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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 74]

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Egg goes crack! (2)

* * *

Aristine thought it was morning when she woke up, but it was already past noon.

The court ladies were arranging Aristine’s meal with satisfied smiles on their faces. They had prepared nourishing food for her since she must be ‘exhausted’ after last night. [1]

Rather than the bride, the new groom was the one who was exhausted but there was no way for the court ladies to know that.

After Aristine woke up, Tarkan left first, saying he had things to deal with. She should have been sad about him going to work on the first day of their married life, but such thought didn’t even cross Aristine’s mind.

The same went for the court ladies.
Let alone sad, they were amazed.

For ‘that’ Prince Tarkan to wait for his bride to wake up before he left the bedroom.

Even though they saw it with their own eyes, they couldn’t believe it.

The warriors who had been with Tarkan for many years also thought the same thing.

They had gathered in the meeting chamber since dawn to wait for their lord. However, time passed quickly, and even after it was past the usual time that they finished the morning meetings, Tarkan had not appeared.

Upon hearing that their lord was still in the bridal chamber, the warriors raised a ruckus, wanting to check if that was really true.

That alone was already very surprising.

And then—.

‘Apparently, the bed collapsed completely and broke into pieces.’

They couldn’t wrap their head around how that even happened. What in the world had happened last night?

There was no doubt that something crazy that defied imagination had happened.

They weren’t exactly wrong. Because what happened was certainly something they couldn’t imagine.

Although it was completely different from what the court ladies thought.

Unaware of this fact, the court ladies kept glancing at Aristine who was devouring the butter-grilled abalone.

‘The Princess even bathed alone.’

Thus far, Aristine had never refused their service while she bathed. But today, she said she would wash by herself and asked all the servants to withdraw.

‘The traces must be that intense…!’

The lewd bunch thought to themselves and giggled inwardly. They were having fun just imagining it.

However, they had designed everything with their own hands, from the bed, to the lingerie, to the bridal chamber, so they wanted to hear the specific details.

“Um, Your Highness.”


“How was it?”

The question was abrupt.

Aristine stirred the beef-rich pot-au-feu and returned the question.

“How was what?”

“His Highness Tarkan, I mean.”

Hmm, Aristine munched on the chewy meat and took a glance around.

The court ladies were staring at her with very eager expressions. Like a dog looking at a bone.

Not really wanting to disappoint them, Aristine’s mind flew back to Tarkan from last night.

Naturally, she couldn’t talk about asking him to sleep on the floor or their agreement to just hold hands and sleep.

Even Tarkan’s breaking of the bed was out.

‘If that’s the case then…’

There was only one special thing that happened other than that.

“Quite soft, actually.”

She thought a man’s chest would undoubtedly be firm, but it was surprisingly soft.

“Oh my, His Highness Tarkan is?”

Aristine was the only person in this world who would call Tarkan soft.

The eyes of the court ladies twinkled like the stars.

‘I see. So he’s tender.’[2]

‘He might be rough to others but to his wife, he’s…’

‘His Highness Tarkan can be scary but to think he tenderly melts in front of his wife at night…!’

The court ladies’ lips kept twitching up and down.

Aristine tried her best to recall the texture of the bread she fondled in her dream as she explained.

“Mn, it was smooth yet firm and springy.”

“Oh my goodness?”

It was as if she was describing a specific part. And her explanation was very vague.

The court ladies’ eyes widened in surprise. Of course, the corner of their lips rose to the sky.

“Was it big?”

“Very big.”

Aristine nodded and looked down at her hand.

She didn’t know the exact size because she touched it in her sleep but the bread in her dream was huge.

“It was hot too.”

It was hot and toasty, like freshly baked bread.

Aristine’s expression grew hazy as she recalled that appetizing puffy bread. Even though she was already eating, thinking of tasting it made her happy.

‘It must have been a passionate night…’

‘I guess she liked it that much.’

‘I’m glad they are a good fit.’

‘I knew it, this couple is a perfect match…!’

The court ladies simultaneously grew excited and squealed together.

“Please eat a lot, Your Highness.”

“Yes, you need to eat a lot to keep up with His Highness Tarkan’s stamina.”

“His Highness Tarkan though. How can he be so…you know, to someone so small and delicate…”

“Dear me, and it was intense enough to even break the bed…”

“I know what you mean. People shouldn’t be too greedy; one should have a conscience.”

“If that conscience exists, the difference in physique would have been considered and it would have stopped when one leg of the bed broke.”

“You are so right. Our Princess looks like she’s about to fly with the wind.”

To reiterate once again, Aristine was definitely on the bigger side for a Silvanian.

‘I can’t tell if they are praising Tarkan or criticizing him.’

Aristine thought as she looked at the court ladies who were chattering happily.

Contrary to their critical words, their expressions alone made it seem like a compliment. And not just a simple compliment but glowing praise.

Aristine knew what kind of misunderstanding the court ladies were having. But she didn’t plan on correcting it.

If anything, she half-intentionally spoke in a way that could be misunderstood.

Because it needed to be known that she and Tarkan had a good marital relationship.

‘I’m worried about Dionna though…’

Aristine thought as she took a big bite of her raspberry cheesecake.

After all, she would feel uncomfortable when she hears various rumors about her lover and another woman.

Although, Tarkan would likely tell her that nothing had happened.

‘Wait, I guess something did happen.’

She unintentionally stole the innocence of Tarkan’s chest.


After pondering for a bit, Aristine shrugged and turned her attention to the combination of fresh raspberries and soft cheesecake that filled her mouth.

‘Those two will figure it out themselves.’

A third party shouldn’t involve themselves with lovers anyway.

Right now, it was the time to focus on enjoying the little cheesecake that was left. As she was munching on the desserts like that, Aristine realized something.

‘I haven’t eaten the egg.’

There was a boiled egg placed adorably in a pretty egg cup.

She had never had anything served like this, so she forgot it even existed.

‘Oh well. I’ve had dessert anyway.’

Just as that thought crossed Aristine’s mind,


The door to the dining room carelessly flew open.

Aristine knew who it was without even looking up.

There was only a certain group of people who would act so senselessly in this palace.

Indeed, when she looked up, the Silvanus handmaid, Brodie, was standing there, breathing hard.

“Princess!” A nervous voice reverberated through the dining room.


“How can you say what? Did you not hear the news from last night?”

“What news?”

“Something bad happened to our esteemed knight!”

Brodie exclaimed like she was frustrated.

“Something bad?”

Aristine’s eyes widened as if she was just hearing this for the first time then she tilted her hand.

And as she did so, she picked up a small spoon with her right hand.

Then with a flick of her wrist, she struck down.


The egg cracked with a light sound.

Seeing this, Brodie’s face instantly crumpled.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] I took some liberty with this sentence. It says she must have been ‘abused(?)’ last night but that didn’t feel right.

[2]  The word used for ‘soft’ can also be used to mean ‘tender’ so they take it that she means he was gentle.

T/N: I…I am giving it my all to translate these s*xual innuendos. Believe me lol. Hope it came across well.


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  2. “She unintentionally stole the innocence of Tarkan’s chest.” This… this is the best line EVER. Also that egg crack moment oh my god I love this story.

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