Lucia Side Story 2.1: In Another Future – Hugo


T/N: There are only 2 parts for this one.


The torches that brightened up the darkness like day, cast a darker despair than the cover of the night. The chaotic scene was tidied up in the blink of an eye, and the household of the Count was bounded and lined up. The dozens of servants in the house were gathered in one place while the soldiers stood guard.

The servants hugged each other and wept soundlessly. Their chances of survival were slim. They were fated to share their life and death with their master who had committed the crime of plotting treason.

The sound of a group of people approaching could be heard. The thudding sounds of their footsteps were like signals leading to death. The soldiers straightened up tensely, along with the knight who was conducting them. The man approaching the criminals was accompanied by dozens of knights and his hair was so dark that it melted into the night.

“Status report.”

The conductor at the scene took a disciplined step forward before opening his mouth.

“All but two members of the traitor’s household have been captured.”


The tone of the voice asking was fierce. The knight flinched and quickly added.

“The traitor’s third son was confirmed to be currently enrolled at the Academy and immediately after confirmation, an arrest unit departed for Ixium. We expect to hear from them by tomorrow morning. But only the whereabouts of the traitor’s wife is unknown.”

The man listening to the report raised a brow.

“And her maid’s testimony?”

“Neither the family members nor the servants closely serving her have any idea. We are currently combing through the mansion repeatedly. I have also sent people to look outside the mansion.”

“What is the possibility she has already left the mansion?”

“The maid testified she had last served the traitor’s wife late in the evening. No one among the servants are missing.”

It was hard to believe that a noblewoman had escaped alone into the dark without anyone helping her.

“She might have been hidden away because she was carrying the traitor’s seed. Look into that.”

“Yes, sir.”

“If she is in the mansion, then she is hiding somewhere. Which means there is a secret compartment in this place. Dean, pick out a few men with good eyes.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“I am innocent! There must be a mistake!”

Hugo’s indifferent gaze turned to the direction the sound came from.

“Please let me see His Majesty!”

The chubby man kneeling on the floor with his hands tied behind his back had a silhouette like that of a pig. Just like he looked, the sound of his screams were unpleasant to hear.

The Count of Matin. If Hugo had not been told by his subordinates on his way here, he would not have known who this house belonged to. This man was the most insignificant game among the targets Hugo had hunted until dawn. Perhaps the man was falsely accused like he claimed, but Hugo didn’t care. The mere fact that he was a subject of suspicion and got on his hunting list was a crime.

After taking a brief glance, Hugo coldly turned around and headed into the mansion. The annoying cries grew louder, then after a scream, it became silent. An eerie chill enveloped the surroundings like a fog.

As Hugo stepped into the mansion, a corner of his lips went up slightly. He didn’t think there was a day that suited his life more than tonight.

The office of Count Matin was already a mess from being turned upside down. But Hugo could see a few documents that were neatly arranged on the desk. Hugo skimmed through the documents with a bored look on his face. He didn’t expect anything important to come out of here from the beginning.

After a while, the knight came in and reported:

“I have confirmed that it is unlikely for the traitor’s wife to be pregnant with a child. According to her maid, she is infertile and incapable of having children. For further verification, I have sent someone to bring over the doctor that visited here.”

“There’s no family doctor?”

“There is apparently not one because of the cost of employment.”

The life of one doctor was saved thanks to Count Matin’s stingy nature.

“When the woman is found, execute her with all the traitors. I will report it to His Majesty separately.”

There were a few more places they had to stop by and clean up. There was no more time to delay here. Leaving the finishing up to his subordinates, Hugo left the Count residence that would soon become a haunted house.

No one would want to buy a house where the former residing family committed treason and dozens of people died in the courtyard. Even if it continued to be empty and grew old and hideous, it would take at least 10 years before it was torn down and a new house built in its place.


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24 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story 2.1: In Another Future – Hugo

  1. Oooh, a haunted mansion. Fit for a horror story. Ahem.

    It’s so weird seeing the two of them had no relations to each other whatsoever. I wonder if he’ll see her later (and not recognize her)? So sad.
    I’m glad that vision was shown Lucia and she decided to change her fate. Everyone is much better off.

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  2. I want to know how old is the matin count now? He already has a kid who has entered the academy !! Is the child the same age as a brono? and someone please explain this sentence ‘The traitor’s third son was confirmed to be currently enrolled at the Academy’ whether he already has three children or the third traitor is his ‘son’ (count matin). I think the answer is the last one but I need to confirm because I’m not good in English

    Liked by 1 person

    • Count Matin’s third son is Bruno and he is enrolled at Ixium with the help of Hugo after Lucia told Hugo about her vision about Count Matin whose planning to comit treason in the future, and it’s proved from the story above. Cmiiw😬✌ (sorry for my bad english)

      Liked by 2 people

    • At least it’s better than seeing the chapter about another wife (I think it’s Sonia?) From Taran’s Duke of the other dream.
      otherwise I would feel as if Hugh was cheating on Lucia.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. oh my, i just read all over again. and I think I will go to the third round to wait for the new chapters. thank you so much for the hard work ..


  4. if only miss ruby knows what have she done to me 😭 i can only say thank you very much for both ur time and effort ! i loved this novel so much I’m grateful for you for the translation ❤️❤️


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