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Emilone’s Temptation Labyrinth – Chapter 30

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The temple always remained quiet, so it became devalued and easy to disregard by many.

The position of emperor could be said to have power. The value of that position was likely unfathomable.

However, even an emperor could be ignored or used depending on the circumstances around him.

That was the essence of power.

Thrilling, dangerous, and sweet.

The nobles cowering in fear before me looked pathetic, and I stared at them without removing the fake smile on my face.

A vast majority of the Empire’s aristocrats had personally witnessed what happened at the temple the other day. A situation where you couldn’t breathe without feeling afraid.

The sight of a noble disappearing into thin air must have been imprinted in their minds, never to be forgotten, along with the fact that the monsters attacking the temple disappeared in an instant.

Frankly, despite the fear, some of the gazes directed at me were filled with respect and admiration, which was pleasing in its own way.
“It seems no one looks down on us anymore, other than the Imperial family.”

“Yes, because it is no longer the same. And the emperor also seems to be making moves to keep the temple in check. We won’t be ignored like before.”

I sat in the seat that was normally reserved for the emperor while Jessie and Reneben stood behind me.

At my soft utterance, Reneben shrugged and replied with a flushed face.

It seems Reneben was also seeing the improvement in treatment after the temple began to show its strength. And he must be realizing how much he had lowered himself all this time.

“The temple has absolute power. As long as God is behind us, I mean.”

“Lady Emilone.”

“Considering our position, it was stranger to see them attacking us. As they say, a newborn puppy knows no fear.” [1]

Reneben tilted his head at the proverb which he hadn’t heard before, but I didn’t bother trying to explain.

The action was cute, so I stroked his head like a small animal, and Jessie snuck her head in from the side.

Jessie was the same size as me, so I understood but Reneben was at least a hand taller, yet he acted like a child.

Although I found it adorable regardless.

“Will anyone else attack us?”

“I doubt it… unless it’s the Imperial family.”

I deliberately stressed the word imperial and gently closed my eyes.

The nobles who personally witnessed divine power, the power to destroy without so much as a warning, they knew to respect me on their own, but not the members of the Imperial family.

Only those who inherited the imperial blood could become rulers of the empire, and that had never changed since the founding of the empire, like an unwritten rule.

To them, even a Saint couldn’t treat them carelessly as they were the masters and authority of this country.

The smile never left my face as I thought to use this occasion to properly toy with the crown prince.

It was only when Reneben shook his head and slipped his hair out of my hands that I finally let go of his white hair.

“Oh…come to think of it, where is Princess Nestro?”

Someone like her wouldn’t miss this party for anyone in the world.

The hall was so vast that my eyes could barely contain the whole room. I leisurely scanned the nobles that filled the hall, and I tilted my head.

The princess, who should have been the center of the room, was nowhere to be found. It was odd.

I blinked and expressed my doubts, to which Reneben replied in a calm tone.

“I saw her face earlier, but I don’t know where she is now.”


“If you are looking for the princess, shall I fetch her?”



“Yes, Saintess.”


I put down my wine glass before it even reached my mouth and frowned.

Those on the lower floor watching me but pretending not to, began to study me with bated breath but that wasn’t important right now.

“Don’t you want to go to Princess Nestro?”


Reneben was taken aback by my question and blankly opened his mouth then he shook his head. Soon, his expression looked mortified, as if asking why I said that.


Reneben furrowed his brows, as though he was confused. Then he spoke in a disgruntled tone that seemed to ask if I was doubting his loyalty.

“Why would you think I want go to Princess Nestro?”

“Well, that…”

No one was listening to us anyway. Afterall, the platform was situated very high.

At that moment, Jessie blurted it out.

“Because doesn’t Lord Reneben have feelings for Princess Nestro?”


“Jessie Portra.”

“Ah, is it supposed to be secret?”

When I called her name, Jessie was flustered and flailed her hands.

Reneben’s mouth opened so wide that a fly could get in, then he covered his face with the sleeve of his priest robes, hiding his reddening face.

Then his eyes fell on me, signaling for help.

“Young Miss Portra, please refrain from such remarks.” I intervened.

“I, I’m sorry.”

“That is merely in the past. I don’t wish to be bound by that.”

Reneben replied and hearing that unexpected answer, I grabbed Reneben’s arm, looked straight into his eyes and asked.

“You’re not in love with the princess?”

“Why is Your Holiness acting like this too…”

Reneben half-cried and looked at me pitifully.

Of course, I ignored his pitiful pleas, but I couldn’t stop myself from making a face in astonishment. At the very least, for the half year since I came to this world…

The love that Reneben showed for Princess Nestro didn’t seem so minor that it would disappear so easily and casually without warning.

My eyes widened and I racked my brains at this absurd situation.

I knew better than anyone else that among those who fell in love with Ronella, their feelings were never a momentary flow like spilled water.

After all, I watched and observed them the closest.

Which is why this development of Reneben responding as if he felt nothing, felt illogical.

In the eyes of others, such things would be considered trivial so I knew it wasn’t right to act serious about it.

A part of me let out an uneasy sigh. Just as I was about to give him a light pat to show that I understood, an unknown sweet scent wafted into my nose.


I quickly turned my head in the direction of the strong, intoxicating smell.

It was a very sweet and dangerous smell. The type that seemed almost ready to…conquer.

“What’s wrong?”

“…No, it’s nothing.”

I swallowed at the dangerous scent that seemed deliberately designed to mesmerize me. An indescribable sense of unease washed over me.

I had already experienced this sweet scent several times.

What is it…what could it be…

I felt like I was the only one who could smell this scent. Seeing both of them acting like nothing was happening, I exhaled softly.

I felt thirsty.

“Lady Emilone, Marquis Nevraden wants to pay his respects.”

“Stop. Let me rest for a bit.”

“Yes, Saintess.”

I rubbed my temples and sank deeper into the chair.

The scent never disappeared, almost as if it was haunting me.
After the third and fourth time, I slowly exhaled at the smell digging into my lungs, lowered my eyes, and slowly looked around the hall.

They had quite the guts to make it obvious that they were looking at me.

The moment my eyes fell on the hall, the scent changed from sweet to a strong natural scent, in other words, a rose.

I unconsciously sprang to my feet, turned away from Jessie and Reneben and quickly looked under the platform.

My gaze was directed at a corner that wasn’t very visible because it was hidden by a curtain.

Hence, no one had noticed. That inside the curtain, a gray-haired middle-aged man was stripping the clothes of a man with brown hair.

The brown-haired man tried to shake off his arm in an attempt to escape but the middle-aged man slapped him in the face.

At this scene of the man with dark-brown hair getting harassed, an exasperated sigh left my mouth. I never thought I would see such disgraceful behavior on a day like this.

An actual crazy bastard.

At a time when even the emperor knelt to pay his respects, I never thought there would be such a madman on this sacred day where a single word from me could shake this country.

The scent that had been following me like crazy completely disappeared when I found them. At this inexplicable situation, I fell silent at first.

Jessie and Reneben turned in the direction of my gaze. Their eyes landed on the same place as mine. They both took in the scene and the disgust on their faces was the same as mine.

“Although it is a precious day, there are always those like that thing over there who lose their minds.”

Right after Reneben spoke, Jessie scanned him thoroughly and gave me a brief explanation like she was showing off her excellent memory.

“Judging by his age and the black spider family seal on his arm, that thing is Marquis Chevolhi. He is an empire noble. I know he’s gained a lot of wealth lately through middleman trade and he possesses enough power to have constant private meetings with the emperor.”

The person concerned was even a noble of the Empire.

On other days, it might be normal for a high-ranking Marquis to harass some unknown man, but today, it was absolutely unacceptable.

No, even at any other time, this was unacceptable. The audacity to do perform such a ‘good’ act in front of me.

The man didn’t even seem self-conscious of his actions.

“He is famous for being promiscuous. The other man seems to be of low status; we shouldn’t leave them like that…”

Reneben expressed his anger to the imperial knights. Only then did the knights realize the situation behind the curtain and turn stiff.

They were shocked by the look in Reneben’s eyes and hurried away.

(Emilone)“The victim seems to be a noble as well. What if the wrong rumors start to spread in the social circles?”

Many nobles were watching us after my sudden actions, but they didn’t seem to understand what was going on except for the knights whom Reneben signaled to.

Seeing that, I suddenly began to worry about the victim. Reneben gently shook his head and explained that there was no need for me to worry.


Translator’s Corner:

[1] There are other ways to translate this proverb. It can be written as ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread.’ But I thought newborn puppy fit the context bfetter. Because when you don’t know the dangers (like a newborn pup), you are not afraid.

Please note: Chapters of this novel are not split.

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