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Lucia Side Story 4.1: Daily Life of the Ducal Couple




“So, there was a party break at Countess Dieter’s tea party a few days ago.”

While they were discussing various things, Katherine brought up the newest hot topic.

“Oh no.”

Lucia clicked her tongue. A party break wasn’t something that happened often. It was close to something of a last resort when the leader of the party break was completely resolved to becoming enemies with the host of the party.

Because a party break was not a common occurrence, it was always at the center of gossip in the social circle when it happened. Lucia’s mind flew back to the party break that happened at her tea party in Roam. It was already 10 years since that incident happened.

“Apparently, Countess Dieter was thoroughly humiliated.”(Katherine)

“Who was the leader?”(T/N: of the party break)

“Countess Ophil.”

Lucia cocked her head to the side. She was familiar with the name Countess Dieter, but she couldn’t recall ever hearing about a Countess Ophil. In other words, Countess Dieter was someone quite famous in the social circle, but the party break instigator was someone in a relatively inferior position. There were very few cases like this.

“It seems no one sided with Countess Dieter. What mistake did the Countess make?”(Lucia)


Katherine smiled coldly.

“The person Count Ophil had affair with, was Countess Dieter. What’s more, Count Ophil actually brought Countess Dieter to his mansion and they were caught by Countess Ophil while they were rolling in the sheets. Apparently, Countess Dieter was in such a rush to run away that she forgot her own underwear. Countess Ophil threw the underwear down on the table, on the day of the tea party.”


Lucia sighed bitterly. Even though she wasn’t at the event, she could see the pandemonium that took place. Since it wasn’t their problem, the noblewomen would have watched the spectacle with excitement, happy for the change of pace, then they would cheerfully spread rumors all over the place.

Although Countess Dieter brought it on herself, and Countess Ophil was argumentatively, the victim, it was a shameful situation. The reason many affairs in the high society never surfaced, was not because the spouse was unaware of their husband/wife being in an improper relationship. It was because people felt it was very embarrassing to have people know that their spouse was cheating.

Lucia felt really bad when she thought about how miserable Countess Ophil must have felt, to the point where she couldn’t bear it unless she exposed Countess Dieter publicly, despite the trend of hiding affairs in the social circle.

‘It’s so terrible.’

Lucia didn’t want to ever imagine herself in Countess Ophil’s shoes.

“Why did Countess Dieter invite Countess Ophil to her tea party? Or is it that Countess Ophil went to the party without being invited?”

“Countess Dieter must have been confident that Countess Ophil wouldn’t do such a thing. Afterall, Countess Dieter’s name is much more highly known, and Countess Ophil is usually the type of quiet person that sort of disappears into the background.”

“When a quiet person gets angry, it’s usually scarier.”

“That’s true. Like you, for example.”

Lucia was taken aback when the topic of conversation suddenly turned to her.

“Me? Why?”

“You’re just like that, Vivian. I have no doubt it will be frightening when you get angry. I know I’ve never seen it before, but I’m sure Taran Gong must have experienced it, right? Otherwise, there’s no way he’d live in captivity like that.”

“…What do you mean ‘live in captivity’. There’s nothing of the sort.”

“Nothing? Yeah, right. Everyone knows the Taran men listen to everything the Taran Lady of the House says. Do you know what people say to me? They ask how in the world does the Duchess hold onto her son and husband like that, they want to know the secret. They even hint for me to ask you.”

“…There is no secret.”

Lucia couldn’t think of any appropriate way to explain so she could give a tiny smile with an awkward expression.

The captured and the capturer. Her relationship with her husband wasn’t one defined by such superiority in position. If you were to compare, Lucia was the one in a thoroughly weaker position. She was a physically weak woman and all the power she had was based on her position as a Duchess which she gained thanks to her husband.

Nevertheless, she truly respected and loved her husband, who was always respectful to her despite that. However, other people analyzed them using their own standards, and interpreted it as they wished.

“You must feel good, my dear younger sister. Your husband hasn’t changed even though you’ve been married for more than ten years.”

“Geez, elder sister.”

Wait, could it be…?

When Lucia looked at her with uneasiness in her eyes, Katherine smiled and shook her head.[1]

“No. It’s just, things aren’t like before. In the past, just seeing his face made my heart tickle. Nowadays though, sometime I’d prefer for him to come back late, I guess? Or, there are times when it’s more fun to play with the children. Is it not like that for you? Isn’t Eve much more lovely and prettier than your husband?”


Of course, Evangeline was lovely. Lucia loved her daughter so much that she could even give her life for her. But her love for her husband was different.

The love she felt for both of them were two different kinds and they couldn’t be compared. Her love for Eve made her want to embrace and protect Eve, and her love for him made her want to run into his arms and hold him. She still felt excited and nervous when she was with him and her heart still raced when she heard his voice. When she was nestled in his wide chest, she felt happy.

‘Wow, they’re really such a rare intimate couple.’

Katherine grinned as she watched Lucia turned red in a flash, probably thinking about her husband. It wasn’t like there weren’t any other famous lovebirds in the social circle but there were never any as famous as the Taran couple.

At least to Katherine’s knowledge. Katherine found Lucia’s pureness fascinating every time she saw her. It wasn’t immaturity from being clueless about the world but cleanliness, unstained by dirt. When she met Lucia after being around jaded noblewomen, she felt refreshed, like she was standing on clear water.

Katherine thought to herself that it was difficult for a woman in her late twenties to be as adorable as a young maiden. At the same time, she was suspicious about the Duke of Taran’s ability to protect his wife’s innocence. Katherine sometimes wondered if they even had a proper sex life but she couldn’t ask about the couple’s private life.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] If you didn’t get this, Lucia is worried that Katherine might be having issues with her husband.

T/N: I’ve updated the table of contents so go there is you’re looking for something. Also, please tell me if a link doesn’t work. Thx!


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      You would think the massive number of people quitting to get married after working there would be a clue lol.

  1. “At the same time, she was suspicious about the Duke of Taran’s ability to protect his wife’s innocence. Katherine sometimes wondered if they even had a proper sex life but she couldn’t ask about the couple’s private life.”
    Little does Katherine know… Coughcough

  2. Apart from the Taran couple, Katherine is one of my favorite character. A doted spoiled princess & a high figure in social circle yet a dependable unnie who provided strength & strongly favors Lucia even in the other timeline. And even worries in her sister’s sexlife lol if only she knew..😅😆
    Thanks for the chapter Ruby-sama!✨

  3. “Katherine sometimes wondered if they even had a proper sex life but she couldn’t ask about the couple’s private life.”


    Thank you so much for the chapter, Miss Ruby!!

  4. So Duke Hugh Taran lives in captitivity and doesn’t even have proper nighttime activites. That’s the secret, Katherine, isn’t it? Pfffft xDDDDDDD

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