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Anne-Marie quickly approached and fumbled with Yuri’s hair. Then she soon let out a sigh from behind.

“Haa… how is Ms. Yuri’s hair so silky?”

Yuri felt Anne-Marie was too generous with her compliments when Anne-Marie herself had thin, nice textured hair. After Anne-Marie was done touching up Yuri’s hair, she said she would get an empty seat and left the store while Yuri entered the store and brought Snow some water.

Then she went back to the kitchen and began making the lemonade. For some reason, Snow ordered another drink instead of his usual coffee. Suddenly, Yuri remembered that he left half of his coffee last time.

‘Hmm, I guess he doesn’t like the brillia coffee we changed to.’

“Here’s your lemonade.”

“Thank you.”

She brought Snow his order a while later. He was sitting at a table inside the store like always. And maybe because his business with Anne-Marie was done, he sat quite a distance away from Anne-Marie.

Considering how he gave Yuri a flower last time at the festival, was it just that the novel hadn’t started yet or was the story just not flowing like the novel…

The man she assumed to be Genos Sheldon didn’t seem to have any intention of getting close to Anne-Marie.

Snow took the lemonade Yuri gave him and swirled the straw in the glass while staring at her. There was a mysterious look in his eyes and his gaze was very different from before.

However, Yuri wasn’t the type to care what looks people were sending her way, so she simply ignored it and did what she had to do.

She also brought Anne-Marie the coffee and sandwich she ordered.

“Ms. Yuri, do you guys have egg sandwiches here?”

After a while, Snow decided to order a sandwich. After Yuri brought the plate, he asked.

“Ms. Yuri. Do you have an ideal type?”

It was an innocent and genuine question; you could even call it harmless. Sure, the man had a history of pestering Yuri, but it was the first time he asked something like this.[1]

“Someone with a considerable distance from bird poop.”

Yuri left Snow who was acting shocked and headed outside to where Anne-Marie was.

* * *



Yuri bumped into someone coming in just as she was stepping out of the store. Once their eyes met, they both recognized each other. Yuri unconsciously frowned a little when she saw the handsome black-haired man in a clean-cut uniform once again.

‘Why is this guy here?’

She had her doubts but seemed unfazed on the outside as she greeted him.


And Kalian Crawford’s conspicuous figure greeted her back.

“Hello. We meet again.”

From his attitude, Yuri realized that their meeting today was not a coincidence. Even his reaction when their eyes met showed the same thing. Kalian must have definitely known that she was working at this coffeehouse.

“Did you get back safely yesterday?” (Kalian)

“Yes. Well, same as usual.” (Yuri)

As she bluntly replied to Kalian’s question, Yuri briefly glanced around. She could feel the people in the coffeehouse whispering to themselves and glancing up at them. Judging from the mood, they didn’t seem to have recognized Kalian Crawford’s face.

Of course, his fame was very widespread in the east but in fact, very few of the public actually knew Kalian Crawford’s face. However, because Kalian was currently wearing his uniform, it was easy to tell that he was a nobleman. And above all, Kalian Crawford certainly didn’t go well with this place.

Maybe the best way to explain it would be: if you see a square in a circle, would you not feel something was out of place? Or another way to put it is, he looked too rich? Or perhaps, he was booming with a noble aura?

Yuri abruptly turned her head to where Anne-Marie was sitting outside and found Anne-Marie with her eyes wide as she discovered Kalian’s presence. She stood up half-way then paused.

She looked like she was wondering if she should to come and thank him again for helping Hestia yesterday, or whether it would too much to get up and go out of her way to act like she knew him. Kalian didn’t seem to have noticed Anne-Marie yet.

Just when Anne-Marie was worrying about it, someone from the clinic ran over to call her. It looked very urgent because not long after, Anne-Marie quickly called Gilbert to pay for her meal and ran off to the clinic.

Yuri watched the scene unfold over Kalian’s shoulders.


Right then, a bird cried above Yuri and Kalian. At the same time, something fell down. But Kalian Crawford’s reaction was surprisingly fast. He easily avoided it with a single step to the side.

What fell on the floor was…unsurprisingly, bird poop.

Kalian and Yuri’s gaze moved up at the same time.


That very moment, another bird took the baton. As it was passing, the bird spat a chubby spider over Kalian’s head. But again, Kalian easily avoided the thing falling from the sky.

Then he opened his noble lips and said.

“Are these the coffeeshop’s pet birds? I think they need to be trained urgently”


Caw, Caw!

The crows which were still flying over his head cried loudly like they understood what he was saying. Even without this, Yuri also thought that Odin’s birds tended to be a little too much. At first, they moved mechanically, like they were reluctant to do what Odin ordered but now, it looked like they enjoyed troubling people.

‘When we meet next time, I have to tell him to do it in moderation.’

“There’re just passing birds.”

Yuri stepped aside from the door and continued.

“There are seats inside, you can go in and order.”

Kalian gazed at Yuri for a moment then he gave a slight nod.

“Then, please excuse me.”

And so, he entered into the coffeehouse.

* * *


Snow unknowingly let out a sound when he saw Kalian Crawford. Kalian also furrowed his brows when he noticed Snow. However, they pretended not to know each other.

Kalian passed Snow and headed to an empty seat in the store while Snow stirred his lemonade with a straw and smirked at Kalian.

“Oh please, welcome!”

Gilbert, the owner of the coffeehouse, ran over once he learnt that Kalian was a noble.

“What would you like to order?”

“Anything good is fine with me.”

Kalian ordered the most difficult thing. That very ‘anything good’! They were the magical words that pissed people off when you were choosing a menu together.

“Yes, then…it’ll be coffee, the key item on our menu.”

Gilbert took Yuri and ran to the kitchen with a line of cold sweat. Kalian Crawford wasn’t exactly someone with a huge frame but when he sat down, the table in the coffeehouse looked strangely small. It was hard to tell whether that was due to the heaviness of the atmosphere or not.

Maybe Kalian was unfamiliar with this kind of space because he kept looking around. Because his eyes were sharp, it looked more like he was searching for the shop’s flaws, so Gilbert was nervous when he came out with the coffee sometime later.

“Here’s your coffee! You can add the sugar or milk over here as you like.”

Gilbert secretly trembled as he placed the coffee on the table where Kalian sat. Who knew if it was fortunate or not, but Kalian drank the coffee placed before him without any complaints. Of course, he did frown slightly after one sip.

Tsk, Yuri clicked her tongue when she saw that. There was no way this kind of cheap coffee would fit the taste of a high-noble who has only ever eaten things that were expensive and high quality.

Still, at least he didn’t do something like spit it out or kick up a fuss asking why they served him this kind of thing. Then again, if he had that kind of personality, he wouldn’t be the male lead.

Kalian finished his coffee in a short amount of time then he asked.

“How much is it?”

“2 coins.”

Yuri was the one facing Kalian this time because Gilbert was so timid that he was trembling. And when she saw the money Kalian put on the table afterwards, she went silent.

‘Here’s someone green to the ways of the world.’

“Copper, not gold coins.”

Kalian didn’t seem to understand her right away. Then a few seconds later…


He made a small exclamation. Mild embarrassment flashed across his face for a moment.

Kalian seemed like someone who had forgotten that there were currencies other than gold in this world. And if Yuri’s guess was right, she could actually pay this month’s rent with that.

Soon Kalian spoke, looking troubled.

“I’m sorry but all I have is gold coins right now.”



Translator’s Corner:

[1] Here, you can substitute ‘drooling over’ for pestering. Honestly not sure which is the better term.






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