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You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [2]

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“It succeeded…! The ‘absorption’ was finally a success!”

It was the very same voice I heard right before I fell unconscious after getting injected with something strange.

I pried my still heavy eyelids apart and blinked my unfocused eyes a few times.

My vision was completely white.

At first, I thought I was trapped inside a white room. But soon, I realized that that wasn’t the case. I stared at the entanglement of lines laid out diagonally before my eyes. They were very thin threads.

Dozens, hundreds…no, it was more than that. Countless densely woven threads were wrapped around my body like a cocoon.

“This is surprising. I didn’t think it could bear it…”

“Looks like we should have experimented with young organisms sooner…”

“As expected of our Doctor!”

“Right? It’s really amazing he could think of something like this!”

Whether it was the voices flowing into my ears or the smell coiling around my nose, I could sense them clearer than before. My five senses seemed to have somehow gotten better.


I used my hands to tear apart the white wall before me. But it seemed that wherever I was, was not the empty bed I had fallen asleep on. The moment I tore open the cocoon of threads and leaned out, something gave out from under my feet. I was pulled down by gravity and fell to the floor in one swoop.


However, something from above supported me so I was able to land safely on the floor. Instantly, the people around me who were chattering excitedly, simultaneously held their breath.

“Ooh, you’ve woken up!”

Only the man who had brought me here, warmly greeted me with a wide smile on his face.

“How do you feel? Do you hurt anywhere?”

I looked around without giving a reply. The same white threads that had been wrapped my body, were spread out everywhere like a spiderweb. It was a thread from the ceiling that had supported me a little while ago when I fell down.

I lowered my head again and long black threads swept across the floor. To my surprise, it was my hair. My hair color used to be sort-of faded pale gold. But when I slept and woke up, it had turned to color as black as soot, like it had been dyed. Due to this, I didn’t think it was my hair at first. Moreover, before I fell asleep, my hair had clearly been so short that it didn’t reach my ear so I couldn’t figure out how, or when, it had grown so long.

I felt suspicious and looked down at my body. A piece of cloth, seemingly more accurate to call a sack, was on my body. Somehow, I felt slightly taller and my body seemed to have developed a bit more.

I lifted my hands to take a look at them, and my hands which had been filled with all sorts of scars, was fair and smooth like it was carved out of white jade. It wasn’t just my hands. All the skin I could see, the parts not covered by the piece of cloth, was like that. When I thought about it, it wasn’t just my hearing and smell that had become clearer, my vision seemed to have improved dramatically and my body was shockingly light.

It was definitely strange but oddly enough, I didn’t feel much interest in the changes that had happened to me at the time.

I felt calm to an unnatural degree. After I finish my short observation, I lifted my head. And I met several gazes that were watching me. In the midst of that, I opened my mouth and said:

“I’m hungry.”

The hunger I felt was like I had been starved for who-know-how-many days.

“Right, right! It has been a long time since you’ve had proper nutrition so you must be hungry!”

The man responded dramatically when he heard what I said and ordered the other people around to hurry:

“What are you standing there for? Hurry and get something for Arachne to eat!”

The man that brought me here said he was the doctor of bio-experiments at the research institute. He gave me the name ‘Arachne’ and cared for me unlike the first time we met. Of course, this care was merely caring for a test subject. I heard that I was the first successful outcome of this experiment.

The thing that they injected in me was a mysterious fragment found in a ruins, and I was told that these fragments had a strange power in them. Due to this, they were studying whether it was possible for these fragments to be absorbed by humans. And the first success in that area was none other than me.

Later on, I found out that there was a gap of three years between the day I first arrived at the research institute, and the day I woke up.

It seemed that even while I was unconscious, their research had continued to persist. When I thought about it, I remembered that while I was dreaming, I sometimes felt a writhing pain all over my body.

I had lasted longer than they thought, unlike other test subjects who had quickly died once they were injected with the fragment, so they began to bring in young children to experiment on. Even after I woke up, the researchers excitedly focused more on experimenting with children.

However, the final result was that I was the only test subject that had absorbed the fragment’s power and was able to wake up, unscathed. The people at the research institute racked their brains, trying to figure out what had gone wrong. And so, they took me and began to carry out all sorts of tests on me.

Another 3 years passed since then. That was how long I was trapped there, undergoing all kinds of experiments.

In that interval, the researchers’ capability came through, and the children that were sucessful experiments became four, including me.

The power I absorbed from the fragment had nothing to do with attacking or killing, so even after I obtained an ability I didn’t have before, I could not escape from the research institute on my own.

Meanwhile, the doctor’s greed continuously grew, and I had to absorb more grinded fragments time and time again in repeated experiments. Same went for the other children. Still, it was rewarding and the strength in my body grew stronger and stronger, and I was able to use the abilities I gained in finer detail.

Of course, there was also a child that was unable to endure and died.

While I became good at being able to use the fragment’s power to destroy things unlike at first, the researchers also grew secretly vigilant against me and began discussing about moving me somewhere to isolate me.

I sensed that the day for me to escape was approaching.


And then one day, ‘that man’ appeared.



A thunderous, deafening roar resounded through the air. At the same time, an exterior wall of the building crumbled down in a heap.

“What is this, all of sudden?!”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone inside the research institute was flustered by the sudden situation.


A man dressed in black soon walked from the cloud of dust.


It would be reasonable to call him a boy instead of a youth because strangely enough, he looked to be in his late teens, with some childish looks still left over.

“…Ah, I hate the smell of filth on my clothes.”

A lazy, bored voice that didn’t suit this situation, filled my ears.

“It’s a nest of maggots, no wonder it smells disgusting.”

The man was stunningly beautiful. The scenery behind the man was definitely dust falling due to the collapse of building’s wall but strangely enough, there was optical illusion of a halo shining behind him. Even though he came out from a pit of dust, his flawless golden hair sparkled enchantingly, reflecting light like a piece of broken glass and the eyes nestled below that hair shone vivid and cold, like the surface of a clear, frozen lake.

It was a gorgeous face seeping with gentleness and serenity, and its features were so harmoniously balanced that if I was told it was a piece of art molded step by step, I would believe it. He had a flawless, sacred beauty that gave me the impression that he was standing in an immaculate cathedral instead of the blood-soaked research institute. It was to the extent that red bloodstains splattered here and there on his body was invisible to my eyes.


The doctor’s eyes bulged as if he recognized the man.

Seeing that, a smile with a hint of dissatisfaction appeared on the man’s face. The voice that came out of his mouth right after was as sweet as honey, but the contents were vicious.

“I believe I’ve told you not to get that **** look on your face. It makes me want to bash it in, but you really don’t listen.”[1]

Everyone around was shaken by this situation but the man was the only one relaxed.

For some reason, the doctor looked horrified and began speaking gibberish.

“Has the coming change in generations already started? No but still, why are you here…How… Don’t tell me you…?”

The man narrowed his eyes as if the doctor’s response was unbecoming and his mouth distorted in a sneer.

“Looks like you didn’t know what was going on outside while you buried yourself like a maggot in shit?”

There was obvious ridicule on his lips.

“Then again, I don’t think you knew I’d deal with those pests.”

Even the clear arrogance on his beautiful face suited him awfully well.

“Besides that…”

Those beady eyes left the doctor and took a glance around in the next moment.

“What is this now? Did you maggots hatch eggs in the meantime?”

His sharp gaze swept over the test subjects in the room and he soon asked with cold touch on his lips.

“Why the stack of so many brats? It’s nauseating.”

I didn’t notice it before, but the man seemed in a very ferocious mood. Finally, he stated.

“From today henceforth, this lab is closed.”



Translator’s Corner:

[1] **** is just simple censoring from the raws. Nothing’s there.

*I’ve been asked about the update schedule for this novel and currently? I don’t have any. You can expect at least one per week but I don’t want to promise anything. Although, I would love to get to chapter 20 before this month is over, I can only get one chapter per day The novel I was translating is slowly coming to an end so I’m starting on this one. Once [Lucia] is over, I can promise a consistent schedule.

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