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Lucia Side Story [1.9]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

Hi guys, I was looking into a novel you guys have been recommending to me but I’m confused. Is it picked up or not? need to know before I put it on a poll.

Lucia Side Story 1.9

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      1. Yeah, its being released. People are mad because they kept reposting it elsewhere with their other projects, which was it was hidden since another publisher they were translating was sending out D&Cs.

      2. pocky had to put a lock on it after a massive digital contain by the original distributor…the novel is one of them if i am not mistaken

  1. Hello, actually i’m a silent reader. After all thankyou so much for translating this novel, i really really love it. And i will be sad if someday you hide your blog or password it without any warnings. Please, if you choose to password yours give a warn..
    I will alwys support you❤

  2. Could you please translate Beatrice? The webcomic is being translated but I noticed that there is a novel version online. I’ve been learning Japanese on my own relatively okay but I’m completely hopeless trying to self study Korean 😅
    The ML really comes across as a huge jerk so far in the comic but the FL is really likable.

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