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Lucia Chapter 70 [part 1]


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The day of the tea party was drawing near. Jerome put together detailed information about the Countess of Jordan, who was the organizer of the tea party that Lucia was to attend, and gave Lucia this information.

The Countess of Jordan was thirty-eight years old. She raised 2 sons and 5 daughters with the Count and her eldest son recently held his social debut party on his 15th birthday. Out of the five daughters, it was an open secret that all except the third one were all illegitimate children. Because the Countess held a lot of interest in gardening, she liked to discuss about such topics and was skillful with music.

‘…Is one originally supposed to know such things before going?’

In her dream, no one gave the Countess of Matin any information about the high society. Lucia had started off with knowing absolutely nothing and attended all kinds of parties as she was ordered to.

‘Four of the five daughters are illegitimate children?’

Lucia had not known this. The Countess of Jordan as Lucia remembered from her dream was someone who had a fruitful family and vast connections. Lucia had naively thought that the relationship of the Jordan couple must be good since they had a lot of children.


Meanwhile, a great storm descended on the calm days of the Countess of Jordan. The tea party which was originally planned for ten people had drawn the attention of many.

There was a line of people mobilizing all sorts of connections and requesting to join. Some people had to be removed and some people had to stay. There was no way to keep it at just ten people. Unable to stand the troubled Countess, her family advised her to completely change the tea party to a garden party.

The Countess usually only held small tea parties. Once in a while, after a long interval, she made up her mind and held one a party on a grand scale once a year.

Eventually, the purpose of the tea party had to be changed and it was to be attended by about 50 previously unplanned people.


“The tea party. Are you going?”

After a round of sex, the inside of the bedroom was filled with a strange smell and the atmosphere was sticky. Hugo ran kisses from her back to her neck and brought up what he had been wanting to say all evening.

“Yes. It is tomorrow.” (Lucia)

“I think it will be quite tiring.” (Hugo)

Hugo was not happy when it came to any variables concerning his wife. He persistently rained kisses on her naked body which lay face down on the bed. He went down the line of her back, reaching to the curve of her behind.

“I didn’t realize people would be so interested in me.” (Lucia)

It was to the extent that it changed the scale of the tea party. Lucia was quite surprised by this matter. And she realized that the position of Duchess was a greater position than she thought. In order to not lose face for him, she decided that she would buckle up more and engage in social activities.

Hugo chuckled and bit her slightly jiggling, plump white buttocks. Lucia let out a short scream and made a fuss but Hugo looked at the bite mark left on her appetizing mound with satisfaction.

“It’s not something to laugh off lightly. Why don’t you cancel the occasion tomorrow and pick a different schedule to go?” (Hugo)

“That is not courteous. If I do that, terrible rumors will circulate about me.” (Lucia)

Hugo heavily leaned on top of her and deeply whispered in her ear.

“Then they will learn the price of carelessly running their mouth.”

Hugo truly meant his words but Lucia didn’t pay it any attention. To her, the rumors of high society were not something anyone could handle. She had never seen or heard of anyone trying to track down the source of a rumor because it was unfavorable. It didn’t occur to her that he might become the first person to make such an unbelievably foolish attempt.

“If I attend the tea party as arranged tomorrow, such rumors will not arise in the first place. I will not cancel.” (Lucia)

“…How stubborn.” (Hugo)


Hugo pushed his penis inside her as he pressed down on her from above. Her insides, wet from the fluids of their previous round, smoothly wrapped around his thing and swallowed it. But it wasn’t easy to enter her because she was lying down.

Hugo grabbed her hands, pulling them behind her and supported her waist.

“What time does it end?” (Hugo)

“It starts during the day…Ah…so it should end before nightfal-…Ah.” (Lucia)

Each time he rammed into her, it sent tingles up her spine. His hard tip continuously prodded her sensitive part. Lucia squeezed the sheets. His weight moderately pressing down on her made her more excited.

“If halfway, you don’t feel up to it, you can leave. You’re in a position that can do that.” (Hugo)



Her insides suddenly tightened causing him to stop moving and swallow his breath. As she reached her climax, her inner walls convulsed and tightly clamped down on his member. Lucia’s body shook tremblingly and slackened. When her tightness reduced to some extent, Hugo clicked his tongue.

“I haven’t even put it in a few times. Already done?” (Hugo)


Hugo snickered as he watched her ears turn red.

“At this rate, I will be using my hands later on, my wife.”

When he moved his waist again, Lucia let out a scream.

“Wa-wait. Just a moment…Ah…to rest…ang…”

He thrust in strongly.

“You want to be the only one to have fun?”

“Hk. Ah…you bother me…ung…everyday.”

“You have to say it the right way. I’m making you feel good.”

Hugo grabbed her hips, lifted her butt up and drove his length all the way in. The feeling of him hitting her deepest part was so electrifying that tears welled up in her eyes. His movements grew more and more intense. Every time he thrust into her, body fluids flowed down her thighs. And every time he entered into her, squelching sounds could be heard.

The sensation from her orgasm still lingered and as he pounded her without mercy, her sensitive inner walls stirred and clung tightly to his penis. Coquettish cries burst from her mouth.

“Ah! Haa! Ang!”


When he huskily called out her name, Lucia felt her body shudder with pleasure. Her insides squeezed, stimulating him and his movements became faster.

“Auu! Haa! Slow…slowlyyy!!”

Hugo took hard breaths as he conquered her thoroughly. His back muscles were stretched taut with force. Her spring did not dry and her vagina did not stop spasming. The feeling of penetrating her narrow walls and grazing against her insides filled him with thrill. It was not as much pleasure as when he came but the feeling of her flesh caressing his penis was good.

But above all that, the moment he thrust into her, he confirmed his possession of her and flew into ecstasy. Constantly and countlessly confirming, and confirming again, was not enough.




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  1. I thought that position would be so tiring 😅 you would be sore the next day. Ughh… Hugo… why. It has been a while since they consumated, so i surprised a bit by the vulgar words lol i feel like an innocent maiden.

    Thank you so much for the chapter, Ruby 😁

    1. People, people. You forget Lucia only has “one day of rest every five days”. Plus, wouldn’t it be interesting to know how the women in the capital would react after finding out that the center of their interest has busted her legs and waist because she made love with her husband the night before the party? Specially if there are past lovers coming along.

  2. Poor Hugh, when will he realize it will never be enough, not until she herself says she’s his. After their conformation of their love, that’s the sex scenen I’m waiting for!

  3. lol I pity Lucia. So much on her plate without the added stamina drain from the hubby’s nightly activities. I’m surprised she’s still doing so well, health wise lol
    Many thanks

  4. We’re at book 5 seriously I am beginning to loose interest because the heroine is really passive since break out party arc….

    And the smut scenes began to resemble each other if it’s not for Lucia little gestures to be a little bold n bed but except that she is playing the perfect waifu who does nothing of her life (she doesn’t have any hobbies now and have to parade in useless Tea parties) and let’s not forget how we don’t hear at all anymore about Damien!

    I might drop this soon.

    1. it’s just that there’s no development whatsoever in their relationship. they just run in circles and never communicate and it’s getting old. i don’t plant on dropping tho lmao

  5. Her spring did not run dry💀. I think given the number of times in one night, biologically speaking, her spring should be dry after 1hr or after at most 3 rounds. I understand Hugo , who would not be obsessed over such an infinite spring😂😂😂

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