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Emilone’s Temptation Labyrinth – Chapter 53

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“What do you plan to do with Prince Yuina?”

My steps were lively, probably because my mind felt lighter.

I had already said this many times and I was merely restating my resolve but seeing the emperor’s face with despair filled me with a strange sense of victory.

“Who knows… what should I do with Prince Yuina indeed.”

The emperor staggered out of the hall, not upholding the dignity that he so often mentioned to me. Unable to regain its former atmosphere, the banquet naturally came to an end.

Alois and I also left since there was no real reason for us to stay.

“What does Your Highness want to do?”

He was asking me what I wanted to do with the little boy I rescued after receiving just one letter, the little boy who held the title of a prince.

Alois’ red eyes flickered at that question.

We were acting no different from usual, like we hadn’t just done something bold.

He answered me right away as if he didn’t need to think about it.

“I’m sure you already know, Saintess.”

Just as I could read Alois’s intentions to some extent, he could read mine.

From the moment I first faced him, I already knew my shallow intentions would one day be pulled to the surface by Prince Alois.

“I won’t know unless you tell me.”

I shrugged my shoulders and feigned ignorance as I put on the white gloves handed to me by a servant.

* * *

Prince Yuina was young.

Funny enough, despite his royal status, he had never learned anything, and his knowledge was both shallow and limited. He was just an immature 10-year-old boy who knew very little.

In other words… he was an easy target to prey on.

As long as I took him with me, the number of people who would prey on this young prince was limited to…just two people.

“What are you doing?”

“Saintess! Your Highness!” Yuina exclaimed at our presence.

The first person being…

“You must be bored since you haven’t been able to leave the room yet.”

Alois Eseah, the man standing right next to me and smiling sweetly.

It was an obvious outcome.

He was the only person closest to me outside of those within the temple, and he was the one who brought Yuina out.

He was never one to act without thinking. There had to be a reason why he brought the prince out from the depths of the imperial castle.

And the second person was…

“Still, you should refrain from going out until you recover.”


None other than yours truly.

Prince Yuina’s innocent eyes widened, and his gaze shifted from Alois to me. I sat slanted on a chair, opened the children’s book that I had recently gifted to Prince Yuina, and opened my mouth.

“Even though I heal your wounds, it returns to its original state eventually. But I can see improvement with every treatment. You should be able to go out and play soon.”

I was thinking of using Prince Yuina.


“Really,” I nodded.


“As soon as Your Highness the Prince recovers.”

I didn’t bother with a fake smile. I bore my true feelings without hesitation, and I sat the approaching child on my slightly bent knees.

His eyes lit up as I placed the storybook in his hands, and I could see his shoulders quiver with excitement.

At 10 years old, he should be heavier, but the fact that he was as light as a feather made my heart hurt. Although I was indeed stronger, it was also true that Yuina was lighter.

While in contact with him, I tried to infuse him with divine power again, but it felt like pouring water into a broken glass—my divine power kept leaking out.

“Why does the wound keep coming back?”

At the same time, Alois dropped to one knee like a knight and twirled the ends of Prince Yuina’s curly blond hair. The touch tickled the nape of his neck, and a pure giggle rang out.

“I can’t say…”

I felt my heart healing at the child’s innocent laughter. Unconsciously, I hugged Yuina tighter and gently rubbed his face.

“But it is true that he is improving.”

As I responded, I buried my face in Prince Yuina’s shoulder and playfully took his cute little hand to open the storybook.

“There are many other fairy tales in the temple. I’ll bring them to you later.”

“Waa! thank you!”

The child didn’t seem to hear us talking, he was just staring at the colorful storybook in wonder.

I already knew he had a unique constitution. Just when I thought he was healed, the wounds on his body reopened spitefully. His delicate body was not meant to be wounded.

It was like pouring water into a bottomless pot; there was no end in sight. I’d manage to infuse divine power into his body then the healed wound would reopen, allowing divine power to escape through it.

However, it was hard to talk about this because that was just his constitution.

Prince Yuina’s power was not limitless in strength like mine, but its limits were also unknown.

It was so deep and vast that if it were any priest other than me, their divine power would have been drained.

In short, even though he was a mutation and a ploy for the future of the royal family, the temple would welcome his kind with open arms.

“Prince Yuina, when you’re able to go out later… what would you like to do?”


It was a power to sacrifice for others, and even with its restrictions, it was an ability on par with a high priest, able to save even those who were on the verge of death.

“Right now, you are under Her Holiness’ protection but when your body gets better, and you can go wherever you want to go…what do you want to do then?”

It was the kind of power that the temple coveted, wanted and desired.

Prince Yuina seemed to hesitate for a moment. He looked at Alois flustered, as if wondering if he should even think about such a thing.

It would be hard to find a more devious question.

“Don’t worry, Prince Yuina. Since I brought you here, I will be responsible for you,” I spoke up.

However, the temple would not force him. Our priests were naturally inclined to help and sacrifice for others, and they knew how to understand others.

They knew that they were different from others, and because of that, they knew how to fully understand other perspectives.

“Even I have the power to protect a prince.”

The priests were the type to sacrifice their lives for a child so they would easily step aside if the prince wanted no part of us.

“Since I saved you, I will take responsibility for you until you are fully healed.”

Our kind priests were people who made sacrifices, not people who forced others to make sacrifices.

There was joy in Prince Yuina’s quiet eyes. His cheeks turned red, and he wiggled his hands excitedly.

I placed a light kiss on Prince Yuina’s cheek, placed the child in bed, and called a priest.

Once of the priests had a lot of younger siblings and thanks to that she seemed to get along well with Prince Yuina. I left the child in her care then I left the room.

When I came out of the room, it was quiet with no one around.

Alois was quietly following behind me, and I opened my mouth, breaking the silence.

“I will take responsibility for Prince Yuina. And while I am away from the Empire, the people of the Temple will be responsible for him.”

Dissatisfaction flashed in Alois’ eyes. I took in that fleeting look and joked as if I didn’t notice anything.

“Do you think I’m selfish?”

“…It seems selfish.”

“Are you thinking ‘you rescued the child and left him here, is that what you mean by responsible’?”

Alois knew the range I could tolerate very well.

For some reason, I felt like laughing, so I tilted my head and snorted.

“I don’t think Your Highness should be saying that to me though?”



He had ignored Prince Yuina but when he thought the kid was worth using, he used me to save the child.

When silence fell, I blinked and looked away, avoiding his eyes and started walking again.

His eyes narrowed thinly.

Finally, I had no choice but to open my mouth because I knew how he was looking at me without even turning to see.

“There would be nothing more foolish than stopping myself from moving forward because I don’t want to be ‘briefly’ away from some of the people here.”

“…You’re right.”

“I don’t know how to change the empire on my own, so I chose another country that seemed easier. Even that, I’m not sure how to do it alone, so I’ve propped you in front of me.”

Alois looked at me.

A light laugh escaped my lips, and I stepped outside.

The moment I stepped outside, Alois quickly followed me and grabbed me by the wrist. My eyes widened in surprise at being held by the delicate prince of all people, but his face crumpled, and he asked.

“What do you mean you don’t know how to do it alone?”

“…I am the Saintess.”

“I know.”

“Even an emperor might not be able to easily establish an orphanage or order nobles to lower taxes that are too high due to greed. However, it was possible for me because I am the Saintess.”

I studied his beautiful feathers that were raised on one side.

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying it’s just that. That’s all I’ve changed in this empire over the past year and a half.”

“I wouldn’t classify it as ‘just that’.”

Some kings would take a lifetime to accomplish such things.

“It is ‘just that’. Despite that, I started wondering if I couldn’t adapt to the country or if there would be adverse effects if I built certain facilities and I was afraid to move forward.”

I gently closed my eyes and raised the corners of my lips.

“What I need, is not loyal priests and paladins to back me up, but someone who can step up and handle things boldly with just a few words from me.”

I reached out and gently tugged the ends of Alois’ hair, then I tapped his temple with a finger.

His gaze slowly deepened.

“I know my weaknesses very well. It’s just that I try to hide them by feigning strength and using others.”

His gaze peering down at me was tingling.

Feeling the intensity of his gaze, I pulled away, but Alois grabbed my wrist again.

He rubbed his finger over my veins gently, then he summed up what I said in a low voice.

“In other words…you’re saying I am what you need right now.”

It felt dangerous.

I was generally not interested in my surroundings. Like most people, I had people I liked and people I didn’t like, and I was more generous to those I considered my own people.

For example…

The one in front of me…

“Then, there’s no need to delay, is there?”

This man.



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  1. Thank you for the translation and upload, Miss Ruby!

    There’s always so much tension between Emilone and Alois. They both seem attracted to the other, but Emilone seems to think their relationship is purely transactional. He needs her support to take the throne in his kingdom, and she’s letting him use her so she can also do what she wants, while also putting pressure on that garbage emperor. Her narration makes it seem like that’s all there is to it, or at least, that all she perceives it to be.
    We haven’t had a chapter in Alois’s POV, so we don’t know for sure. Still, I think there’s more to it than just that.

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