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Emilone’s Temptation Labyrinth – Chapter 37

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The tea for Reneben was red, the tea for Jessie was purple, and the tea for myself was green.

I placed the teacups filled with different colored teas on a tray, then I handed them to the two.

“It might be bitter but it’s good for your health. Have a taste. If the scent is too strong, I can bring the vase closer?”

I never felt like I had unique tastes, but I did like herbal teas, which most people hated.

I didn’t think they’d like the strong scent, so I asked beforehand, but they swirled their teacups in their hands and shook their head violently.

“No, it’s okay.”

“I’m okay too!”

“Things have been busy lately. I didn’t realize it’s been a while since the three of us sat together like this.”

Jessie pursed her lips in agreement and Reneben concisely replied with ‘Indeed.’

“Reneben, can you tell me how the Goddess Festival had been in my absence?”

I was curious about how things were going. Thankfully, what Reneben told me wasn’t too bad.

Apparently, everyone looked stiff even though it should normally be a fun celebration but the common people who had no idea what happened were the same as usual.

“Ah, that reminds me. Lady Emilone. Princess Ronella Nestro told me to give this to you.”

Reneben, who had been calmly narrating, paused like he suddenly remembered something, then he narrowed his eyes and said that.

He reached into his sleeve and took out a letter with the emblem of the Nestro Ducal family engraved on it.

I took it and opened the letter with a knife next to me.

Oddly enough, Reneben who was usually happy and restless when the princess was mentioned looked unfazed. He was staring right at his letter with a reluctant look on his face.

The letter was formal, but it also had a heavy personal touch. At the end of it, was an invitation to come to the Ducal Estate on the last day of the Goddess Festival.

“Hmm…The princess, huh…”

I fiddled with the luxurious letterhead in my hand and raised a brow.

I was almost about to laugh.

My forehead creased slightly as I tried to remember the last time I smiled so lightly. Knowing that the smile on my face might seem odd to others, I mumbled to myself.

‘It seems they want something from me.’

My eyes crinkled in a smile. Prince Alois and Princess Nestro were already keeping me busy, but I felt like this would be worth wasting my time.

Although I thought about whether or not I should go, my contemplation did not last long.

* * *

In the end, there was only one choice for me.

I was still interested in Princess Ronella Nestro, and I was sure she would give me something in return for taking up my time. Whether it be material, emotional, or minor entertainment.

The last day of the Goddess Festival arrived, which was also the day to meet with Prince Alois.

“Alois is the fourth prince of Eseah. Because his mother hails from the Istia tribe, a barbarian colony in the northwest, he was likely pushed out of the succession line.”


“They are a marauding tribe without any country affiliations.”

While listening to Jessie’s explanation, I draped a thick shawl over my shoulders and when I recalled Alois’ appearance, I was somewhat convinced.

He reminded me of a delicate deer rather than a sturdy man with rough edges. His beauty practically surpassed that of young noble misses.

“Oh, right! That reminds me. I learned something interesting, but it was hard trying to find it.”

Jessie babbled about her findings now that she had regained her energy.

Reneben seemed to think she was making too much noise, blocked her and spoke to me instead.

“Prince Alois is actually related to Duke Nestro by blood.”


He was biologically related to Veron Nestro and Ronella Nestro? I hummed and turned to look Reneben. He was reading off Jessie’s papers.

“Duchess Nestro is the only sister of King Eseah.”

Biological relative, huh…

As I mulled over the information that Jessie and Reneben brough me, I slipped my feet into the shoes that a maid had brought.

The densely engraved golden prints seemed to shine brighter than usual on my immaculate white priest robe.

I suddenly felt like it would have been better if I wore this instead of the fancy white dress that I wore to the first day of the Goddess Festival.

It was more comfortable, lighter, and I obviously looked like someone from the temple.

“Lady Saintess.”

“Welcome, Your Highness, Prince Alois Eseah.”

“Thank you for welcoming me.”

As I watched Alois enter from my seat in the drawing room, I held out my hand and he held my hand to his lips.

Unlike our previous meetings, which were both informal and embarrassing, this was an scheduled meeting between the Saintess and a Prince.

The prince’s eyes curved in his characteristic smile.

He was wearing the black uniform of the Eseah Kingdom, matching the decorum for today. It looked even darker when placed next to his fair, white skin.

His brown hair, which had practically covered his eyes, was neatly trimmed, exposing his clean forehead. Although he didn’t look like it, he was hiding a muscular body beneath his uniform coat.

His red eyes, nestled between long eyelashes, fell on my frame.

It was such a fleeting glance that it was hard to catch, but I could tell he was studying me.

I had also been studying him just now, so I didn’t think much of it.

His lips fell on the back of my hand. Whether by accident or by design, his tongue ran over his lips before his lips gently pressed against my hands.

I almost jumped because of the wet texture but I got a hold of myself and pulled my hand way.

With a glance at Alois’ face, I could tell it was intentional.

It might have been an unpleasant act, but he was restraining his actions to a strange level, setting up bait, and slowly waiting to fish.

As we sat down and began to talk, I had to marvel at his skill.

They said he was related to the Ducal Nestro family so perhaps such acting skill ran in the family.

“Your Holiness.”

“Yes, Your Highness?”

I gazed at his calm face, keeping a smile on my face.

“I know that Your Holiness must find my request difficult.”

Request? I asked myself, then I realized that he was talking about the slavery issue. I hadn’t given any response yet so although he didn’t show it, he seemed to be upset.

“I am also aware that I am extremely inadequate. Even though I am requesting this of Your Holiness, that doesn’t mean I will not give anything in return.”

“Return? Are you saying you will reward me?”

Money? Luxury goods? Beautiful jewelry and dresses?

Recalling the valuable ‘returns’ that I had gotten so far, I implicitly asked if he also planned to give me such material compensation.

The prince seemed to understand the look in my eye and began to talk. As if saying ‘Is that the best you can think of?’.

“Please help me become king.”


“And I will give you the country.”

He knew very well.

Knew that I wouldn’t threaten his position… that I didn’t cross implicit lines, and that I was the right person to get what he wanted.

Having his country in my hand meant the birth of a nation owned by the temple. It also meant that the Saint would become the most powerful person in the country.

“I will give you top priority in any decision. Your Holiness will be able to make the country that you want a little easier.”

In other words, no one would be able to touch a kingdom that had become a sacred nation.

Every single word he said was full of temptation.

He seemed to know how I would react if he said something like this. His deep eyes almost seemed to know everything.

Looking into those eyes, I thought to myself.

Even when I knew I was being caught in a trap, this—.

“Sounds interesting.”

It didn’t seem like a bad idea.

Which side was biting the bait, and which side was going to regret it?

“Will you please give me the opportunity to serve you, Saintess?” Alois finished.

Or perhaps both sides could benefit.


Only experience would tell.

After sending off the prince, I immediately prepared to go to the Ducal Estate.

“In return for making the prince king, the temple will control the country…What do you think, Reneben?”

The ornaments being put on my head were beginning to look more excessive than usual.

Maybe Jessie was worried because I’d be coming face-to-face with the famously beautiful Ducal Princess of Nestro, but the accessories on my head were becoming more and more abundant.

“I think it’s dangerous. There’s no telling if the throne is really all he is aiming for.”

“Perhaps he needs the benefits and the status of the throne that he can gain from having the temple as his support. We are not going to engage in full-on politics, so there is a lot to gain.”

“For a prince with such minor right of succession to make this proposal, I think his guts should be applauded.”

Reneben clicked his tongue, and he didn’t seem too fond of the idea.

However, I thought differently, so with a light hum, I tugged his arm.

“How about it, Reneben? If I accept this proposal, a lot of things will change from now on.”

“…Is this what Your Holiness wants?” Reneben subtly averted his gaze and mumbled under his breath. It felt like he had figured me out.

“The world has its own rules. I might be the Saintess, but I cannot use that authority to arbitrarily remove an emperor from his position or deal with nobles without a price.”


“If I did that, the long-standing system would collapse. When you destroy something that has been arounds for hundreds or thousands of years, it will likely take just as long to restore it.”

That was why I was trying my best not to ruin it.

“But I don’t really understand what the prince is thinking.” Reneben remarked.


“If word of this spreads, the prince’s life will be in danger. This would be considered treasonous and those in favor of slavery won’t look favorably on him.”

At Reneben’s words, I tucked a strand behind my ear and tilted my head.

I ran my fingers over my lips in thought until Jessie quickly told me to stop because she wasn’t done decorating yet.

“Well… I imagine the prince has already thought of that.”

Reneben flinched and knitted his brows, mumbling, ‘why do you have such a good impression of the prince’ but I couldn’t hear since I was already lost in thoughts.

In the end, that had to be it.

Either he was confident that I wouldn’t leak anything, or he was confident that his life would never be in danger.

It was likely one of two.

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