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Lucia Chapter 60 [part 1]


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During dinner, Hugo began to talk about her outing.

“I heard you went out.”

“Yes. I went to see the acquaintance I asked you to deliver a letter to before. Do you remember?”

“I remember.”

Not only did he remember, but ever since Fabian turned in the last report, he had been closely monitoring, as well as protecting the female novelist.

He had already known that the female novelist would be getting married soon and he had even investigated to see if the man had deliberately approached the novelist.

Unbeknownst to Norman, she was about to marry a man that was guaranteed as non suspicious by the Duke of Taran’s Intelligence Unit.

“She is a precious friend of mine. As she is leaving the capital, I want to leave a connection to be able to help her, just in case she encounters any difficulties in her new home.”

“Do as you see fit.”

At his ready consent, her cheeks reddened a little. She didn’t think he was going to refuse but she felt elated when he simply accepted her request.

“Also…do you happen to know the rumor going around about me?”

“There are always many rumors in the capital.”

“It is such a ridiculous rumor…”

She didn’t continue and just kept poking her dish with her fork causing Hugo to frown slightly. Through Fabian, he knew of all the rumors about her. The rumors were mostly ridiculous so as long as it wasn’t malicious, a sensitive response would be rather counterproductive.

Fortunately, there were no malicious details in the rumors about her. The thought that she might have heard a bad rumor from somewhere he didn’t know made Hugo’s mood turn foul. If that was the case, he would call Fabian who didn’t do his work properly, and pound him to the ground.

“Rumors are usually ridiculous. What does the rumor say?”

Lucia was a bit hesitant at his question, then with a slightly reddened face, she tried to explain the unspeakable rumor while holding back her embarrassment.

“The Duchess of Taran is a great…beauty…so you…me…territory…”

“I’ve heard that. What about it?”

The rumor wasn’t a big deal. He asked because he couldn’t understand why it was making her very uncomfortable. Lucia also couldn’t understand how he was completely unaffected by the rumor.

“It portrays you like some kind of kidnapper.”

“For a rumor about me, it’s more on the favorable side.”

Lucia had heard all sorts of rumors about him in her dream. In addition, she had unintentionally delivered the rumor that he drank blood directly to his face. Considering his rather mirthful reaction to her words at the time, he seemed to be composed when faced with rumors about himself.

“But I mean, what incomparable beauty. It’s so dumbfounding…In reality, when I go out to the circles, people will start talking.”

“Why will they talk?”

She didn’t know why he couldn’t understand her after she had said so much.

“You know, because I’m not an incomparable beauty.”

“What do you mean? You’re pretty.”

Lucia was stunned for a moment. And in an instant, her face went completely red. The servants quickly averted their gazes and acted like they didn’t hear anything. The servants, whose expressions did not change at all in this situation, were genuinely admirable.

“…Don’t tease me.”

“I never did. I say you’re pretty because you are pretty.”

Even though he teased her mischievously once in a while, he wasn’t one to joke insincerely. He had said the same thing once before but then, it was just the two of them. Lucia’s face reddened so much that it couldn’t get any redder and she was unable to sit still.

She got up like that and quickly left the dining room. A strong hand grabbed her arm, stopping her from going out to yard. At some point, he had caught up and was right behind her.

“Vivian, did I do something wrong?”

He thought she liked it when he called her pretty. It was clearly recorded like that in his list so he was taken aback by her reaction. Lucia furiously shook her head.

“No. I was…embarrassed because you said that in front of the servants.”

“Wow. It was ‘don’t touch’ in front of the servants, now it’s ‘don’t say’ in front of the servants?”

Lucia wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her head in his chest.

“Mm. I don’t like stuff like that.”

While grumbling about why he should care if the servants are there, he returned her hug, wrapping his arms around her back. Listening to his grumbles, Lucia rubbed her head on his chest and chuckled faintly.

Are you happy? Norman’s questions sprang up in her mind. Lucia could give the answer ‘I’m happy’ over and over again. Ever since she decided to believe in him, she was a little less anxious and a little more happy.

‘These damn rumors. I can’t even grab every mouth that says stupid things and stuff it.’

Other rumors didn’t matter but these days, Hugo was very worried that unfounded rumors involving women or scandals of the past would reach her ears.

Because of that, these days, Fabian was running around, day and night, gathering rumors.



Translator’s Corner:

*Next one is twice its length~
*Poor Fabian hahaha.


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