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You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [Prologue]

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T/N: The name is so long but I don’t want to use YGTWHV. Anyways, here you go. The prologue is first then the promo webtoon link is right after.


This crazy—

I almost swore aloud in spite of myself. I tried to calm myself down, then I checked the address on the nameplate again.

[44 Grey Ferret street – B04]

This was definitely my house. In that case, why was this guy here?

Anyone from Carnot, the nest of crime, would know the identity of this handsome man that had collapsed motionlessly in front of the door to my house. I hid my confusion and bent down to check the man’s condition first.

As I drew closer, the thick smell of blood flooded my nose. Although his whole body was drenched in blood, it didn’t seem like all of it were his. I reluctantly used my ability to check his condition. A translucent white thread extended from my fingertips, pervading the man’s body and sweeping over him.

Although there was one serious injury, it wasn’t like he was going to die right now. I stared at the man’s face, which was so gently beautiful that it was hard to believe he was the king of the underworld, then I stood up again.

I quietly checked my surroundings. Fortunately, it didn’t seem like there were even any rats lingering around.


I raised my feet and kicked the man’s torso all the way to the side. This man should be fainted at my neighbor’s door today, not mine. The beautiful woman living next door was the kind heroine that would whiten him.[1]

So in simpler terms…

You’ve got the wrong house, Mr. sub-villain.


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Translator’s Corner:
[1] I can only assume this means turning him to the right path.

PS: If the webtoon link doesn’t work on mobile, use ‘show desktop site’ to see it. Imgur seems to have a mobile issue.

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67 thoughts on “You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [Prologue]”

  1. Thanks for the chapter, huh, and just today I was thinking about how much I wanted to read this series again, thanks for picking it up.

  2. Praise our savior Ruby. Mang thought this series would fall into the abyss, but alas here we are. Also if it’s not too much, pls pick sss-suicide. That certain drama made me think that the series will never be picked up again.

  3. Another group translated this story up to chapter 20. Was this just meant to be a teaser or are you retranslating?

    Thanks for picking this up though!

  4. You keep spelling “villian” wrong, it’s supposed to be “villain”

    Also thanks for picking this novel, the FL looks beautiful. I wonder was she a boy in the beginning and got changed due to the stuff that got injected or did they mistaken her gender?

    1. hello, nope she was a girl from the beginning, I think it was said somewhere, she was “hiding” as a boy to avoid attracting attention since she is an orphan and a beggar ?

  5. As I thought, much better with your translation, thank you!
    Also, you accidentally mistyped “villain” and it became “villian” everywhere…

  6. Thank you soo much for picking it up *-* I love this novel and i was so sad it wasn’t getting translated anymore :'( looking forward to your releases ! ( also, I can’t speak Korean but my english is fairly good if you ever need help for editing)

  7. Thank you for picking up this novel. I really live this one but sadly previous translation dropped it. Agan, Thank you Miss Ruby for picking this up. Hugs and kisses for you 💋🤗

  8. Oh my, great visuals😍 also, did the MC’s hair change color bcos of the experiment? She’s a girl right?lol

    If lucia and hugh’s daughter got the taran looks, she would probbly grow to look like this MC xD

  9. OMG thank you so much for translating this, i’m very happy, now i can the story more, too much MTL-ing exhausted my brain and kill my grammar. Once morw thank you so much love love lveee!!

  10. This is my first time reading this. And I think this is promising, with that MC who’s so cool hahahahaha it cracked me when she kicked the villain lololol

  11. Ruby! I noticed the promo webtoon link on imgur is broken or something because I can’t fully see the images. Can you upload again somewhere? 🙁

  12. Hi Miss ruby! I was looking for a thing to read again and I saw your trans in this book so I immediately go here haha. I hope for another fun ride!

  13. I read the first translation and was so confused on what was happening, and who was saying what…
    I didn’t get why people were praising this book, but it turns out the first translation is pretty shitty.
    New to novelupdates… so didn’t know there was another translation. Anyway, well done! I actually understand what I am reading now!

  14. Thank you for the translation❤️
    Btw, I must not be the only one who read the title with the tone from GTA San Andreas right?? 🤣

  15. Well, I’m late lol. I just finished reading Lucia but I am excited to go on a new journey!
    Thank you so much Miss Ruby for all the time and effort you put into your work. Truly appreciate it ❤️

      I LOVE YOU ♡♡♡
      I love this book’s concept and I hadn’t found a translation that I completely understood so thank you so much for picking this up 💞

  16. Hello there Ms. Ruby. I’ve just discovered your page just recently and I’m starting with the completed novels first. Hehe. Please forgive me for reading it for free. Thank you so much!

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