Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

Hi guys, I was looking into a novel you guys have been recommending to me but I’m confused. Is it picked up or not? need to know before I put it on a poll.

Lucia Side Story 1.9

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0 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story [1.9]

  1. Pocky’s bookshelf is translating that novel but it’s only available to those on their discord since it has passwords and stuff.


      1. Yeah, its being released. People are mad because they kept reposting it elsewhere with their other projects, which was it was hidden since another publisher they were translating was sending out D&Cs.


      2. pocky had to put a lock on it after a massive digital contain by the original distributor…the novel is one of them if i am not mistaken


  2. Hello, actually i’m a silent reader. After all thankyou so much for translating this novel, i really really love it. And i will be sad if someday you hide your blog or password it without any warnings. Please, if you choose to password yours give a warn..
    I will alwys support you❤


  3. The novel looks really interesting and it’d be great if you could translate it! I just love your translations 😍😍


  4. Could you please translate Beatrice? The webcomic is being translated but I noticed that there is a novel version online. I’ve been learning Japanese on my own relatively okay but I’m completely hopeless trying to self study Korean 😅
    The ML really comes across as a huge jerk so far in the comic but the FL is really likable.


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