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Lucia Chapter 115 [part 2]


< — The Beginning and the End — > (2)


Hugo was angry and at the same time, he was in disbelief. A forced laugh spilled from his lips. This was a result of his arrogant thinking that a mere doctor wouldn’t lie to him and deceive him. If Hugo had judged Philip to have the slight chance of becoming a threat, he would have already killed him.

Even though Philips’s family had the only ‘vision’ that continued the Taran bloodline, they were a family of doctors for generations and only had one perfunctory title. Due to being partners with the Taran family for so long, Philip’s family was rather isolated.[1]

Philip had no family and his relationships with people were very shallow. Who knew how many secrets the man had, for he didn’t even have an assistant. Due to these factors, Hugo took him lightly as nothing but a doctor.

Keeping Philip alive was a punishment for Hugo himself. Philip was a medium to maximize his guilt towards his late brother and his disgust for himself.

There was also the issue of owing his late brother’s life to Philip, so with a grand talk of mercy that he wouldn’t take Philip’s life personally, he left him alone.

‘The old man never knew fear.’

He pretended to be obedient but said everything he wanted to say. And so whenever Hugo met Philip, he always felt like filth. The mere fact that Hugo suppressed all that and endured it, showed that he showed no end of generosity to Philip.

‘Why did he lie?’

Hugo threatened Philip that if he didn’t tell the truth, he would let him rot in jail. Philip making up a lie to avoid that situation was something plausible for anyone to do.

Looking at it emotionally, it was unscrupulous conduct, but on the logical side, Hugo judged that it was possible. No one would know anyways if Philip lied about a secret that no one else knew the truth to, and the only person who could prove it was Hugo. But because Hugo was immensely averted to it, there was no way of knowing if Philip had told a lie.

‘Even if I accept that his lying in that situation is plausible, why did he mention blood, of all things?’

Hugo was on the verge of losing his mind when he captured Philip and dragged him away. His family, everything, nothing was as they seemed, and he was consumed by extreme anger. So when Philip said blood had to be consumed, he believed it like that and while his disgust with the blood flowing within him was magnified, correspondingly, his anger towards his family was pushed down.

So, if Philip had analyzed Hugo’s mental state at the time and purposefully told a calculating lie…

‘He has to be called cunning and smart.’

Hugo used to only think of him as an annoying old man who talked about the family bloodline every time he opened his mouth. Hugo revised his assessment of Philip.

‘He could be a more dangerous bastard than I thought.’

Hugo was well aware that his personality wasn’t one to easily relax his vigilance towards people. But in the end, he relaxed his guard with Philip. It meant that Philip was careful in everything in order not to trigger the boundaries of Hugo’s vigilance.

‘What is the ‘vision’? Even if I catch him and ask him again, I don’t think the old man will obediently tell me but…that said, I don’t care about the vision. The question is, how could she get pregnant? What design did the old man have in this…’

[The day you look for me will come.][2]

Hugo, who was resting his chin on his hand, suddenly lifted his head. The words left by the old man which he had dismissed as nonsense, came around to him with new meaning.

‘When we stayed in Roam…’

Hugo remembered Philip attempting to approach his wife by enticing his wife’s doctor with a cure. When he thought about it, it was strange. If Philip’s purpose was purely to treat a patient, it was enough for him to tell Hugo.

Even though Hugo hated the very sight of Philip, he would definitely not have ignored the implications behind Philip asking to treat his wife as a patient. However, at the time, Philip acted as if he must avoid Hugo’s eyes.

‘The treatment might have been an excuse. The old man wanted to meet Vivian. Why?’

He didn’t know what Philip’s family’s vision was, other than the fact that it continued the Taran family lineage but considering that Philip had the time to try something with his wife, something didn’t add up. Still, the attempt failed. His wife did not meet Philip.

But Philip was a persistent old man. More than anything, Hugo acknowledged the old man’s tireless obsession with the Taran bloodline. It was enough reason for him to suspect that Philip didn’t give up and continued to pull tricks.

‘Is it food?’

On a second thought, it would be hard for Philip to pull anything regarding the food. The food ingredients were thoroughly supervised by Jerome and there was no way Jerome wouldn’t know if something suspicious was added inside.

The only possibility was that Jerome was in leagues with Philip. But that possibility was excluded.

Hugo was skeptical about people but once he trusted them, he didn’t doubt them until there was confirmed evidence of their betrayal. Actually, rather than saying he trusted people, it was more accurate to say he trusted in the way they handled things that were entrusted to them.

Jerome was meticulous and thorough. Hugo trusted how Jerome handled his work.

‘Assuming the old man pulled something, then he predicted its success. He thought my wife would get pregnant.’

[The day you look for me will come.]

‘Why did he say that to me?’

If it was Philip’s wish that his wife bore a child, his purpose could be achieved even if he kept his mouth shut. Rather, saying that was more like Philip confessing that he had done something to his wife.

‘Was he trying to do something to the baby when it’s born?’

There would be no instance of Philip’s bullshit about Damian’s bride being realized, even if the child was born. That was something Philip should also know.

Philip’s agenda was not the baby. His wife’s surroundings were under impenetrable security. Philip almost lost his life when he snooped around the ducal residence and Hugo heard about it. The old man wasn’t someone who would attempt such a reckless thing.

A thought suddenly flashed through his mind.

‘He’s asking to meet, isn’t he?’

Hugo smiled icily.

‘It sounds like he’s calling me.’

Hugo broke out laughing, in spite of himself. It was a laugh filled with thick murderous intent.

“Okay, old man. Let me hear what drivel you’re on about.”

Hugo called Dean.

“You remember the village we used as a base while subjugating barbarians before we hurried back to the capital?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“There was a ducal doctor who was staying in the village at the time. Philip. Remember him?”

“Yes, I know who it is.”

“I don’t know if he’s still in that village but if he isn’t, search the entire vicinity and drag him here. Bring the old man here at the fastest speed possible, regardless of his circumstances. You only need to spare his life.”

Upon receiving his orders, Dean immediately left for the north.



Translator’s Corner:

[1] Like I said before, a vision is like a guiding medicinal art or something of the sort. In this case, it’s a book guide for Philip’s family.

[2] Chapter 104 [part 1]



57 thoughts on “Lucia Chapter 115 [part 2]”

  1. In my opinion Philip is admirable. I mean, he didn’t do anything unforgivable, did he? That’s why I can’t get myself to hate him. Honestly if it wasn’t for him, Lucia and Hugh wouldn’t be able to have a child!
    And why does Hugh keep thinking about Philip? Come on man you’re going to be a father soon! Is he already being jealous of his own child? Or does be think of it as some kind of impediment? (for doing THAT)
    Also thank you for the new chapter. Perfect as always❤

    1. He wants Lucia child (will be girl) to married Damian…
      What he want actually preserving Taran bloodline where the brutality and body that almost cannot get hurt at all..
      He wants Taran family to always commit incest..
      He even dissapointed with mellow Hugh..

      He don’t care about Lucia.. Just child that Lucia will be born with..
      After Lucia child is born.. Even if Lucia died.. He wouldn’t care

      1. I know he cares about the Taran bloodline a lot but are you sure about that? I mean he never mentioned something that evilish (although he might’ve thought about it) but still.. I can’t help but imagine him as a mere selfish doctor. Not a crazy one nor someone who deserves to die!
        maybe punished? I dunno. I’m a bit confused right now..

        1. he did mention it when anna told phillip the stories of the illness of certain woman, and after that he was mumbling something like “a pretty bride will be born soon for you” or something like that, not really remember what is the exact words and than laughing like a crazy person… so yeah… in my opinion he is obsese of taran bloodline

        2. Some people aren’t paying attention to the story. Philip murders people to clean his tracks. He uses people as tools and disposes of them once he’s done. There was a maid/village woman that he used and because she could be traced back to him, he killed her. He seemed to indicate in the chapter that this type of thing happened more than once.

        3. He searched and raised orphan/homeless children and the likes and „prepared“ them for hugo early on before hugo went after noble girls.

          since hugo never successfully impregnated his pawns he got rid of all of them to keep ecerything a secret. He clearly mentioned that there were PLENTY of girls he prepared with drugs to meet the criteria aswell as to disguise them being virgins n stuff.

          All that was mentioned in his sidestory somewhere around chapter 30 or 40

        4. In an alternative timeline, he was going to prepare Lucia as a sacrifice as well when he found out she took the herbs that stop her period. However, we never found out what happened during that timeline. That was the timeline where she met Philip and found out about the sure cause he told her the sure in hopes that she will take the sure and get pregnant with Hugo’s child. The child she was going to bear would be a daughter and Damien’s wife, just like how Hugo’s brother’s wife was his half sister. So in other words, the family can only bear sons with the Taran bloodline when incest occur or else they would have daughters that does not have the bloodline. The bloodline makes them violent and lustful but they’re stronger and smarter than the normal human. Philip worships that type of characteristic so he hated Hugo becoming more “human”.

        5. I remember in a previous chapter somewhere where it was Philip’s POV and he mentioned snapping up young virgin orphan girls and doing the whole herb virginity thing with them then throwing them at Hugo. If they didn’t get pregnant – which obviously they didn’t – he had them ‘disposed of’ and mentioned how he can’t do that with Nobel women.

          Soooooo yeah, crazy murderous man.

        6. At first I also thought that Hugh’s excessive hatred towards Phillip was just because the incest thingy to continue the Taran bloodline.
          But after I read about Phillip’s experiments with orphan girls (I forgot which chapter) prepared for Hugh and maybe also for the former Dukes of Taran, then immediately killed each of them that failed to show good results (pregnant with the Taran baby), well…believe me, Phillip was definitely not a person with moral fiber 😅
          He’s a mad scientist that only saw the ‘brides of Taran’ (including Lucia) and maybe the entire Taran family members as experiment subjects.
          It’s more horrible to think that this madness was some kind of Phillip’s family heritage

    2. Philip didn’t did anything out of kindness and he has his own obsessions and intensions with taran family but what ever again because of his knowledge and tricks Lucia and Hugo will have very soon a cute baby even though the couple have to go through many things again because of this stupid Anna and cunning Philip.

    3. Admirable ? Didn’t do anything unforgivable ? well… he tricked a colleague so that colleague treat a patient who does not want to be treat. Excuse me but that’s unforgivable you can’t go against a patient will.
      Here we are talking about pregnancy. Lucia should have the right to decide if she wants to become a mother or not. But this right because of Philip tricks, she was deprived of this right. Besides, here we have Hugo whom is understanding and has faith in his wife but considering the fact that he was told by someone he recognized as competent and in whom you can have “trust” (doctor) he could have doubt his wife and thought that she cheated on him because a doctor formally told him he could not have a child without specifics requirement. I mean put that in our world. A man was recognized as being sterile… the doctor told him that he is 100%, no chance to have a child. One day his wife tells him she’s pregnant because in fact the doctor told a “little lie” for his on purpose. The couple may be torn apart and besides the parents who will suffer too ? The baby. That’s disgusting !

      1. Oh My I didn’t read those chapters carefully (since it was about Philip and I was not that interested I just scrolled down and skipped reading) but after reading your comment I finally realize why people hate him a lot. I’m sorry but I wasn’t aware that he had done such terrible things and I thought he simply cured Lucia bc he wanted Hugh to continue his bloodline.. I can’t believe he used those orphans and then killed them! I need to reread those chapters ASAP!

    4. He wasn’t going to use Lucia for Hugo bc A) she told him that she wasn’t a virgin and B) bc Hugo had already died but bc Phillip had been obsessed for so long his mind went to the family Vision by reflex in the end that’s why he tore the page out and started to cry

    5. Uh how is it admirable?

      He obviously lied so Hugh would think lucia cheated. This has nothing to do with hugh, and everything to do with the bloodline.

      He obviously tried to make a mate for Damian. Just like Hugh’s brother. I doubt him falling in love with his half sister was pure coincidence.

      Don’t you remember him being so depressed about not finding a suitable baby machine for Hugh in earlier chapters? And he was so sneaky when giving Lucia the “cure”. Anna idiotically mentioned the vanilla smell. And instead of being angry at Philip for using her to get to Lucia. Anna is apologetic to Philip. Like wtf! Makes no sense. Sets off so many villian alarms onto Philip.

      The idiot anna is also hard to forgive. Lucia had just told her she can not trust prescriptions from that man. And Anna lies again about the source of the headache meds. It makes me wonder how Philip had manipulated her into protecting him, betraying her master, lying to her master, and endangering Lucia’s life. Honestly, it is depressing how a female doctor is painted to be so easily fooled and as foolish.

      What if carrying a taran child is dangerous? Remember Hugh’s sister in law may have died giving birth. But I am of the opinion that she was killed by Philip. So he could hide the circumstances of Damian’s conception. If Hugh found out that the meeting of the half siblings was arranged by Philip. It would ruin his whole plan.

      And don’t you remember that Philip was kicked out of the residence in the last timeline? That points to the theory that he had been caught by Hugh lying about drinking blood. Likely caught that Philip tried to arrange specific women for him.

      I definetly do not feel sorry for Phillip. He manipulated the complete idiot of a doctor, Anna. He wanted to “cure” lucia whether she wanted it or not. Hello? If you purposefuly hide that you are curing someone, that means you have bad motives for doing so. He doesn’t even tell Hugh or Lucia that being cured would give them a child. That is obviously suspicious. Why would he hide such “good” news?

      He likely does that because he knows Hugh hates the bloodline. Even if he would want a child with Lucia. Hugh would raise her as a sister of Damian. NOT as a mate for Damian.

      Philip cares for the bloodline. So this would be worse for him. He would never want Hugh to know he had his own biological child. Because Philip would not be able to sneak a mate for Damian that way.

      Philip also thought that Hugh’s brother was a failure, just like Hugh’s father did. That’s why Philip likely used the brothers kindness to manipulate him into producing a Taran child. Even the death of Hugh’s brother and the father. I have a sinking suspicion that it was a result of Philip’s manipulation.

      Hugh’s brother could have been told by Philip that the father planned to kill Hugh. That is the only explanation for why the brother and father ended up in physical contact.

      Especially since Hugh’s brother told him about his lover. That means that Hugh’s brother had things to live for. So no need to risk his life by interacting with the father. I can only see his love for hugh fueling him. Philip likely panicked when hugh found out about his brothers lover. Hugh investigates everything. So he would look into the half sister, and likely see Philip’s grubby fingerprints all over her.

      But go back and read Philip’s conversations with Anna. Also, re read
      Lucia’s memories of meeting Philip. If she would have told Philip in the past timeline that she was a virgin, do you think Philip would have not captured her?

      I can see Philip doing ANYTHING for his lifes work. I can see him breaking into the homes of Hugh’s sex partners. Kidnapping lucia. And then forcing Hugh’s fluids into her. All the time keeping her in chains. I can see Philip doing this until he gets a few female babies out of it. And then killing Lucia. To destroy the evidence. Then he has a few options that he could train into being the perfect match for Damian. He could even have threatened the half sisters. By threatening the lives of their adopted families if the girls do not succeed. Or by playing life savior to the girls to manipulate them. Just look at dr anna to see how powerful he is at manipulating people into doing his bidding and even protecting him. Insanity.

      I am sure Philip had already had a few females he forced into taking the herb on stand by. That they were almost at an age that Hugh could make taran children with them. But he had gotten married, and Lucia got in the way.

      It is double good for Philip if Hugh throws Lucia away. He gets to secretly raise a mate for Damian. He also gets the chance to throw other herb girls at Hugh.

      You guys should really look into nazi doctors and area 731 japanese doctors of ww2. Doctors and others who obsess over their work can do horrible things. Philip is even worse. His whole family has preserved the taran blood line for years. That is a super obsession.

      You also have Hugh’s grandfather. Think for a second. The only Male child was Hugh’s father. And the only half sister Hugh’s father mated with was Hugh’s mother. That means that Hugh’s grandfather only had relations with one half sister to make Hugh’s father. And that Hugh’s mother was the grandfathers only child with an herb prepared women. What does that mean? Now think to Hugh’s father. That spread his seed everywhere? Why is there such a difference between them? It means that Philips family saw how dangerous it was for the bloodline to not have enough heirs. And they course corrected with Hughs father.

      Who knows how much of Hugh’s fathers madness and cruelty was due to his blood or how much was due to their trust in their family doctors. From Philip’s actions and conversations with Hugh. He doesn’t care or respect the individuals of the taran family. He only respects the blood and the passing down of the blood. Their medical abilities are also from the age that made magic objects. Mind or personality manipulation doesnt seem too far off course.

      Then think of how hugh was thrown out of the family. Very suspicious as well. Were the family doctors involved? A child raised among mercenaries would definitely fit the bloods stereotype more. And would chase violent and sexual stimulation more.
      While the son raised indoors. No matter how cruel the father. A child raised among society as a young lord would be much different than one on a battlefield. It was almost like an experiment. Which method would make it easiest to pass on the blood?

      Philip may think the past Hugh was a perfect example of the taran cruelty. But that same perfect example is hard to control. He doesnt even let Philip in the house. How can he force the creation of heirs onto someone like Hugh? While Hugh’s brother. It is much easier to get close. Manipulate relationships. And if he had to. Steal fluids… very suspicious how the twins were raised.

      I just dont understand how you can not hate Philip. Sure him sneaking the cure could create the child. But the ends do not justify the means. If hugh didnt love lucia, she could have easily been accused of infidelity and thrown out. I can see Philip using lucia to threaten hugh as well. To either allow the daughter to copulate with Damian in the future. Or threaten hugh to sleep with other women Philip has most likely prepared.

      Philip is one of the most unredemable villians I have seen. I haven’t even seen what his reaction to talking to hugh will be. But I am terrified to find out. My conjectures have me scared enough D: didnt the threats he threw at hugh last time creep you out?

      Shows how much we trust doctors in the modern world. So much so that we let that image bleed over into fiction.

      But dont just look at surface actions. Look at the past genealogy of the taran family. And at the suspicions involving Hugh’s brother. And at how philip secreting administer the cure. It reveals his sinister motives and likely murderous actions of the past.

      1. Wooow…you explained the reasons to hate Phillip very well 😁
        Yeaa he’s the perfect sample of a nutty nazi scientist.

        Reading your comment suddenly made me realize about many suspicious things I didn’t pay much attention before.
        I agree that the meeting between Damian’s biological mother and the late Hugo (Hugh’s twin) couldn’t be coincidental. So did the real reason Hugo suddenly ‘cleaned’ the Taran house of all people that knew about the family bloodline secret before he took his own life (while never knew he left behind a son…must be Phillip’s crafty work, right?).
        And the mastermind behind the separation of the twins (Hugh & Hugo) as infants; sent one away to experience harsh life & became stronger, while kept the other one in a sheltered environment so he was softer & easier to be manipulated…? smh…
        And yes, there’s impossible that only one ‘mugwort bride’ & only one daughter born from the ‘mugwort bride’ for each Taran generation at a time.

        One thing makes me curious.
        Philip’s family had been the Taran’s family doctor for god knows how many generations and IIRC the Taran’s ancestors came from mixed bloodline between the nobles of the Madoh Empire (those with magical power) and the ‘muggle’ 😁 (sorry I borrow a word from Harry Potter world here). I wonder if the first ‘muggle’ taken as the mating partner for the Taran ancestor was from Phillip’s ancestor? Maybe that’s why Phillip’s family took care the Taran bloodline matter so insanely serious, huh?

    6. Uhhh…he once basically raised a young girl ans trained her sexually to seduce Hugo…then he put Hugo under circumstances where he was basically out of control so that he slept with her…then he also tried to force a pregnancy on two people who were clearly not ready for if…he also wants that baby to commit incest….idk what part of this isn’t unforgivable lol

    7. What in the fuck nuggets are you talking about 😟 we all knew that if the Tarans made a child that was not of tarans blood it’ll always be a girl and you know what they did with the girl babies??😀 They used them as a baby making machine he would most likely use Lucia’s baby for Damien her son and you don’t hate the prick I’m embarrassed and ashamed

  2. I can hear Philip’s maniacal laugh all the way here already….
    Hopefully if the baby is born, there won’t be any form of incest between them (baby and damian)…
    I wonder if philip had a hand in the relationship between damian’s biological parents…
    TY for the chap!

    1. From what is told, what happened between Damian’s biological parents really is fruit of luck instead of a devious plot. And there won’t be incest, but I am sure Damian will become a siscon!!

      Thansk for the chapter^^

      1. If i remember correctly, it was philip who said it was all chance…?(not quite sure) And we know he’ll lie his way if he wanted to… Anyway, it doesnt matter now…

  3. Oh, even though this novel sometimes grates on my nerves (especially with the not so consensual and boring sex scenes), I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with the fact the author chose not to use the very clichéed old misunderstandings and went the way of trust between lovers 🙂

  4. Forgot about the female doctor name but this chapter reminds me how many times i want to smack her head because of her naivety lol but yey for the baby 💕 im glad this not turn out to be a misunderstanding shit scenario like what Lucia’s thoughts. Lots love Hugh! 💘

  5. I’m happy she’s pregnant but I don’t like the fact that they were kinda tricked into it. I can’t wait for Phillip to be severely punished or even killed. He’s just evil and seriously disgusting 🤢 he’s way too obsessed with the Taran bloodline. I just hope Damian will never hear about that incest thing…

    PS: thank you so much for the chapter! You’re awesome ❤️😘

  6. Good deduction Hugh! Thank author for not dragging the story to become another misunderstanding between the two. And ty Ruby for the translation! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

  7. I suppose you were right! We do need to have more faith in the ducal couple! Now the question is whether the duke will still be obsessed with his wife as much when he gets a daughter. I have a strong feeling he’ll really dote on his daughter. Only predictions though.

    – Comrade Crouching Flamingo





  9. Roxana Soledad Rojas

    What’s the problem? Damian and the baby girl will be raise as brother and sister. They will married other persons, Damian will not have an heir on his own and the next Taran Duke will be the son of his sister…(Yeah i thought a lot about this matter!!! jajajaja)






    (Let’s hope Miss Mystery rips it on xD)

  11. Great work on the chapter. Thank you so much!
    Also, it looks like the web comic to this series is being translated on TappyToons! I can’t wait to see this story in art form~

  12. So many comments on Philip. Also, first time posting but a die-hard fan too.
    All that plotting for Taran bloodline… I gotta say Hugh is naive if he thinks the bloodline will end with him. I mean, Damian is already a Taran. And a teenage one. Let’s say he impregnates a ‘prepared lady’ and gets a baby girl. Won’t he be able to *father* a boy if he breeds with his own child? I know it’s disgusting but… the incest condition doesn’t have to be brother&sister, right?
    Anyway. Thanks for the translation~~~

    1. Yo, nah fam. Hugo is not that low.

      It will be Damian and the child from Lucia if the Philip path is followed.

      Also Damian and the child will be cousins, not brothers and sisters. It would be a cousin marriage if they marry, which I don’t think will happen.

      Thus, cousin marriages are also a big possibility.

  13. Dang. I’m laughing off my chair everytime a naiive commentor says “Philip isn’t that bad :D” and a STORM of fans come and rip them apart and stuff facts and counterarguments to that statement lmaooo

    Thanks for the chapter! 😘😂

  14. Hahaha.. Hugo will get crazy when he knows that the cure for her infertility comes from her headache medicine…
    Philip is so smart..

  15. Hehe tidbit for people who don’t know this novel is being released as a WEBTOON ! Hehe so excited to read the webtoon version !~ it’s on a app called Tappytoon be prepared to pay for using the app~~

  16. Nah Phillip is an A-grade lunatic who doesn’t give a crap about Lucia or Hugo’s wishes and he’s way too sneaky to be considered good. It’s likely he had a part to play in the brother meeting the half sister and them falling in love. I doubt he would have kidnapped Lucia in the first timeline though as Damien was already dead in that timeline (see back in an extra chapter) and therefore there’s no point in trying to create a half sister for him. It was explained that thats why he ripped out the page because it was symbolic of him letting go of the obsession, and it was funny that after all those years and attempts he found the perfect person with the perfect conditions in a village in the middle of nowhere.

  17. I’ve always wondering. If somehow Lucia actually not bearing a girl but a son because somehow her ancestors was somehow related to Taran. Remember when Lucia’s bloodline from her mother (I forget her ancestor name) is one of a founder of their kingdom. But it is just my own imagination 😂.
    Btw, i really didin’t like Philip. The reason is same with the others.

    1. I don’t think Lucia had any blood relation with the Taran famliy.
      At some former chapters ago there was a story about Taran family history, told that their ancestor came from one of the nobles of the ancient empire called Madoh, where the nobles had magical powers (though Taran bloodline was a mixed between magical power people & the ordinary ones). And then suddenly a meteorite fell down & somehow erasing all magical abilities (on people & tools), then ordinary people successfully revolted against the nobles & slaughtered them all. But some members of Taran family survived in hiding & continued their dinasty.
      After that, ordinary people (with no magical power) founded some new empires/kingdoms, one of them was Xenon. And one of the families being Xenon’s founder was Baden (Lucia’s maternal ancestor), which was a family of non-magical abilities people.

  18. Wow I’m amazed. Reading up to this point I was like 99.5% sure that Lucia’s pregnancy was going to kick off a “misunderstanding” type subplot where Hugh suspects if she was faithful. Instead, he takes a few seconds to think about it and instantly recognizes that it was Phillip who did it. Smart MLs are awesome lol

  19. i feel like lucia’s kid is going to be a girl with her ‘amber’ eyes. damian gonna have a babysis to take care of 🙂 philip can go rot in hell

  20. Phillip is a very bad man as I seed in an other comment. I really want him to be dead. The mentionings of him brings out murderous feelings in me.

  21. He did something bad. He manipulated someone. Make Lucia something they are unaware about and many things that are unforgiving. Like if this is not considered bad at all for u then I don’t which is.

  22. wow first ime author is not that stingy of hugo semen, because this author is so stingy before and always cliffhanger that makes me frustrated reading the smut scene, unlike ishakan who has million tons of semen reverse hahaha

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