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You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [137]

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Translated by: Miss Ruby

The assistant beside Lakis tried to appeal to him even more to no avail.

Lakis was smiling right now but for some reason, an inexplicable dark energy was oozing from him. Unless the assistant was imagining it, his master seemed to be in an unpleasant mood.

If Lakis knew what he was thinking, he might have sneered that at least the guy caught on fast.

“Are you in charge of the East too?”

“Ah, no.”

The assistant shook his head at Lakis’ question. At that, Lakis’ eyes, which were as cold as ice-crystals, fixed sharply on the man.

“Then you don’t know where it is?”

“I do…Ack!”

Lakis’ hand immediately grabbed the assistant’s neck.

“Then lead the way. I’ll let you live till then.”


The assistant flinched and shuddered at the words hinting at his death. Of course, Lakis didn’t blink an eye at that.

Lakis decided to put up with the annoyance and go to the fake bastard himself.

He came all the way to Carnot to crush his bones and flesh on the throne the bastard coveted but the bastard ran off to the east. There was a limit to wasting someone’s time.

Sure enough, he had to give the bastard a very painful death.

“Before that.”

However, Lakis didn’t move out right away instead, he headed for the tunnel by the side while dragging the assistant by the neck.

“I have to sort out the trash.”

Right after his chilling voice rang out in the darkness, a red stream of blood spurred from Lakis hand and began to swirl in the air.

From now on, it was cleaning time.

* * *

“What the hell is he doing in there?”

Damon’s face crumpled as he looked at the building where Kalian had entered.

After Kalian went inside, Damon hadn’t heard anything from him for a good while now. Who knew when his pocket watch broke, but it hadn’t moved since earlier.

If it was daytime, Damon would have been able to guess how much time had passed with the movement of the sun. But right now, the sky was dark, and the moon was nowhere in sight, so he had no way to know how much time had passed since Kalian entered the building.

When he saw Kalian leaving the Crawford mansion along, he blindly followed him but now that he thought about it, Damon wondered if he had been too thoughtless.

The building didn’t seem to have any other entrance inside except for the front door which was obviously guarded. Hence, he couldn’t get inside without being caught.

‘Dammit. And I can’t blatantly go through them like Kalian.’

Even though it was unbelievable to him, earlier, Kalian boldly bypassed the guards and went through the front door. They didn’t even notice anyone approaching.

He already knew this, but Kalian’s skill was truly nothing short of outstanding. Of course, Damon was also carrying alchemy devices. Some of them were hiding miracles.

If he didn’t have that sort of thing in the first place, it would have been impossible for him to remain unnoticed while he got down from the carriage and chased after Kalian.

But even if he had such a thing, if you tell Damon to walk through those guards like Kalian did…

They’d love it since he would definitely be caught before he even reached the front door.

‘Let’s go back for now.’

Damon stared at the building before him as if it had become Kalian then he made up his mind.

Judging from how cautious Kalian behaved, this place was very likely an enemy hideout. From the outset, both the building’s appearance and the atmosphere around the building was unusual.

Even so, he felt it was very reckless for Kalian to go inside there alone…

However, to Damon, Kalian Crawford was someone who looked like he would survive no matter what so Damon wasn’t exactly worried.

‘I can’t let the Crawfords deal with everything anymore.’

If a Salvatore helped catch the culprits responsible for those incidents, the false rumors about them conspiring with heretics would also settle down.

That was also why he secretly followed Kalian; to see if there was any information that could be helpful.

However, Damon decided to go back to his family first instead of following Kalian and putting himself in danger. When he got back, whether it was to call for reinforcements or something else, he had to hurry and…

“And I was wondering who it was; so it’s the Salvatore’s kid.”

However, Damon couldn’t put the plan he thought of into practice. As soon as he turned around, a dark shadow fell over his face.

The voice of an unknown man rang in his ear.

The next moment, his vision turned dark and Damon immediately lost consciousness.

* * *

“It appears a rat has gotten in.”

The fake-Lakis/Milliam entered the building a while ago and when he spoke, the man walking behind him was startled and refuted in surprise.

“What? That can’t be. The alarm hasn’t rung at all and it has been quiet the whole time. The guards haven’t said anything either…”

However, the moment those icy blue eyes fell on him, he flinched and changed his tone.

“I’m sorry! Of course, Lakis-nim is right! I’ll have the men sweep through the building right away.”

“Move quietly so the rat doesn’t run away.”


The underling didn’t dare commit the error of making Milliam repeat himself. He followed the order and quickly ran down the corridor.

After that, Milliam turned to the room where Yuri was locked up.

Yuri frowned when she saw the man once again. Although she was glad that Odin was away like before, she wasn’t happy to see the man’s face.

“I can see you’ve done something useless. Even if you do that, it’s impossible to escape from here.”

Milliam spoke from outside the iron cage after taking a glance at Yuri. Apparently, he’d noticed that her wrists and ankles were not in the right condition.

Yuri kept her mouth shut and didn’t say anything.

Milliam looked down at her, taking in her behavior, and opened his mouth again.

“It seems you had a tail on you earlier. Maybe you know who it is.”

Again, Yuri didn’t give any reaction because she knew he had purposefully brought it up to provoke her. But for an instant, a familiar face couldn’t help but flash through her mind.

The first person she thought of was Odin who left the room a little while ago, and the second person she thought of was Kalian, the owner of the smell on Odin.

She wondered, a little concerned if one of the two had been caught by the man in front of her.

‘If someone’s been caught, I hope it’s Kalian Crawford instead of Odin.’

After all, there was no way the male protagonist would be killed or hurt beyond recovery by this kind of villain. In a way, it might be a little selfish to think that way but that was truly what she felt.

Right then, Milliam frowned and reached into the iron cage. A strong hand grabbed Yuri’s arm and pulled her.

For a moment, their eyes met.

A twisted smile appeared on Milliam’s face.

“I can’t read anything this time either. It’s really strange, you know.”

His mood seemed to have turned unpleasant. But there was an indecipherable gleam in his eyes.

“You, what is really your relationship with Lakis Avalon? Are you a new underling he made outside? Or…”

Milliam’s hand moved down Yuri’s arm and he grasped her wrists which were yet to fully heal.

“Are you closer than that? Your face is quite decent so I could see it happening.”

He seemed like he was trying to elicit a reaction in Yuri by stimulating her.

“Whichever it is, I don’t like either one. Whatever Lakis uses disgusts me and I don’t want it, you see.” [1]

Yuri gazed at the familiar face through the iron bars. Her lips, which had been clamped shut so far, opened slowly.

“Then why are you using that face?”

The moment he heard the words from Yuri’s mouth, the Lakis-face reflected in her eyes became even colder. From what she heard, the man seemed to hate Lakis a lot. Although, she had no way of knowing if it was hatred from both sides or just a one-sided feeling.

The words Yuri spat out just now seemed to provoke the man quite a bit.

Honestly, if not for the fact that she was certain she wouldn’t die until the day Genos predicted, it would have been difficult even for Yuri to say something that would provoke the other party in this situation.

“Are you acting like this because you believe in Lakis or something? Talking so insolently…”


Just when Milliam squeezed her broken wrist more painfully, a loud noise abruptly came from outside the door.

It was the alarm for an intruder.

“It appears the rat is causing trouble.”

The strength holding Yuri’s wrist loosened. Milliam left the room where Yuri was in, oozing a chilly aura.

Yuri frowned and rubbed her wrist which he had grabbed. It should come as no surprise but as expected, the man was different from Lakis. Even though he touched her bare skin, she only felt unpleasant.

Still, she thought she might be a little okay since he had the same face but that wasn’t the case. It probably wasn’t the right situation to have this kind of thought but apparently, she didn’t just like Lakis for his face.

‘That aside, the person causing this disturbance isn’t Odin, is it?’

Yuri pricked up her ears at the sound which was still ringing loudly.


Right then, Odin appeared from a gap in the ceiling.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] He says whatever Lakis [puts in his mouth] disgusts him. I can tell ‘puts in his mouth’ is an saying for something but what? Do you think ‘uses’ is correct?

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