Translating Korean Novels

You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [81]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: Miss Ruby

I get a lot of emails about my translations being on wattpad. Just to make it clear, I have not authorized anyone. Right now, I’m just ignoring it.





  1. Wei Yu

    I think that hypothetically just maybe I want to see him go a little crazy?
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!


  2. Shobi

    I’ve seen this translation reposted in wattpad, I’ve already messaged the account to take it down but miss/maam it’s still there. And some of the readers posted a message in his/her wall and said “if you don’t like that he/she’s posting it without permission then, pls kindly leave” they’ve been thanking him/her and urging him/her to update too MA’AM I CANNOT 💀


  3. BestBoiLucas

    Miss Ruby, this is the first time that I will comment on your page because it need many requirements and such. I am one of the readers who are telling the readers there to read here. (My name on Wattpad is TheVioletGrappy) Some got mad at me but hopefully some will go to your page. You deserve all the fruits of your hardwork. Thank you very much MissRuby.


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