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Lucia Chapter 38 [part 1]


< — Father and Son — > (4)

TN: Let’s start the week off with a ‘bang’ *cough*


Lucia walked into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her damp hair. When Hugo was gone, the maids would wait on her till she was dressed, but as soon as he returned, they only followed her to the bedroom door before taking to their heels.

She sat on her dressing table, pressing the soft towel around her hair in an attempt to dry it.

She had left drying her hair to someone else for over a month, so she was a bit slow in doing it herself. Still, she couldn’t compare to the meticulous drying of several maids attending to her hair.

She acknowledged Hugo as he walked into the room, then returned her gaze back to the dressing table. He headed straight towards her and embraced her from behind. Surprised, Lucia let go of the towel, causing it to fall to the ground.

“Hugh! I have to dry my hair more.”

If I sleep like this, my hair will be a lion’s mane tomorrow!

“Do it later.”

“It’s not something I can do later!”

No matter what she said, he lifted her up, moved straight to the bed, placed her down on it then kissed her still complaining lips.

Like biting into a fruit, he softly bit her lower lips and swiftly inserted his tongue into her mouth. He held her flouncing wrists down on the bed and pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth.

She still didn’t know that her rebellious reactions tended to incited him more. He licked her soft lips with his tongue, enjoying her enticing taste.

He re-inserted his tongue into her mouth and the feeling of her soft and tender tongue surprised him, causing him to flinch. Perhaps because she had just taken a bath, the insides of her mouth were feverish.

When he thought of her inner thighs being as hot as this, his lower abdomen began to throb. He gently pressed his excited lower regions onto the section between her thighs.

He sloppily removed the bathrobe wrapped around her lower body, the mere thought of her tight entrance making blood rush to his lower regions. Perhaps she felt his excitement as her fidgeting began to settle down.

He let go of her wrists he’d been holding onto and she wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging to him. His tongue rummaged her mouth, sometimes strongly, sometimes softly. Her fleeing tongue was easily overwhelmed by him.

As he teased the insides of her mouth and kissed her deeply, Lucia couldn’t focus and fell into a trance. His hot member was pressing on her delicate part as if they would instantly unite and it made her feel somewhat anxious and more excited.

The moment he entangled her hot tongue and sucked on it strongly, Lucia felt her insides throb and unconsciously lifted her waist.

Her movements rubbed against his penis that was pressed against her inner thighs. He released her lips and a low moan escaped from his mouth.

With the long swooning kiss over, Lucia stared at him, trying to catch her breath.

“So I’ve thought about it.” (Hugo)

His voice was seemingly calming down and his eyes lit up when he saw her red lips that were swollen from their kiss.

“And I think the reason you tire out so fast is because I do it all at once, so let’s change that. We’ll do it once, rest a little, do it again, rest, then do it again, just like that. What do you think?”

Red-faced, Lucia gathered her breath before giving him a frown.

“Please don’t think about things like that.”

“Things like that? This is important.”

He kissed her swollen lips lightly.

“Okay then, we’re trying a new way today.”

As his gaze was like that of a predator before it leapt on its prey, Lucia swallowed nervously.

“I haven’t agreed to this…” (Lucia)

“Uhh…then today is the trial version.” (Hugo)

“How is that different!”

He acted like he didn’t hear her and grabbed the front of her robe, spreading it apart. He enjoyed her body with his eyes for a moment then grabbed her bountiful breast with both hands.

He grabbed it a little strongly, causing her to flinch. He lowered his head and began licking from her navel, making his way down her body.

It was the beginning of a long and intensive night.

Her legs hung on his shoulders and her butt was raised as he penetrated deep inside of her, stimulating her. She held onto his arms to support her body and every time his penis entered her, she shut her eyes tightly and bit her lips.

Every once in a while as he thrust into her, a strong tingling feeling assaulted her from the insides and her body shivered with hypnotic pleasure.

He noticed a frown on her face and clenched his teeth. Her tight inner walls swallowed him up completely and spasmed, exciting him and he barely managed suppress his desire to ravage her insides.

“Is it difficult?”

Lucia nodded her head. It was a position that was difficult to maintain for a long time. His deep penetrations that reached deep in her womb was too stimulating for her. But for him, he was in a good position.

The feeling of her vagina tightening all the way inside gave him a sense of ecstasy. He grabbed her ankle and lowered it to the side then in that position slid inside of her thighs, plunging into her vagina.

He moved his waist in a controlled rhythm, at time swiftly and at times slowly.


Her body lay slightly to the side as she moaned in pleasure. The rims of her eyes grew red as he excited her with the right amount of stimulation.

She responded weakly to weak stimulations and strongly to strong stimulations. She liked gentle sex with moderate stimulation while he liked wild sex with intense stimulation. He also liked to somewhat torment her in bed till she cried.

Inwardly, she grumbled that he liked to torment her and was too much but she had no idea. She had no idea how much he considered her and controlled his desire for her as much as he could.

If he were to ravage her as he pleased, she wouldn’t be able to get up for days and her body would suffer. In an effort to embrace her every day, he was carefully tempering himself.

It was also one of his endeavors towards keeping the doctor’s ‘once-every-five-days’ advice.


Her body trembled intensely and her insides clenched. With the continuous stimulation, her pleasure peaked and she reached a pleasant orgasm.

He stayed still, keeping his hot member buried inside her contracting vaginal walls till they relaxed.

After a while, he rolled her body, turning her to lie on her belly. As she leaned downwards, he placed some of his weight on her body then swiftly and intensely plunged into her.


As though following a tempo, he continuously thrust in heavily and pulled out slowly. She let out a brief scream and each time he thrust into her, she gripped the bedsheets tightly.


The feeling of his weight pressing down on her also gave her pleasure. She could vividly feel his movements with her butt as he thrust into her vagina.

It didn’t hurt but she couldn’t stop herself from screaming. Sometimes, she felt as if his tenderness was rather rough. It made her feel like a helpless wild animal shaking its head but at the same time, the feeling of his intense and eager desire for her was electrifying.


Lucia placed her hand on his head, her fingers grabbing his hair. She felt his slightly damp hair brushing against her fingers and enjoyed the pleasure it gave.

He kissed her neck, slowly making his way up then he pulled her arms causing her to lean on him. He planted several light kisses on her eyes and lips.

“…about Damian.”

Hugo grabbed her thighs and drew her closer to his waist. Once he pulled out, her insides were like inertia; her vaginal walls narrowed and returned back to how it was at the beginning of their round.

He had to constantly make new paths in her tightly packed vagina. Her dense and throbbing inner walls never ceased to excite him.

“When I saw him…I was…so surprised. He looks…so much like you…uuk…”

He pushed his waist forward, slamming into her with one heavy thrust and in response, Lucia shut her eyes. Within seconds, he began to move, slowly increasing the intensity of his thrusts.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and her body swayed in accordance with his movements.


Lucia paused to gather her breath before continuing.

“I was…a little excite–hk.”

Hugo fiercely thrust in and out of her and she clung to him, her nails digging into his shoulders.

He took her lips into his mouth then pushed his tongue into her mouth, rummaging inside and exciting her. He ended the kiss shortly and covered her neckline with kisses, trailing down to her shoulders.

“…you saw the boy and felt excited? …why?”

“It…felt like I was seeing you.”

“The kid will look like me for quite some time.”

“Quite some time? I think he’ll still resemble you in 10 years…Ah!”

The conversation could no longer continue. His movements intensified and Lucia could do nothing but scream with pleasure.



Translator’s Corner:

*If you guys ever see any mistakes, do tell me. I go over and edit but some things still slip past me.



36 thoughts on “Lucia Chapter 38 [part 1]”

  1. “wouldn’t be able to get up for [a] days” remove the [a]
    “a helpless wild animal shaking its [neck]” I don’t know if this is wrong but how do you shake your neck maybe using [head] would read more smoothly
    “she clung to him, her nails digging into [her] shoulders.” Should be [his]

    Just some little notes heheh

  2. I wanna know if there are any novel like Lucia, something with clever plot story and sex(y) scenes…. Umm and also not overly describing the male’s pleasure, I’ve got enough of the males reactions so I just want to read where author also describe about the female’s part of pleasures…

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know T^T. I’d love more novels like this one but I found this while surfing NUF and tbh I’d never read smut before this novel XD.

      1. I read a lot of these contemporary and historical erotic novels.
        I can recommend a couple that I love.
        *Penélope sky: the king of scottish
        *Claire Delacroix (historical novel): the girlfriend of Kinfaielige
        *Emily Delevigne: The
        skye book(time travel nivel)

        sorry for my bad English 😢
        I love your job. And it is the first time I read a Korean novel and I am surprised how the author expresses. I thought that Koreans didn’t get this kind of novel. My ignorance was to think that Koreans were more reserved and rigid.

    2. Have you tried outaishihi ni nante naritakunai? This one has some pretty hot scenes too…. Theres a portion where the pov is divided between the guy and girl…its still ongoing tho.. God bless all the nice TLs for doing translations..😚

    3. I hv two. One of it is a BL. Another has slow translator like 3 times a month translate.
      Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant – translator acidofanyi (both requirements)
      Jun Jiuling -translator lazycat or was it mangocat(more onto clever plot story)
      Ummm… lets see… you can try Hidden Marriage but it has lack of sexy scenes.
      Wait… there is smtg like Lucia… its Doomed to be Cannon Fodder translated by volare group. Plus its Completed.

      1. By any means…. these are not for Miss Ruby… our Lucia translator. -coughed- Don’t want to be blame for late updates again. Sarang hae translator san 🙆.

      2. Umm i’m so nope if it’s BL.. Those cjinese novels have good sexy scenes? I thought only korean novels do it properly 😂😂 and I used to read jun jiu ling, I think it’s more of scheming than sexy?
        Anw, japs novels are either too pushy to describe or too exagerating thing like some cheap hntai -____-
        I’ll try some of them, thanks! And I’m open to anotyer suggestions as well, just.. Dont link me into BL and the likes. Not my taste

        1. Then its hard if you wanna include sex scenes. For me.. nothing beats Lucia at sweet romantic sex scenes yet hence why i sometimes promote it to other reader in other site. If you want smtg like a good strategy story like Jun Jiuling or comedy that made you laugh out loud… i can give you a few good ones. Just the sex scenes are very toned down.

      3. I think u already recommended Rebirth: Degenerate Spave Abuses Tyrant to me already cuz I have it one my reading list. I’ll look into JunJiuling. I dropped Hidden Marriage but I forget why. And I’ve finished Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

        1. Ohhhh what do you think abt Doomed to be Cannon Fodder?

          Hv you read “Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke” ?

          1. Yep. I have that on my reading list too 😁. I thought DCF was good but didn’t really like some parts of it namely the deus ex machina(i think that’s how it’s spelt)

  3. each chapter that had sex scenes between them.. all i wanted to say on it was “🎶haaaallelujah.. hallelujah.. hallelujah🎶”.. 👌👈👍😘😍❤…

  4. So saw people recommending novels and In terms of novel that is similar ish, the Chinese novel “Husband be a Gentleman”. It’s a short read but it’s really sweet. And while it’s a bit forced at first…….”empress with no virtue”. Also I think to “to be a virtuous wife”.

  5. Am I the only one thinking it’s INCREDIBLY weird and awkward to talk about the kid like this while having sex??!! Wtffff
    *Other than that i love it this novel is great

    1. the strangest and disgusting thing is that she said that the 8 year old child, only 8 YEARS OLD, makes her horny

  6. So I originally read this on lightnovels, but as time progressed I realized that someone had stolen your translation and immediately found your sight. You do a great job compared to some translators and I’m very sorry your translations are being stolen 😕

  7. I wasn’t planning on commenting until the end but I couldn’t help but notice the occasional comments on how the smut is more lead by Hue’s narration. Writing smut in the view of an inexperienced passive role is limiting. It is natural for the dominant male with experience to lead the scene. Smut is more about keeping things moving forward, stagnancy is where you get the snore fest. I like the diverse writing, nothing seems overly repeated .

  8. under the oak is so overrated and I dislike the femle lead for being so cringy and so noisy and selfish, and have many inferior complex, the ml is so dumb with words and also has very low self esteem.. I never dislike FL as much as maxy, maxi is 180 degree different than lucia, is it like forcefully inserting egoistic 2000 century feminism towards dragon and mage era which is so forceful. under the oak is soo overrated for me, and i give up reading hallway because i can not stand maxy clinginess and behavior
    maxy always deny and refused riftan words, she is a bitch….

    Predatory marriage is best on smut scene, I am tired on reading 2 chapter with out hugo climaxing, he seem to have very limited amount of semen, compare to ishakan who is the best semen factory

    but lucia very details in describing sex scene but rarely climaxing on male part which is irritating

    best smut novel for me is predatory marriage, it is not too long, the plot is soo good and fast forwards… and Ishakan is the best smut lover ever hahah

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