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Emilone’s Temptation Labyrinth – Chapter 27

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Underneath the bright sun, the flower petals and green leaves swayed with every gust of wind.

I had no time to consider how beautiful it was as I watched them cross the sky before my eyes.

The crown prince was looking at me with perturbed expression but frankly, I was the one feeling stressed.

At the very least, in this world where your every manner and demeanor dictated your reputation, I absolutely refuse to have rumors of myself rolling on the ground and laughing spread through the mouth of the crown prince.

I pushed hard against the big guy on top of me, but perhaps I had been playing around too much because it thought I was joking and didn’t even budge.

“…What are you doing?”

“…Hello, Your Highness.”

Before he had time to change his pale expression, I looked up at the crown prince and gave him an awkward greeting from my spot on the floor.

Honestly, I didn’t know how to answer his question, so I evaded the subject.

“It has been a while.”

Explaining was a little…you know, but when I greeted him appropriately, the prince made a strange face and replied reluctantly.

“I greet Your Holiness and may peace reigns over all, under the love of God.”

I seriously wondered if he was trying to make fun of me by giving such a formal greeting at a time like this.

I could count on one hand, the number of times I have heard the proper greeting from the crown prince since I started working as the Saintess.
For him to say such a grandiose greeting…of course, his expression was a little off, but it was odd to hear such a greeting when it was not an official event, so I narrowed my eyes.

However, he was looking at the dog on top of me, rather than at me, and with a sigh, he stretched out his hand.

His roughly extended hand was directed towards the animal on top of me.

In the blink of an eye, the crown prince grabbed the puppy by the neck and just like that, tossed it aside.

I was shocked and sprang to my feet.

“What are you doing?”

At the sudden development, I got up and snapped at the crown prince. I was so surprised that I was speechless.

All things considered, it just looked like the crown prince was harassing a helpless animal in front of me.

While standing up, I accidentally lost my footing. My old wound throbbed and complained with pain.

I healed quick but the pain was just as painful. I groaned as I fell, but when the crown prince approached, I looked up at him with disgust.

What he did was something I could never forgive.

Anyone would think the same. To be thrown it down on such a cold floor… .

Sharp words swirled in my mouth and burst out.

“I didn’t think of you as someone who carelessly uses violence on another life.”

I took pride in taking time to calmly assess any situation that I was in. But when it was one of the two things that I found unforgivable…

“I’m greatly disappointed in your careless actions towards a lifeform that cannot speak.”

Such treatment was disrespectful towards children and animals that couldn’t voice for themselves.

It wasn’t something that someone with a well-established personality should do.

I moved closer to the big guy to inspect its injuries and ruffled its fluffy fur. Then, I poured divine power into my hand and brought it to its face.

I could hear it breathing lightly.


I thought that if a dog around my size was thrown to the floor, it would definitely have a wound or internal injury, but surprisingly, it was in a better condition than I expected.

Furthermore, the crown prince, who was standing right behind us, spoke in a voice so cold that it gave goosebumps.

His voice was already quite low normally, as I listened to him speak in an even sunken tone than usual, I couldn’t help but frown.

“Get up already.”


Thinking he was talking to me, I turned towards him, then I felt something squirming against my hand which was buried in the dog’s chest fur.

It was heaving as if it was close to death so I couldn’t help but be surprised at the sudden movement.

“It is a grave offense to enter the temple without permission and mislead the Saintess.”

Not knowing what in the world the crown prince was talking about, I looked back and forth between the crown prince and the fragile animal.

And then, I was surprised by an unexpected development, and I couldn’t help but take back my hand which was covered in divine power.

The wind blew heavily, throwing my hair in all directions. My pink hair obstructed my vision and I blinked slowly.

Soon, my vision was covered in a bright light bursting from the energetic beast.

Even though magic and other absurd stuff happens in this world, I held my breath, wondering if such a thing was even possible.

“What is…”

I muttered softly and straightened my bent back.

At the shadow in front of me grew before my eyes, I stepped back and hit my head on the crown prince’s chest. I didn’t look at the prince I bumped into, but stared at what was in front of me.

“…Ha, a person?”

It was a person.

The charming beast with ivory-colored hair was nowhere to be found, and in its place, stood a man with a similar physique to the crown prince.

Even though I just saw it with my own eyes, I held my forehead, feeling the immense urge to deny it all.

* * *


“Please forgive my rudeness.”

My eyes took in the man with blue hair, standing just a few steps away. Reminded of the dog that I was seriously playing with just seconds ago, I pressed a hand against my temple.

Ah…so, you’re saying…

The dog I thought was abandoned, followed me obediently, so I put dignity aside and played around. Then the prince came and it became an embarrassing situation, and soon, the dog he threw became a per…it became human.

His sharp nose and well-crafted eyes came into my sight.

The man, who had fluffy-looking hair, lowered his gaze as if he was really sorry, and bent down to meet my gaze.

Soon after, he gave me a formal greeting.

“It is an honor to meet God’s blessing. I am Un Tereven.”

I was flooded with embarrassment.

His voice was beautiful enough to make hearts flutter at the sound. However, it was difficult to just keep my face calm, so it took me a few seconds before I could respond to the man who introduced himself as ‘Un Tereven’.

“I am Emilone, master of the temple. It is a pleasure to meet you… Young lord Tereven.”

If he was Tereven, then he was one of the counts who followed the Crown Prince.

He didn’t use an imperial name, but it was said to be because the countess came from a small country famous for its peacefulness, so she followed its name.

“…That said, I have not heard of the Tereven Earldom being able change into beasts.”


An attendant entered at some point and brought out teacups and simple refreshments.

These appetite-stimulating snacks would have normally made me hungry, but right now, my mouth was just dry.

I had never heard of or seen a human turn into an animal.

I tried to gaze at the two men calmly as I held up the tea with the delicate scent. I tried to imitate those older nobles and stared at them with a gaze that seemed to see through people.

It wasn’t that hard to put on a calm face, but it wasn’t easy to keep either.

The cold teacup touched my lips, and soon, the hot tea flowed into my mouth.

While I was the only one drinking tea in this cold atmosphere that I forcefully made, Lord Tereven spoke unexpectedly as if the atmosphere was nothing.

I almost dropped my teacup at his words which were so informal that it could be considered rude.

“Lady Saintess’ image is very different from what I imagined. It’s like looking at a beautiful dancer.”

Those dancers who perform in front of the nobles…? I almost scoffed for a moment.

It was clearly a derisive remark.

Their beauty went without saying, but to compare me, a saintess, with mere pleasure entertainers.

“Young lord, are you referring to me?”

I squeezed my robe as my hand lay on my lap.

His blue hair didn’t look that different from when he was a dog.

“If you prefer my little form, I can stay in that state. Your Holiness has such a beautiful smile, but it’s a pity you have such a face in front of ‘people’. Such beauty is no worse than Princess Nestro.”

In a tone that seemed sarcastic, the man took a bite of a snack and crisply broke it in half.

He was looking at me with a light smile on his face.

Was this some sort of provocation to find out something about me…? Or was this ignorant young lord just fooling around with me?

I quickly reached a conclusion. I could feel him studying me closely through his mischievous eyes.

Feeling that creep-inducing gaze, I moved to open my mouth.

Right then, the prince stepped in as if trying to mediate between us.

“I apologize for being unable to tell Your Holiness in advance. Un Tereven is a half-beast, so he can take on a non-human form.”


I turned back to the Crown Prince at this news that I was hearing for the first time.

I’ve heard of half-beasts.

A half-beast was said to be the child of a human and a beastman in symbiosis with the elves.

My head felt like it was clearing, and I tossed aside the derisive comment, and stared at the man. If he was a half-beast, half of him had the blood of a beastman.

“It is a secret in high society, but if it’s you, I can trust you to know.”

Young Lord Tereven gave a meaningful look at the Crown Prince’s peculiar words.

I looked away from him.

“…Is that so. While I understand why Young Lord Tereven can change into a beast, I have yet to hear the reason for your unexpected visit to the temple. What business do you have?”

I purposefully didn’t mention the rudeness earlier from young lord Tereven. As expected, he licked his lips like he was a little disappointed.

Seeing that, I gave him a side glance.

I had no idea what he was thinking but after eating the cookies, he lifted the teacup and poured the tea into his mouth.

“His Highness only came to look for me. As for me…”

Young Lord Tereven glanced at the crown prince.

The crown prince let out a sigh.

The two felt like they knew each other well. I could see the bond between the two from that trivial glance.

Of course, that was how it looked on the outside.

There was an unknown sharpness teething under the two of them.

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  1. I think that Emilone is one of my favorite FL and deffenetly one I can identify with 100%. Also dog boy here was lucky she wasnt a vet tech or even bigger animal person in her og world. Cause if it were me I would have given the “dog” a good health exam checked his teeth and gums, ears, eyes. checked if the pet was fixed and over all look for injuries even more so on a dog that was obedient and let me do so. I do it every time I help with rescues.

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