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Forget My Husband, I’ll Go Make Money [Chapter 112]

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Episode 17: To someone’s wife (3)

* * *

“…A sword that saves lives?”

Ritlen asked.

He had never heard or seen anything like that. Where in the world would you find such a sword?

“Well, there is.”

Aristine shrugged and looked at him. As if asking, ‘do you really not know?’.

At that, Ritlen thought about it again and this time, he went “Ah!” and exclaimed.

“Are you talking about a medical scalpel?”

“Correct,” Aristine grinned.

“But why a medical scalpel all of a sudden…”

It wasn’t exactly a field that Aristine would be interested in.

Frankly speaking, medical scalpels were not very popular products. It was used for surgical procedures so yes, there was a steady demand. But in Irugo, blacksmiths tended to look down on it, saying it was not a proper blade.

It wasn’t that different in other countries as well. They didn’t undervalue it but there were doctors who blamed the scalpel when their surgical operations failed.

With cases arising where people got criticized or asked to take unnecessary responsibility for surgeries, the industry was bound to shrink.

“As you know, there are a lot of issues in that field. Everyone avoids it…”

“Mn, that’s why.”

Aristine nodded her head.

It was a ‘blue ocean’ case; the market was in the perfect state to jump right into. (1)

The blacksmiths who made the current scalpels had no intention of actively selling them. Most of the time, they had no choice but to make scalpels to earn a living when their other items were not selling well.

There wouldn’t even be a competition if an eager person jumped in right now. Of course, not everything in the world succeeds because you’re eager.


‘My previous life was shown to me by the Monarch’s Sight.’

Aristine smiled.

Meanwhile, Ritlen was looking at her with a lack of understanding on his face.

‘That’s why…? Ah!’

His mind flashed with realization.

“I understand now, as expected of the Princess Consort!”

“Yes, exactly. You see the potential too!”
The potential to make a fortune!

Aristine nodded.

However, Ritlen’s reaction was a little odd.

“With higher quality scalpels, there will definitely be less medical accident and surgical failures, and then—! The people will be healthier!”

Indeed, a guardian goddess of peace and an angel of hope!

Ritlen’s eyes gleamed with emotion.

“I see Your Highness’s desire to save those who have fallen into despair from their illness…!”

Aristine looked at Ritlen with bewilderment.

‘No…I just want to make money?’

Why was the story changing directions?

“I was foolish to say things like it has a lot of issues and everyone avoids it.”

“Um, Ritlen.”

“After all, Your Highness is that kind of person! You would risk the loss and jump into that difficult field to save lives!”

“Uh, um…”

That was completely wrong.

Well, it was true that everyone avoided it because the field had a lot of issues, but she never planned on taking a loss.

Aristine’s lips twitched but she knew she couldn’t say that.

There was a huge misunderstanding here.

‘I mean, I did think it would be nice if people’s treatments got better…’

But that was pretty much a supplementary effect. The most important thing to her was the gold that would enter her pockets.

“You have enlightened me again. Thank you.” (Ritlen)

“Uh, mhm…”

It was too late to say it was all a misunderstanding.

“I am touched by the care you have for the people. I, Ritlen, will always follow you, Your Highness.”

“Mhm, of course…”

Aristine nodded with a reluctant expression.

It looked like his loyalty increased after taking a few steps back. She was glad he was motivated.

‘But why do I feel so embarrassed…’

“Alright, then shall I try making a scalpel model? I have never made one, but I have a rough idea of what it looks like.”

Ritlen said, looking around the room.

The blacksmith forge in Tarkan’s palace was very well-equipped. It wasn’t as large as Catallaman, but it was enough for Ritlen to use.

He didn’t expect much since it was mainly used for repairing the warrior’s swords rather than making them but even the magic bellows were the latest design.

With this much, he didn’t even need additional manpower to make a prototype.

Ritlen picked up the pig iron, but Aristine shook her head.

“No, the scalpel I want is a little different?”


“Yes, I’m going to make an entirely new type of scalpel.”

Ritlen turned to look at Aristine.

Aristine took out a piece of paper from her pocket.

“I want you to make it like this.”

“This is…”

Ritlen’s eyes widened in surprise when he saw the picture drawn on the paper.



Translator’s Corner:

  1. From Google: ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ refers to entering a market for a product where there is no competition or very little competition.

**This chapter ended really awkwardly so I removed the end and added it to the next chapter.


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