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Lucia Chapter 122 [part 1]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

WOW, that is a lot of recommendations. Well, I am going to have to narrow it down to three. For now, [You’ve got the wrong house, Villian] is topping the list, followed by [Methods to save the Villian] and then [Light and Shadow]. No one like spectator QAQ

Warning: If I ever pick up [You’ve got the wrong house, Villian], I will have to translate from the beginning. It looks like the previous translator used both first perspective and third perspective for the protagonist while translating and it’s really throwing me off.

Lucia Chapter 122 [part 1]

EDIT: Sry, my mind is a mess. This is part 1 not part 2

34 thoughts on “Lucia Chapter 122 [part 1]”

  1. Ah please make one of my wish list come true o(╥﹏╥)o

    I really like [You’ve got the wrong house, Villian] and [Methods to save the Villian]. But [Beatrice] is on top of my list rn (Well, for BG at least (ʃƪ¬‿¬) hehe)

  2. Method to save villain are pockysbookshelf project. I think they already translated to chapter 12. It have quite a regular update. Tbh i hope you don’t take Light and Shadow as the webtoon is already finished and I hope you can introduce us another good story.
    You Got Wrong House Villian MTLed by kneeslapingtl and i think they dropped it. So maybe wrong house is better project.
    Actually I wish you could take I’m Done with My Husband So I Going To Earn Money. The heroine kinda like Lucia, she able to see future and act on it, but she look more fierce. His husband also a Savage, quite remind me of Hugo but he seems like have milder personality (and a tsundere). From what I can gather, the heroine have strong character too, you may like her. Lowkeymoe pick up this project but they been hiatus for 2 months. And I love your translation so I hope I could read it with you as translator.
    Anyway, I will love anything that you pick. Thank you!

  3. “You’ve got the wrong house, Villian” seems interesting and was temped to read, but the version I found was translated by google translate… that’s the worst, especially when it comes to agglutinative languages, like Korean.
    Ahem. Anyway, whatever you decide on, I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for your hard work!

  4. The plot of A Fairy Tale For Villains (악당 들을 위한 동화 ) sounds really interesting, and nobody seems to want to pick it up. I’d really want to read that one

  5. Yey! I love how you translate, want to finish this soon and will look forward to the next story you’ll translate ❤❤❤

  6. I would prefer Light and Shadow a lot more, but I guess You Got The Wrong House, Villain is also okay.

    As people have said before, Methods is already being translated, so that one probably can be crossed out.

  7. Oh myy I hope “You’ve got the wrong house, Villian” wins cuz the last translator group dropped it 😭

    Thank you Ruby~

  8. Yess, Light and shadow please, right now this novel only have teasers part, so I am so excited that you want to pick up this novel, thank you so much Miss Ruby, As I read the teasers , it have some parts that really different from the Manhwa, so I really wonder how the novel is going on, p/s : I really wish that I can read Hangul .

  9. I wanna read ‘You’ve got the wrong house villain’, It’s been haunting me. I have questions that were never answered, the destiny of the 4 men who protect their own zones, I wonder about the real identity of the clumsy/weird cafe client, and the future of the MC, is she gonna stay down and keep being a waitress, or will she get to do something ambitious and dangerous?.

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