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You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [55]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: Miss Ruby

So, one of my professors gave us 7 mins for a 21 question quiz. Because he didn’t want us to cheat. So 20 seconds per question and if you have crap internet, 10 seconds per question.

Yay. Absolutely loving it /s.




8 thoughts on “You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [55]”

  1. Ouch… That sounds harsh… My teacher just gave us open book questions (since she said it was basically useless to prevent cheating) but they were harder…

  2. OMG… as someone who is borderline dyslexic that would KILL me. Or is English is your second language, you are screwed. Even if you do have accommodations, typically it takes about a week or two for the Disability Services office to get the letter together to force jerk like that to stop. What a friggin nightmare!

    On a side note, English as a Second language counts as a disability. Get your accommodation letter. You get extended time on tests and a little more leniency for essays. *works in Higher Ed*

  3. That legit sounds like something taken out of a nightmare QAQ Now I’m scared, next week my University exams will begin and I was supposed to graduate at the end of the year so the courses I’m taking are HARD. ;w;

  4. Ugh I know I’m late but I would complain BIG TIME to the deans or whatever about that. That’s unacceptable especially when we’re in the midst of a pandemic. Ridiculous. Hope it didn’t impact your grade too much if anything.

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