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Lucia Side Story [1.4]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

Hey guys, please do not recommend anything that has an active translator. I am not going to poach. If a translator has dipped for 2-3 months, OK, go ahead and rec but otherwise, please refrain.

Even if I pick up anything, updates won’t be as ‘fast’ as Lucia because I plan to take a small ‘rest’ break (mostly for my fingers). In addition, I’ve already picked up [YGTWHV] so I’m only looking for an easy side-project. Thank you.

Lucia Side Story 1.4

0 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story [1.4]”

  1. Hi!! I loved Lucia, thank you very much for translating it.

    I have a suggestion for translation.

    Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise a Dog Instead

    It hasn’t been updated since May/June 2019 (5 Chapters) and before that it was on hiatus for since July 2018.

    I’m not sure if it fits your criteria but it’d be great if you could look into it and consider taking it up.

    Thanks 😊

  2. I reaaaally wanna rec ‘Suddenly I became a princess one day/Who made me a princess’ coz the translator’s been MIA. There’s a webtoon and it’s soo good but still ongoing. Been a lurker and just commented for this. Anyways, great work on Lucia! Wanted to tell you all this time 😊

  3. I wanna recommend moonlight library (달빛도서관) >.< The teaser webtoon seems interesting and there’s no english translation yet.

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