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Lucia Chapter 69 [part 2]


< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (5)

Translator: Miss Ruby


Unlike what Hugo was concerned about, David had already gone back.

On the palace terrace, the Queen and the Ducal Couple were having tea. Beth was acting calm but she couldn’t help but repeatedly glance at the Duke of Taran. She didn’t think a day would come where she would sit and have tea with the Duke.

“Did you resolve your matter of urgency?”

Beth thought that the reason for the Duke’s sudden arrival was because he had something important to tell the Duchess.

“Yes, it was resolved. I apologize for the rudeness from earlier.” (Hugo)

“No, I hope that Gong can generously overlook my brother’s rudeness to the Duchess. I admonished him sternly and sent him back.” (Beth)

Beth showed that she was siding with them but she could not exonerate David.

David was already firmly impressed in Hugo’s mind. In a very bad way. Hugo planned to order a thorough investigation that would shake out even the color of David’s underwear when he got back today.

Lucia gave him a strange look. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t hear his reason for coming here. She turned away from Beth and her eyes met his for a moment.

Reading the question in her eyes, Hugo gave a very faint smile and slowly licked his upper lip. Lucia’s eyes widened as she blushed fiercely and lowered her head. She was reminded of the kiss from earlier and her heart was pounding.

‘This man seriously! Doesn’t he know where we are?’ (Lucia)

When she lifted her eyes and glared at him, he smirked and lifted the teacup to his mouth. His shamelessness and leisureness was really hateful.

“Duchess. Are you hot? Your face is red.”

“Pardon? Ah…No, I am alright.”

A handmaid came in and whispered something to the Queen. Beth made a gesture of understanding and sent the maid away then she looked at the Duke of Taran with an odd expression.

Gong. His Majesty sent a messenger. He inquires why you have not come when the afternoon meeting is about to begin.”

“Did you have a meeting?” (Lucia)

You didn’t say that earlier! Why are you acting so carefree?! Because there were people around, Lucia kept her criticism to herself but her eyebrows rose threateningly.

“I shall be on my way.” (Hugo)

Hugo nodded to Beth and left the words ‘a moment’ with Lucia then he went out of the terrace. Lucia excused herself from Beth and followed after him.

Beth tilted her head slightly. The air between the two was unusual. Of course since they were a couple, Beth didn’t think they would be indifferent but unlike what she expected, the Duchess did not seem to have any difficulty with Taran Gong.

Beth acted like she didn’t see anything but she has seen the two of them exchanging frequent glances.


Lucia came out of the terrace and saw him standing, waiting for her. Why was he taking his time when he was summoned by the king? Lucia was reaching her limit. When she was about to ask why he asked her to come out, he suddenly approached and hugged her waist.

Lucia was startled and hit his shoulder. When she saw the chamberlain that was waiting to escort Hugo tactfully turn away, her face flushed crimson.

“Oh seriously. What are you doing! They can all see.”

Lucia spoke with a heavily muffled voice and pushed against his chest with all her might.

“I’ll be late today.” (Hugo)

“I know. You told me yesterday.”

“Will you be going home soon?”

“Yes. After talking with Her Highness the Queen.”

“Don’t fall asleep. That way we can finish what we didn’t finish earlier.”


He grabbed her chin and kissed her. It was a short but deep kiss. Lucia was astounded.

Again, he kissed his wife’s cheeks that was as red as an apple then he released his hold on her. And walked away as if nothing had happened.

Lucia’s clenched fists trembled as she watching his receding figure. When he got home today, she would make sure to hammer it into his head not to do this again.

K-hm. K-hm.”

At the sound of someone clearing their throat, Lucia was startled and turned around. At some point, Beth had arrived. How much did she see? Lucia was so embarrassed she wanted to faint.

‘From the looks of it…I don’t think it is an absurd rumor.’

Beth thought as she looked at the embarrassed Duchess who did not know what to do.

People focused on the rumor of ‘the beautiful Duchess’, and the part where ‘the Duke was completely enchanted by her beauty and dragged her to his territory’ was seen as an arrived conclusion.

Beth realized that the rumor’s assumed conclusion was more important that the premise.

She wondered how surprised her husband would be if she told him this. If she was the only one to know for the time being, it would also be fun to see her husband’s surprised expression when he learnt of it later.


Translator’s Corner:

*Exonerate means absolve someone from blame. I didn’t know the word myself so I figured I’d put it.

(This is short cuz of how I divided it)



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      1. His name tells me he is Vietnamese. I’m a Vietnamese myself so I understand that sometimes we rely too much on gg translates. And back on 2018 gg are not that good. Haizzz… 🤦

  1. I love how Beth is going to let the “Captured off to a far away place to indulge” be a secret for her husband to figure out on his own. How black-bellied!

    1. Sorry to ask but what does black bellied stand for ??? i read it in a lot of translation but i just cannot understand the meaning behing this expression (first language is french btw)

      1. I’m sorry that it’s late, I hope you already knew the meaning, but I’ll just leave it here for future readers who also don’t know the meaning ^^

        Black belly/腹黑(fu hei) is a Chinese phrase. You usually read this phrase from Chinese novel translations though there’s word with the same meaning in Japanese.

        It literally means black stomach. It’s usually used to describe a person’s character who is extremely kind and honest, very hardworking, and gentle person, on the outside. But they turn out to be dark and soulless on the inside and kinda lure people in or manipulate people around them. Like those secretly quite evil/sly/manipulative character.

        Black bellied can have good or bad meaning depending on the context

  2. Thanks for the chapter and for teaching me a new word! Damn it’s been so long without an update, I’m so happy to have them back 🙂 Hehehe i like Beth, having fun imagining her husband’s dumbfounded face at the Ducal’s couple interactions

  3. Thanks for the chapter hope you did enjoy your holiday. Btw if you feel sick may i sugest to take it slow …. (even if i really like your previous pace ) i just hope you will take care of yourself and get better the sooner possible …………..and not end up tiring yourself for translation .

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