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Lucia Chapter 29 [part 1]

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< — Disagreement — > (5) 

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“Milady came to this unfamiliar northern region alone, not knowing anybody, yet she never complained about her situation being difficult or uncomfortable. If Your Grace were ignore Milady, then she would truly be alone.”

Hugo actually began to suspect where Jerome came out from today to have such a completely different temperament but when he thought about it, there was no denying that Jerome was Fabian’s blood brother.

To speak without any fear was Fabian’s trademark.

Hugo’s red eyes glowed even redder.

“These days, Milady…”

“Shut up.”

“Your Grace.”

“I dare you to say one more word…”

Feeling the murderous gaze on him, Jerome shut his mouth and lowered his gaze.

The Duke was not a nitpicky master that but he was a master that would never tolerate challenges to his authority. The criteria depended on if someone was getting above themselves. Jerome didn’t have the authority to butt into the ducal couple’s private relationship.

It wasn’t because Jerome was a steward. No one in Roam had such authority. Hugo was extremely displeased with this situation.

He wondered if she had sent Jerome to him because she had enough reason to do so. But this was Jerome.

The same Jerome that didn’t interfere with his usual work for no reason and could distinguish between the things that Hugo could handle alone and the things that Jerome could deal with himself.

Therefore, Jerome’s unusual behavior got on Hugo’s nerves.

Hugo already knew that Jerome took care of his wife more than the usual. He did not doubt Jerome’s loyalty as a steward but he was strangely irritated.

“Impressive. Did she ask you to come annoy me?”

Even though he knew that there was no way she had, he felt extremely twisted inside.

“No, Your Grace! Milady would never—!”


As soon as Jerome opened his mouth, a teacup flew past his face and shattered to pieces on the floor.

“I told you to shut up.”

Hugo swiftly got up and walked out of the office while Jerome sat down with a paling face.

He made a mistake. A terrible result of needless interference. If Fabian were here, he would have definitely told him that their master’s relationship wasn’t one to be meddle with.

‘I’ve let down Milady’s reputation.’

His first rebellion against his master ended with his tail completely trampled. He unnecessarily intervened and even caused a misunderstanding.

Jerome sighed and began to sweep the pieces of the broken tea cup scattered all over the place.

The fact that the cup did not fly at his forehead meant that his master was already being pretty tolerant.

‘I’ll ask Fabian for some advice when he comes back.’

Useless mouth! Jerome began to sharply berate himself.

 * * *

Using the excuse that she wasn’t feeling well, Lucia returned home early from her outing with Kate.

She didn’t feel like talking or going horseback riding. Right after she returned from seeing Kate, the doctor came to visit with scary accuracy.


Anna looked at loss for what to do and she couldn’t meet Lucia’s eyes, seemingly nervous.

That day, Hugo left after saying that Lucia could do as she pleased, but from the next day onwards, he continuously sent for Anna.

“Milady, His Grace the Duke calls me every evening and asks me how the treatment is going.”

Anna explained with an expression that said ‘please save me’. When the Duke called Anna, he didn’t say anything else. He only asked how the treatment was going but that alone gave Anna enormous pressure.

“Please, just tell me about the symptoms that you really know.” (Anna)

Because of what he was doing, the anger in Lucia’s heart steadily increased in just a few days. She felt like she was deceived by him and couldn’t break free. She felt like going to his office right this moment and giving him a slap.

‘Alright. I’ll do what you want me to do.’

Lucia opened her mouth and began to explain her symptoms. She explained it exactly how she explained it to the doctors she searched for in her dream.

Yes, she already knew a cure for it but she had no intention of using it. However, if Anna found another cure, she didn’t plan on refusing treatment.

But the chances of that happening were close to none. She’d met countless doctors in her dream, but none of them could cure her.

It was through an amazing coincidence and luck that she was able to get a cure from that wandering doctor.

She didn’t think that such coincidence and luck could happen a second time.

And as expected, Anna looked confused after hearing her explanation. She looked bewildered by the fact that Lucia took mugwort herb and cause her menstruation to stop. She didn’t seem to know anything about it.

“I’m sorry, Milady. To be frank, my ability is lacking so I do not know how to treat you. But I will definitely figure out a way.”

Anna resolutely assured her. Lucia sat there absent-mindedly for a short while then she went out into the garden.

 * * *

Hugo left his office extremely displeased and absentmindedly walked till he was outside.

The rain had stopped but there was no sight of the sun.

‘I guess the day is ending like this.’

When he realized it, he was already in the garden. He quickly turned around and tried to leave but before he could do that, he discovered her.

She was leaning forward, looking at an almost blossoming flower bud. He stood still for a while, then his feet began to move towards her.

Wheen Lucia straightened her waist and turned, she saw him approaching her and instantly, the air around her changed and she found herself falling into a fantasy.

Everything around her blurred and all she could see was him. Lucia knew that she had experienced something like this before.

‘When I was in the capital…on the day of the knight parade…’

It was the day when she saw him for the first time in reality, not in her dreams.

She was angry with him. Her condition was terrible because every night, she stared at the bedroom door that never opened and couldn’t sleep properly at night.

And just a while ago, she wanted to slap him if she ever saw him. But the moment she saw him, all the anger in her heart instantly melted away like salt inside water.

‘I am such an idiot…’

She knew he was unattainable and thought that she had locked down her feelings, but her emotions seemed to slip through the crevices.

While her heart bubbled over, it also hurt.

‘I love him.’

She didn’t know what to do. Just like his countless past lovers, she couldn’t keep her heart to herself.

‘He must not find out.’

If he took one step closer to her, she would take two steps backwards. She didn’t want to be sent a rose.

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  15. I literally am impartial.

    Just as Lucia has her secrets, so does Hugh. Both hide their true feelings, both close off each other.

    A relationship is not made up of a single person. If one takes a step, I believe the other should also.

    This chapter corresponds to chapter 68 of the manga.

    Thanks for the hard work.

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