Lucia Side Story [1.5 – 1.7]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

Triple release~!  _(:3」∠)_

This should be all for the week. I am only linking to 1.5 cuz aggregators. If I can thwart them, I will.

And uh…how’s the color of the site. I’ve tried to get a dark theme on this site for months to no avail. Now, I’m thinking of just settling for perma darkness. 🙃

Lucia Side Story [1.5 – 1.7]

12 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story [1.5 – 1.7]

  1. Thank you for the chapters Miss Ruby !
    The themes are both great 🙂 darker one should be better for the eyes but i think the white one is simply gorgeous.


  2. Thank you for the hard work Miss Ruby and ShadowDog! m(_ _)m
    God bless you! The darker theme definitely helps my eyes =D Helps with the mood lighting as well =9


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