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Lucia Chapter 22 [part 1]


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Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: Luv Shng

TN: This is much later than I planned but oh well. I got finals coming up so translation will be done whenever I’m taking a study break. School is almost over though so that’s a plus!


Cushioned on the finely detailed muscles of a man’s body, there laid a woman’s body. Leaning her head on his shoulders and placing her cheek on his upper chest, Lucia enjoyed the feeling of his hands gently caressing her naked back. His chest was under her palm and she felt fascinated by the firmness of his skin so she poked his skin a little firmly.

“Starting tomorrow, I will be away from Roam for a few days.” (Hugo)

“Where are you going?”

“Fiefdom inspection. I plan to look around once or twice a month from now on.”

Although he had fallen for the sweet dream called the newlywed’s life, he had not forgotten what he needed to do.

“Does a Lord need to do that?”

“Of course. I need to maintain order.”

Those people were the type to look for another place to go if they did not see their master and so before that happened, he had to tighten their leash.

Although it was enjoyable to observe and pick out the fools who tried to look for other places and warn or deal with them, he refrained from making such a coarse expression in front of her.

‘Inspection of the fief…this is something he’s originally been doing.’

Her husband in her dreams, Count Martin, had never once visited his fiefdom and as expected, Lucia had never been there either.

However from time to time, she would see people coming from the fief with tax reports and have the report flung on their face and screamed at.

“Will it take long?”

“About three or four days. If it’s a long visit, it can take a few more days.”

‘He won’t be here for a few days.’ Lucia felt somewhat strange.

Even though she’d come to Roam right after they had gotten married and had stayed alone for nearly a month, at some point, it had become natural for her to be near him.

She wondered if he would get annoyed if she were to say, ‘Please come back soon’.

“Your next tea party is in two days, right?”

Lucia’s second tea party was to be held two days later. It was almost half a month since her last tea party.

Because of the success of the first tea party, Lucia was looking forward to the second one, however when she thought about how he wouldn’t be around, her enthusiasm suddenly diminished.


“I have something to give you. It should arrive tomorrow or the day after.”

“What is it?”

“A gift. I feel that the last tea party’s present was lacking a bit.”

He was speaking in a calm voice but Lucia’s heart began to throb. His unexpected and sudden gift made her heart flutter.

“Can I ask what the gift is?”

“A necklace.”

As his voice was so bland, Lucia’s heart that was throbbing in expectation cooled down slightly. It was simply a formal gift but here she was, having high expectations alone.

Lucia had yet to grasp his simple personality that had never given a gift on his own before or teased someone about a gift.

“Do you perhaps hate jewelry?”

“Is there anyone who does not like jewelry?”

“Then that’s good. Do you have any special plans for when I’m away?”

“The tea party in two days but other than that…”

“So there’s nothing in particular? Don’t think of doing anything abrupt or unexpected while I’m gone. Just stay obediently.”

“What unexpected action?”

“I’m only saying you should be as you always have. And particularly, don’t go outside.”

Lucia wondered why he would suddenly mention going out. Ever since she arrived at Roam, she had stayed without ever leaving the castle.

In the castle, everything she needed was prepared for her therefore there was no need for her to go out. And perhaps her personality was boring for she preferred a quiet and unchanging life to a dynamic one.

The entire time, she’d never told him that she wanted to go out so she couldn’t figure out why he would suddenly say something like that.


“Do you want to go out?”

‘Do not step outside my territory while I am gone.’ That was what he really wanted to say.

“No but you never know what could happen. You have to tell me the exact reason so I can make a decision.”

“Since I am not here in my position, my Duchess has to take care of it, right?”

He was pleased with himself for coming up with a pretty reasonable answer. It was not necessary for her to stay in Roam to take care of the duties in place of him but Lucia couldn’t find any gaps in his words and just thought it made sense.

“Ah, yes.”

Because he hadn’t said anything for a while, Lucia glanced at him and found him staring at her.

“Is there anything else you want to tell me?”

He chuckled and lowered his head, capturing her lower lips. He bit it gently then sucked on it.

His wife who listened well to his words with an innocent expression and clear eyes, was just too pretty. He was already worried about not seeing her for a few days.

* * *

Philip watched as the Duke of Taran and his knights left Roam early in the morning. His residence was at a corner in the inner part of the outer wall of Roam.

The residence of the primary doctor of the Duke was originally within the castle walls but as the owner of the Taran family changed eight years ago, Philip’s residence was pushed to the outer wall.

Apart from the residence changing, the Duke did not treat him ‘specially’ or persecute him.

It would be more correct to say that the Duke held absolutely no interest in him. Also when Philip changed his residence, the several medical records of the house that were passed down from generation to generation were allowed to move with him.

Philip never forgot that his life was hanging on Hugo’s narrow compassion. Although exactly speaking, it was more payment than it was compassion. The payment of a life debt.

Philip admired the cold-blooded duke who did not bleed nor possess tears. The surrounding people who knew the secret of the Taran family had vanished without a trace and the only one left who knew that secret was Philip but Philip had never condemned the Duke’s cruelty and savagery.

The reason why Philip’s family clung desperately to the Duke of Taran was because he was the Taran bloodline’s perfect sculpture.

A long time ago, magic was the order of the world. At that time, the Madoh Empire ruled the world and the Madoh Empire was located at the center of their very own country, Xenon. (1)

Back then, a number of ordinary humans existed as well as the few nobles who ruled over them. The nobles of the Madoh Empire did not refer to ordinary humans but another race with superior abilities.

This race had black eyes and black hair. Other than that, they didn’t look much different from humans but they had abilities much superior and overwhelming to an ordinary human. The Taran family was the last trace of the Madoh Empire.

The nobles maintained their bloodlines by marrying amongst themselves. The Madoh Empire was dominated by magic and only the nobility could possess magical powers.

Since the nobles were born from nobles, they had magical powers from the moment they were born. These few nobles suppressed and exploited the numerous humans.

It was as though the nobles were all born the same for they all, without any exception, were cruel and merciless. Even if thousands of humans were to charge at one noble, they would be unable to beat the noble.

In this way, the ruling class consolidated their rule while the despair of the humans deepened and it felt like this order would never be broken.

But one day, a meteor from space crashed on the surface. It created a huge earthquake but nobody was hurt because it crashed in a place that was deserted.

A few researchers took interest in it but that interest cooled down soon enough. They ended up taking it as a memorable but worthless event.

But from that day onwards, the order of the world began to crumble. The atmosphere that was full of magical power dispersed and the magic that flowed in the blood of the nobles began to disappear making their strength plunge lower than that of commoners.

They were unable to compete against the physical strength of ordinary humans and the humans that had suffered numerous exploitations rose up and banded together.

At first, the humans were afraid but once they realized what they could do with their own strength, they turned into a terrifying insanity and the hunting began.

Nobles with black hair and black eyes were all pursued, tracked down and caught. It was to the extent that not even their shape was left as they were crushed or murdered.

All traces of the Madoh Empire was burned and destroyed. Books and items that had cost hundreds of thousands were now of no use and were reduced to rubbish. No matter where one turned their head, one could see smoke rising in the distance and the blowing ashes.



Translator’s Corner:

  1.  Refer to Chapter 1 if you have forgotten everything about Xenon.


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