right now, so I just turned away.

Alois fidgeted a little like he was worried I might chase him away.

I pondered whether to refuse or tell him to follow me.

Suddenly, I remembered that the monkeys were following me silently, hiding in the trees closest to me like they were trying to be tactful.

“Your Highness. Out of curiosity, have you seen a young boy during your stay here? About 10 years of age…”

Was this a mistake or not?

It was definitely hard to face an opponent while trying to act normally.

“So to speak… a child who didn’t seem to fit in this imperial castle. Or perhaps, a child who seemed mixed with ‘half-breed’ blood.”

I tried to sound him out. Adding the word ‘half-breed’ was a gamble, but it paid off.

Alois’s eyes narrowed. Seeing his constricting eyes, I immediately knew.

I made the right choice.

He ran his tongue over his upper lip and his expression showed that he clearly knew something.

He was like a sweet pot of honey.

Dangerous if you opened it carelessly but sweetly rewarding at the same time.

“I have seen them before. If the child I have in mind is the one you’re talking about, then I might be able to help Your Holiness.”

Bells rang in my head, heralding my correct choice.

A child who was carefully monitored and raised in the Imperial Castle under the emperor’s clutches. It would be hard for a nation’s prince to see such a child, but this was Alois, not just anyone else.

Most likely, his reason for staying in the Imperial Castle was to gain more information and considering the amount of time that had passed since the goddess festival began till it ended, Alois had probably already swept through the castle.

For someone who was planning to use me to become king and prey on even bigger things, this should be like child’s play to him.

That was good news for me, since I planned on using him while he tried to take advantage of me.

Of course, I realize how difficult and tricky that might be.

I didn’t really want to go with him but if he could help…

“Then, Your Highness, do you know the rose path that is found walking along the white outer wall?”

Before I knew it, the words were leaving my mouth.

At my question, Alois gently stroked his chin and smiled.

“Looks like I’ll be able to be of help to you, Saintess.”

His response said he knew what I meant, and he extended his hand.

“I’m not sure if I’m allowed to wander the Imperial Castle without permission but…I assume it’ll be fine with Your Holiness.”

“…If something dangerous happens…I’ll protect you.”

I placed my hand on top of his and regurgitated the words that sprang to my mouth.

He led me into a small side road then heaved a small sigh.



“That talk about protection.”

Alois came to a stop ahead of me and turned to look back at me.

The sun lavished him with a glow, making him look more radiant than usual, and with such brightness, he pursed his lips.

“You don’t have to do that to me.”


I’d been watching the monkeys chase after me, jumping from tree to tree, but trying not to draw attention.

While I was checking on the little ones, I muttered something out of habit, and hearing it pointed out, my thoughts all came to a stop.

It must be a pretense. One of the many things he says whether he meant it or not, a pretense meant to win my favor.

“I will protect you, Saintess.”

But then.

“It won’t hurt to be protected too once in a while.”

If that pretentious remark made the little empty corner of my heart feel comforted.

“…It might…not hurt…I suppose.”

Then really, I didn’t think it was that bad.

* * *

The place Prince Alois led me to, was a dangerous place with rose vines tangled around a white exterior wall.

Alois pulled a dagger from his sleeve and cut the roses with ease.

Just as I was wondering if it was okay to leave traces, the cut rose grew anew, and the sliced roses disappeared into thin air.

I decided the monkeys shouldn’t go any further, so I told them to climb up the tree and hide for a while. Just in case, I injected divine power into two trinkets attached to my robe, giving one to each, before finally turning around.

“There’s an enchantment on it. It’s easy to cut down, but Your Holiness will need to run. I’m not sure that’s okay.”

“Of course, that’s oka…”

I was about to finish talking then I looked down at the high heels constricting my feet. I removed the shoes and tried to assure him again that I was fine, but he took a deep breath and shook his head.

“Don’t take them off. It’s an untamed path, you’ll get hurt.”

I wore these shoes for a preemptive beatdown, but now I felt embarrassed because they were obviously going to cause trouble.

“I’ll carry you.”

“…I don’t want to get you hurt—”

“This is nothing compared to the sacrifices you usually make.”

“I wouldn’t call it a sacrifice. Every other priest does it.”

“But you deal with far more difficult things than they do.”


“Consider this my way of repaying you.”

He stretched out his arms and scooped me up. I was expecting to be carried on one of his arms and resting on his shoulder like last time, but it was different.

“Ah…! Wait, put me down for a second…uck.”

“Shh, we need to be quiet from now on, someone might be around.”

He slung me almost halfway over his shoulder. I pushed up against his back and lifted myself up.

Yes, it was a stable position, for a package, or a piece of luggage but for me, it was definitely an embarrassing one. I resisted a little, but finally shut up when he told me it was a good position for running.

With his other hand, he brandished his dagger, and in seconds, he was cutting down the rose vines.

Alois advanced stably with me in tow. The streaming rose vines repeatedly vanished and reappeared.

A chill ran up my spine as I watched the rose vines regenerate in an instant. If those long, dense thorns pierced you, no doubt you would be pinned in place and cut down to the bone.

Breaking through this protective shield seemed like a daunting task.

My hair was blowing in the wind, and I was clutching it desperately, not wanting to catch a thorn.

“Your Holiness, if you could please close your eyes for a moment.”


“Just a moment. Can you close your eyes?”

Since Alois was currently leading me, I ended up doing as he asked and closed my eyes. Then with a shiing, I heard the sound of a sharp blade being removed from its sheath.

“It’s nothing major. But there are some magic puppets planted by the Emperor, so I’m going to have to cut them all down.”

“Then why am I closing my eyes…”

“I wonder…I guess you could say I don’t want to show you a gruesome scene.”

I had already seen enough gruesome scenes to make me sick, so I didn’t understand what he was trying to protect, but since this was him being considerate, I just let it be.

“You’ve closed your eyes, right?”


“Good job.”

He praised me. Then he readjusted my position and put his arm around my neck.

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    1. Alois is such a refreshing character. It’s pretty rare that you get a character who feels like they could be the protagonist of a different pov, in addition to the actual protagonist.

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