Fake Chapter X

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TLN: THIS IS A FAKE CHAPTER. Please go back to the chapter release post and check the comments OR check the TOC.


His eyes glanced down at Lucia, who was closing his eyes as if he was waiting for disposal. This is not the actual chapter, go to ruby maybe translations for the real thing. I have heard a little bit of willing to eat this little rabbit without fear, but I think it will only taste good.
I will give the innocent princess a moderately pleasant service and let me tell you a little about what a man is.


Lucia, who was closing her eyes, opened her eyes.


“I do not want to hear the bell to the top of the bed. Call it by name. ”


“I do not think you do not know my name, do not you?”

“no. I know. Um … huh ..? ”

Lucia added that he had not said anything.

“Or Hugo …?”

Strangely, his silence was long. Is your name wrong? His name was not Hugo? I was sure to sign the soul certificate, but before he got into panic he said in a somewhat hesitant voice.

“… before.”

“If it was before .. Huh ..?”

For a short moment his body shook lightly. His eyes, like a red glass bead, seemed to be a little swaying.
Lucia somehow


I felt a little special about what I was called. Is it a nickname? Who called you? Mother? Or … the girl you loved …? He has a son.
Who was the woman who gave birth to his son? I love her. Where is she now and why did she break up.



Lucia was astonished at his strange name, which suddenly came to mind when I was wondering if I could ask him. He seemed like an excuse because he seemed to be strangely surprised himself.

“There is nothing called … by name …”

“Now it’s going to be a lot. Vivian. ”


A low voice was wrapped around my ears. A very unfamiliar name was defined by pointing her so naturally through his mouth.



Hugo sighs like a laugh as she sees her closing her mouth.

“stubborn. Do you know your stubbornness? ”

“When do I?”

“Just now.”

“Do you know how good it is to be forced?”

“I do not like the impression. All I say is right. ”

There was nothing really to say about his pathetic self-confidence and arrogance. His face grew closer and closer to the point where he felt the breath of each other.
Lucia closed his eyes as his shallow breath reached his mouth and his lips fell. On her tight lips, he gently patted several times and gently swallowed her lower lip. And my lips fell again.

“Open your mouth.”

He commanded him with a low voice. As I swallowed my nervous breath, I felt as if the inside of my throat ran. His face was blushing, and he wondered for a moment. His eyes twisted slightly, and as soon as he swallowed her lips in his mouth, a small flesh came into his mouth.


His tongue gently stroked her mouth. Slowly and meticulously checking the dentition, I ran inside the ball and palate. The moment when he touched him and the tongue struck as if the electricity had risen. He said the two lips fell in a breathtaking state.

“It tastes like wine.”

Lucia’s face flashed red. He changed direction and covered Lucia ‘s lips again. As he said, the kiss tasted like wine and was caught in a moody feeling. Tongue entangled and saliva mixed. He was caressing his mouth with a kiss. His tongue twisted her tongue and swallowed it up and repeated.

“Hmm …”

A small moan came out deep in the neck. The kiss that started calmly began to fester. When his carefully moving tongue suddenly touched the inside of his throat, he gripped the sheet without knowing it. He started again after Lucia had kissed her until she was breathing, then took her lips and gave them a few breaths.

So many times, the kiss continued. One New Lucia ‘s hard – nerved shoulder muscles relaxed loosely. His kiss was sweet and tender. When the long, long kiss was over, Lucia breathed a little. This alone seemed to have done enough for me.

“Boo .. fire. Too bright … ”

“I like to look good.”

“But …”

Hugo kissed her tears in her crying eyes.

“Pretty body. Let me see. ”

She was cute as she wore her lips with her red face. Her body was beautiful, not blurry.
The apex of a moderately sized rounded chest was beautifully curved, extending from the waist to the pelvis, which was pinkish and thin and fits like a bloom of light. It was attractive enough without being sensual.
His lips were pressed several times over Lucia’s lips, from the side of the lips to the cheeks and from the cheeks to the ear. A damp lips touches the back of the ear, and the kiss comes down slowly over the neck.
Lucia flickered blurred eyes slowly and fell into the strange sensation of his lips rubbing against the skin.

‘Is the wine scent?’

She smelled from her body.
It was not a nostalgic perfume, but a livelihood. At first, I was drinking wine and the reverberation was going on. However, it was different from wine aroma.
Sometimes it seems to be like a nose, but the nose is sweet and sweet.

‘Foot gravy .. Fruit flavor ..’

It was a hometown. It was the smell of this woman.
I knew for the first time that the aroma could be so fragrant. Hugo breathed her nose into her skin without resting, licked her lips and licked with her tongue.
I could not tell if this scent that makes him smell was a sense of smell or taste. It was like a silk with oil.
I licked it with my tongue and it was smooth without any roughness. The soft caress like this soothing was never his taste. But he was happy now.
Every time he reached his lip, he reacted to the slightest trembling, so he grabbed his wrist and leaned his lips against his arm.

I was wiggling at my hands. He saw a red mark on the inside of his white arm, and this time he left the same mark on the inside of the opposite arm as well. He gently smiled at the woman’s gaze, which seemed to imply a slight impression. His lips came down to the chest along the neck.


Lucia screamed briefly in the exhilarating sensation felt in her heart. He swallowed one of her breasts full of mouth. As if the child had milked his mother, he moved his lips and digged his tongue through his tongue with his irritated nipples.


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