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YGTWHV [111]

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Bastian welcomed Yuri and Anne-Marie as soon as they arrived. Bastian was also dressed more formally today than any other time.

“Come, let’s go dining room. You came just in time, all the preparations are done.”

It would have been fine to ask a servant to guide them, but he went out of his way to greet Yuri and Anne-Marie personally.

“Here, Ms. Yuri and I prepared this for you. Thank you for holding a welcome party for us, Grandpa.”

“No, no, you didn’t need to do this! Thank you!”

Of course, a great noble family like the Crawfords had probably received all kinds of gifts but still, Bastian laughed happily when he got the gift Yuri and Anne-Marie had prepared together.

He seemed to be in a very good mood today.

They all headed straight to the dining room.


When they finally reached their destination, a heavy door opened before them.

The blinding light of the chandeliers pricked their eyes. As soon as they entered door, a delicious smell drifted into their nose.

“I see the guests you’ve been waiting for have arrived.”

Soon, the sight of Dominic Crawford and Kalian Crawford sitting at the table came into view.

Unlike Dominic who looked relaxed, Kalian’s face was a little stiff. Apparently, all of the three Crawford men were attending the welcome party today.

As soon as they entered the dining room, Dominic’s eyes met with Yuri’s but there was no change on Dominic’s face. Yuri was the same; she didn’t even act like she knew him.

Bastian didn’t seem very pleased about his son and grandson being here and upon seeing them, his eyes narrowed for an instant. But since Yuri and Anne-Marie were there, he quickly straightened his expression and led them in.

“Here, have a seat. Let us eat first.”

* * *

“Ah, how come I’m the only one that’s so bored?”

Siren lay on the floor, her fluffy wings spread all over as she glared at the ceiling. Her long, blue hair was draped over the floor like sea water

From beyond the window, the sky shone clear and blue. Meanwhile, here she was, stuck in this dark monastery by herself with nothing to do.

Now, the injuries she suffered from the slave traders had almost fully recovered so there was no need for her to stay and trim her feathers anymore…

“Ugh, I want to go outside too.”

Because of Siren’s appearance and her large wings, it was easy for her to stand out among people and because she was caught by slave traders and tortured not long ago, she was a bit afraid to leave the monastery.

‘I wouldn’t be so bored if someone was here, even if it’s that annoying watchdog.’

However, Leo went out to play today again and Siren was actually the one who remained alone in the monastery like a guard dog.

‘Forget it, whether it’s the Crow or that watchdog, they’ve all lost their minds lately. Everyone’s running around outside, doing what they want!’

Siren suddenly thought of those insufferable fellow test subjects and spitefully ground her teeth. Actually, she had been secretly spying on Odin and Leo nowadays.

However, the only one who she could confidently say she was spying on was Leo. Odin was a very perceptive bastard so whenever Siren sent a bird to watch him, he quickly noticed like a ghost.

The amount of birds she had disconnected from after getting attacked by Odin’s crows had gone over 10.

Siren didn’t know what exactly Odin was doing these days, but she was sure it was something dangerous. So sooner or later, she planned on catching his wings and figuring out what he was doing.

On the other hand, she already had a general idea about what Leo was doing.

The little girl who lived next to Arachne had become his rich cow [1] so he went there, day in day out to gobble up food. She sent a bird some moments ago and even saw the little girl coming out to the alley to give him food to fill his stomach.

Seriously, to think he hadn’t gotten rid of that habit from the research institute. She knew this already, but the watchdog was truly shameless.


Right then, a loud noise came from the entrance of the monastery.

‘This presence is the watchdog’s?’

Siren frowned and rose to her feet. But for some reason, she was sensing more than one presence.

‘Did that idiot come back with a human following him?’

Recalling her previous capture by the slave traders, Siren hesitated for a moment. However, she wasn’t as ignorant and careless as she was back then, and it should be easy for her to deal with one human.


Siren spread her wings and quietly flew to where Leo and the other presence was.

“Wow, there’s an angel statue here! When I was small, I went to a temple with my big sister and I saw one from afar.”


“Your house is cool. Where is your room?”

“Th, There.”

However, as Siren drew closer to where the sound came from, she felt strange. She thought the stupid dog was followed here so why was she hearing some cozy conversation?

Siren hid behind the pillar, waiting from the two of them to appear and soon enough, a particular scene was reflected in her eyes and Siren found it so ridiculous that she was almost speechless.

“Hey, watchdog! Have you lost your mind?”

Soon, she screamed heavily and flew down at Leo.

“You’re not the only one staying here, how can you just bring someone in here like this!”

Seeing Siren approach with a terrifying aura around her, Leo flinched. He expanded his tail and wrapped it around the person next to him as though to protect them.

“I let it pass when you did whatever you want outside but I can’t just this go!”

Seeing him acting like that, Siren felt her anger rising even more. She didn’t know why he brought this rich cow over here, but it was obvious that this stupid watchdog did this recklessly without thinking about the aftermath.

“Move away, you idiot!”

“My, my friend.”

“Friend my foot, don’t you know young humans in particular have loose tongues?”

Siren’s eyes gleamed fiercely as she watched Leo standing there protectively. She willed it and her long fingernails gleamed sharply. Leo growled and his body swelled as though he would transform into his true form if need be.

“Leo! Did you invite me without getting permission from the adult from you’re living with? You’re not supposed to do that!”

That very moment, a voice filled with embarrassment and rebuke came from behind Leo.

“I’m sorry, I should have let you know before visiting but I came so suddenly…”

Soon, a girl with sparkling silver hair re-appeared in Siren’s eyes.

Not wanting to miss this chance, Siren was about to deal with the human child that had stepped into her hideout, but the words that flowed into her ears the next moment made her stop.

“No way. An Angel?”

Hestia, who was following behind Leo, finally saw Siren’s flying form and her eyes widened while she sucked in a breath. In her eyes, Siren with her white feathery wings looked like an angel.

Confusion flashed through Siren’s eyes for an instant.

D-Did she just say angel?

Until now, Siren had only heard people call her things like mutant, heretic or witch so being called such a title was new.

‘Wait no, I’m as kind and pretty as an angel, no surprise there.’

Of course, if Hestia had seen Siren’s ferocious expression earlier, she never would have said that but with the sun at her back, she was covered in shadows and couldn’t really see Siren’s face.

“Kreung! Not angel!”

Leo acted like he’d heard something he couldn’t listen to and refuted Hestia’s words while scratching his ears.

However, Hestia was still staring at Siren’s figure floating in the sky, her eyes looking entranced. Siren stalled and unconsciously withdrew the long nails which were hidden behind her back.

Then she spoke in a voice than was obviously much softer before, as if nothing had happened just now.

“Em, Ehem, so you’re the watchdog’s friend?”

It was only then did Hestia seem to come to her senses.


She looked like she just woke up from a dream and her face flushed red. The moment she saw Siren, she could only think of an angel and cried out before she knew it but when she came back to reality, she knew that wasn’t possible.

Moreover, since Leo had animal characteristics, it kind of explained why Siren, who seemed to be his family, had wings.

“H-Hello. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Hestia.”

Hestia greeted Siren politely.
She looked firm unlike the flustered appearance she displayed earlier. And after the greeting, an apology followed.

“I should have told you before coming, I’m really sorry about this. If it’s not okay, I can leave right now.”

“Oh, uh no…”

“Also, you don’t have to worry, I haven’t told anyone about Leo. I’ll never tell anyone about coming here too. So please don’t scold Leo too much.”

Seeing Hestia act like this, Siren felt speechless for some reason.

“D-Don’t bully Hestia!”

Leo huffed and his eyes flared as if he was going to attack Siren at any moment. However, Hestia firmly stopped him the next moment and Leo became a quiet beast.

“Don’t do that, Leo. We’re the ones at fault here, so stay still.”


Siren was even more speechless.

‘I thought this kid caught a rich cow but…’

Right now, the two small creatures in front of Siren looked up at her at the same time. Of course, for one of them, their age and personality was different from how they looked but either ways, they both looked like innocent children.

Siren looked at the two of them and struggled inwardly for a while.

“Whatever! I’m going to take a nap so if you’re going to play, play quietly…”

In the end, she couldn’t scold them or drive them away, so she just spun around and left.

But it couldn’t be helped.
After all, she was as pretty and kind as an angel!

Even though Siren was inwardly grumbling to herself, she flapped her wings gently and flew away, making sure to look as elegant and beautiful as possible to the young human behind her.



Translator’s Corner.

[1] Err, the more accurate translation here is actually sugar mama…LOL. If you have something better than rich cow, let me know.


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  2. Эх… Реакция Сирена разочаровывать, как будто её не мучили люди. Вообще история с Гестией не нравится. В любом случае спасибо за перевод.

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