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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [26]

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I know you’re a pervert(4)

* * *

Steam rose from Tarkan’s bare back like a simmering haze. Drops of sweat rolled down the line of his spine.

His closed eyes abruptly flew open.

A piercing light like that of a beast instantly filled his golden eyes.

Tarkan swung his sword wide in the air. The trajectory of the blade spanned an arc reminiscent of a half-moon.

His dark, long hair shook alongside his movement like a lion’s mane.

His surroundings remained unchanged until Tarkan put his sword back into its scabbard. A bunch of stone statues stood twenty steps away from him. They were at a distance his sword could not reach.



The stone statues split in two and fell, filling the air with thunderous noise.


Durante, who had been watching from outside the drill hall, approached and handed Tarkan a towel.

“It is time for the meeting. Everyone is there.”

Tarkan wiped the sweat dripping down his broad neck then he nodded and walked to the meeting room.

* * *

“Your Highness.”


“Greetings, Your Highness.”

Tarkan gave a nod to the greetings of his aides. They were all outstanding warriors.

“I will start with a report on the handling of the demonic beast corpse we obtained yesterday.”

Once Tarkan sat down at the head of the table, his aides swiftly began to give their report. They knew their lord hated wasting time.

The meeting continued for a long time.

“…and that is why I propose we do a massive sweep before winter arrives. We have neglected the management of the plains due to the war with Silvanus.”


At those words, the warriors who were focused on the topic of demonic beast remembered a certain person.

“That reminds me, what kind of person is the princess?”

“I asked Durante, but he wouldn’t tell me anything. That boring punk.”

“The real problem is those guys under Durante. They are the complete opposite. They keep saying nonsense about how they like the princess.”

“My goodness, of all people to like, they like the princess of Silvanus. Can you believe it?”

“The person you speak of will be our lord’s bride. Mind your words.”

Durante who was quietly observing added a word of caution, but it was counterproductive.

“Why should I mind my words for a Silvanian?! Who knows what scheme she brought here!”

The monotonous meeting hall quickly turned rowdy. These warriors were the type to live by ‘the sword is faster than talking’. It was no surprise for it to turn out this way.

Tarkan watched this happen then he opened his mouth.


At his deep voice, the meeting hall which seemed like it was about to be become a battlefield quickly turned quiet.

“Yes, Milord.”

Jacquelin was an outstanding warrior but he was also an excellent strategist. Despite his rugged look and bulging muscles, he was the only civil official in here.

“Why did you not report that the princess was confined? You should have found this easily with a little investigation.”

When those golden eyes filled with reproach turned to him, Jacquelin flinched like he was whipped. However, he felt wronged.

“I was definitely going to report it to you, Milord.”

“It doesn’t matter if you decided you were going to report it to me. What matters is if you actually reported it or not.”

That placid rebuke sounded like thunder to Jacquelin. He felt even more wronged.

“I actually told you…but Milord, you said you didn’t need to hear about it, so you didn’t listen.”

Tarkan shut his mouth.

When he thought about it, he realized he remembered something like that happening.

He thought his only responsibility in the political marriage with Silvanus was to keep the Princess alive for peace’s sake. His royal father, King Nephther didn’t only seek the end of the war through this political marriage.

He intended to use the princess’ bloodline to make up for Tarkan’s political weakness, that is, his commoner mother.

Knowing that, Tarkan refused to learn about the princess. After all, the princess’ background would not affect him in any way.

Tarkan had never once in his life been ashamed of his own blood.

But to think they thought he could only get closer to the throne by marrying a woman whose lineage was said to have noble blood. His royal father must think too lightly of him.

‘I guess this is supposed to show how much he wants me to be his successor.’

He wanted to erase every inadequacy that people pointed out about Tarkan and make Tarkan his successor.

There was only one reason why he was so anxious.

Tarkan himself didn’t actually want the throne. He didn’t reject it or desire it.

He hadn’t made up his mind yet.

His temperament wasn’t made for political conflicts nor was he greedy for the position of King. But he knew that the moment his half-brother, Hamill, became King, everyone and everything related to Tarkan would be slaughtered.

Only now, one more person has been added to the countless people that Hamill would slaughter.

That radiant silver hair that easily stood out among the black hair of the Irugo people. Those noble eyes reminiscent of a dawning sky.

The appearance of that woman flashed before his eyes.

Despite knowing this, Tarkan still hadn’t made his decision. He couldn’t let go of the idea in his mind that there might be some other way.

“Still, I wrote up a report before the princess came and sent it to you. But…”

Jacqueline was anxious when he saw that Tarkan seemed to be contemplating so he mentioned the thorough work he did.


“But Milord, you said it was good kindling and burned it.”


“And that wasn’t the end.”

Jacquelin’s big eyes began to grow damp.

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13 thoughts on “Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [26]”

  1. I read this way too quickly! Really loving this new project. Will definitely help fill my Yuri and Lakis hole when wrong house is finished. Thanks for the translation!

    I love how hilarious this dialogue about the report is. But you tunes me out… and then your burned it… lol.
    I also can’t wait to see what happens with her new “dog.”

  2. I read this way too quickly! Really loving this new project. Will definitely help fill my Yuri and Lakis hole when wrong house is finished. Thanks for the translation!

    I love how hilarious this dialogue about the report is. But you tuned me out… and then your burned it… lol.
    I also can’t wait to see what happens with her new “dog.”

  3. Thanks for the translation, Miss Ruby.
    I feel that the chapter is strange, short, are these symptoms of longing?
    I was dying for some slaps in this chapter, but that’s okay. We discovered something very important about Tarkan.
    I hope that Tarkan and the princess will marry and live happily wealthy people far from politics, but in all Korean novels mc ends with a marriage with the strongest and most important character, so yes it seems that he will be forced to be the king in the end.

  4. Tarkan got slapped on his face lol
    Thank you so much for the chapter, Miss Ruby! Also, Eid Mubarak! May you be blessed and live a happy life! ❤❤❤

  5. What an unfortunate situation. But I don’t think Tarkan should feel too guilty about it. After all, he has every reason to dislike his situation and it isn’t like he mistreated Arstine. He only did not want to learn about the woman who would “purify” his blood.

    1. It’s not really a matter of guilt. It’s a matter of “….goddamn it.. I’m an idiot” it’s self-admonishment for his own short comings. He was too narrow minded in his situation and that came back to bite him square in the ass. It’s like accidentally throwing away an item in a game and setting yourself back a couple hours by doing so. Yes in theory the set back is minor but you still feel like a moron for causing an unforced error.

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