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Emilone’s Temptation Labryinth – Chapter 1

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I was about 24 years old. At that blossoming age, I made the typical dimensional travel to the Wesleyan Empire.

Frankly, it is only a typical occurrence in novels; no ordinary human could have ever imagined such a magical thing.

It would have been nice if the situation was more like, I opened my eyes after getting hit by a car and saw a new world, or I woke up after my death and saw a world that I’ve never seen before.

Rather, my travel through dimensions was extremely peaceful.

I lay down like any other day and when I opened my eyes, I was greeted by a clear and sunny sky. My back was soaked with merciless sensation of wet mud.

The smell of grass wafted through the air and at the same time, my surroundings were abuzz with the voices of people, mixed with the sound of a beautiful songbird.

To describe how I was feeling at the time, I was so confused that I thought I was having a lucid dream even though I’d never had one before.

My body was heavy and cold, like water-soaked cotton, and my vision was blurry.

The only thought on my mind was that I needed to get up first, so I used my fingers to grope around on the floor that I was lying on.

The moment I pushed myself off the ground, a cold wind rushed in and enveloped me.

Then a light came down from the sky.

Amidst the blinding light, I stared at the mud, the culprit behind of my muddy hands, in a daze. Then I looked up to the sky.

I didn’t know where the light came from but when it hit me, I could feel energy returning to my drained body. And when that light disappeared, the people in front of me caught my attention.

For a second there, I was going to ask the normal question of ‘where is this?’, but the moment I saw their appearance, I was at loss for words.

Their hair and eyes were a variety of striking colors that didn’t even seem possible to dye, and they were draped in gem-studded dresses and uniforms that I had never seen before.

“I greet God’s blessing.”

Among them, a white-haired man dressed in pure-white knelt on the muddy ground and spoke in a reverent tone like he was offering worship.

I was so taken aback that I staggered to my feet and then people with a similar vibe, knelt on the ground, not caring that their white clothes were getting dirty, and shouted in unison.

“We greet God’s blessing.”

That is what they called me.

I was enshrined as a Saintess who could hear the voice of God.

I used to be a successful actor in Korea but my life changed in an instant. And the God who forcefully sent me here, gave the name ‘Emilone’.

Along with pink hair, red eyes, and exotic facial features that no Korean could ever have.

It was my face, but it clearly felt like it wasn’t mine. But it wasn’t that difficult to get used to.

In the first place, I wasn’t the type to get agitated by this kind of thing, and there was a line of people devoted to me, so I wasn’t uncomfortable.

The position and treatment of a Saintess was pretty good.

Because I was said to be blessed by God, I was treated as good as the emperor. The public followed me more and more, and since I was bestowed with divine power, I had the ability to protect myself.

With these circumstances, I dreamt of having beautiful scenes like those in romance comics, but all the men that could be called male protagonists were already smitten with one woman.

Princess Ronella Nestro was an individual worthy of the love of many. She was beautiful, delicate, and her character was spotless. She seemed to know what to do to make people’s hearts flutter.

That was her charm.

Despite the strangely bitter taste in my mouth, I had to obediently give up on the handsome, rich, and powerful men.

Although I was a Saintess, I didn’t have any special restrictions apart from dealing with demon-related affairs and volunteering to take care of people.

In short, dating and marriage was free game.

Honestly, the men that were in love the princess were all such excellent material that I might have fallen at first sight but thankfully, that didn’t happen.

After I realized that they treated me completely different from the princess, I wasn’t really interested.

And so, I spent 6 months as the Empire’s Ordinary Saintess #1 who traveled through dimensions.

And one day, when I was whiling away in boredom, the crown prince called me to say that he had something to discuss regarding the increase in demons as of late.

I didn’t have anything to do that particular day…so I somewhat intentionally arrived earlier than our scheduled time and took a walk alone in the back garden.

Because I was strong, I traveled without an escort most of the time and thanks to that, I discovered something incredible.

“Oh my goodness, is that true?”

“If you want it, Princess, it’s not that hard to arrange.”

I chanced upon Princess Ronella who was having a simple teatime in the back garden.

Sitting opposite her was the Marquis’s son who was quite active in the trade these days.

I was about to turn around and leave, thinking that I shouldn’t disturbing their sweet time but then I heard something unexpected and hid behind a tree to spy on them like a stray cat.

“My appointment with the Crown Prince draws closer…but my feet don’t seem to want to leave when I’m with you, Lord Etwa.”

As I watched Princess Ronella roll her pitch-black pupils, I almost wanted to exclaim in admiration.

Maybe it’s because I saw the expression on Princess Ronella’s face when the Marquis’s son lowered his head, as if embarrassed by her sweet words.

A deceitful expression that seemed full of ridicule, a twisted smile on her lips as she lowered her eyes and covered her mouth with her hand while laughing under her breath.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away; the look on her face suited her more than a pure and innocent one.

Thanks to this, I was able to see through all her fake actions in the past. I felt at ease knowing that the immaculate, unpolluted, and spotless appearance of hers was actually an act.

And because of that, I realized that the image of the princess who monopolized and shook the hearts of the empire was not real. Her appearance as a kind and delicate princess was all an act and people were merely playing in her hands.

This wasn’t a love story between one woman and several men, but the story of one woman playing with several men.

While watching the princess play on a national scale, I slipped away without any of them noticing and unconsciously muttered to myself.

“This could be quite interesting…”

I started as a child actor too and worked tirelessly to become an actor that people acknowledged. I was confident that I wouldn’t lose to the princess in terms of acting skills.

It felt like the fog in my brain had gotten clearer and a smile appeared on my lips.

This situation was more interesting than those crazy drama storylines.

Just then, the crown prince who had summoned me, approached from the other side, and asked me if I had seen the princess.

It occurred to me that if I told the crown princess where the princess was right now, he might find out her true nature, just like I did.

“I am sorry, but I haven’t seen the princess.”

But I couldn’t do that. I just found something interesting; I couldn’t give it up so easily.

When I shook my head and said I hadn’t seen her, he walked past me with an urgent look on his face.

This deserves a written script.

Rather than the typical romance involving several men, it would be far more exciting and enjoyable to see the love story of men playing in a fishery.

I was already passerby #1 and since I had this opportunity, I’d gladly take the role of making the content more enjoyable.

Seems like I’ve finally found something fun to do after almost six months.

* * *

I straightened in my chair and looked at the crown prince in front of me.

The crown prince, with his dark-green eyes and sweet-looking honey-blonde hair that shone with every ounce of sunlight, seemed to be in bad mood; maybe he was unable to find the princess.

I tried to imagine what he was thinking right now.

The princess stood him up so wouldn’t he be anxious to go see her right away and ask her if something happened, or if something was going on?

I looked at the prince with listless eyes.

The princess had the nerve to say that her appointment with the crown prince was drawing closer, but she didn’t bother showing her face at all even though the crown prince went looking for her in person, but instead of thinking she was arrogant, the prince was worried.

However, he couldn’t go look for her because he had an appointment with me, so he seemed to be quite troubled.

Before, when I saw the affection he poured on the innocent princess, I didn’t think much of it, but now it was entertaining.

The crown prince was feeling so anxious, not knowing what the princess was thinking inside.

“I came to the Imperial Palace because I heard Your Highness was looking for me…but is something the matter?”

I asked, raising a brow while suppressing a smile.

And the more I thought of the crown prince’s situation, the less I was willing to let go.

The crown prince was always so indifferent that he was said to have no emotions. There were even rumors claiming that his blood was blue because he was inhuman.

But I never imagined that he would look so weak once it concerned the princess.

His forehead creased faintly.

Seeing the crown prince’s reaction, I just planted a smile on my lips.

Of course, this was fun from my point of view as an observer.

While I was staring at the wrinkles on the crown prince’s refined forehead, my eyes met his.

I maintained my expression as if nothing was wrong and just smiled quietly.

The crown prince heavily disliked women who showed interest in him. Naturally, he considered them annoying, and he despised those who blatantly coveted his power.

And since I didn’t show interest in him, or get jealous, or cause scandals, I was the best advisor.

In fact, I would like to be titled the ‘Easy-to-Handle Saintess’ who came from another world and was unfamiliar with the empire.

“…I summoned you because I had something to discuss with you.”

“Please go ahead.”

The crown prince leaned back in the sofa, showing off his long legs.

The emperor couldn’t exactly be called handsome but unlike him, the crown prince’s looks was on another level.



Translator’s Corner:

*Note that ‘Princess’ Ronella is not an actual princess. She is the daughter of a Duke but her title is princess.

**I hope you enjoyed this prologue. As this is my new (secondary) project, I will strive to get chapters 1-30 out as soon as possible then the release rate will become ~1/week, which is a manageable pace for me.

***Since the previous translator privated their site, I have to translate from the beginning 🙂

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