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Emilone’s Temptation Labryinth – Chapter 7

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The crown prince stared at me without replying. Like Duke Cassian, he seemed angry but I couldn’t tell where that anger had disappeared to.

While the crown prince’s gaze was leveled on me, the princess butted in. She titled her head like she was a little doubtful.

“Um, Lady Emilone…is there no way to heal His Highness painlessly with your saintess abilities?”

She spoke in one breath while looking at me as if she couldn’t see the demon blood smeared all over my body. I almost felt offended by her strange urging tone. Still, I wanted to help out a little so I acted like I didn’t notice.

“If you don’t mind it taking time, I can heal it slowly but painlessly. But I think it will be very helpful to His Highness if you, Princess, are by his side while I am treating him.”


“Don’t you think His Highness will feel invigorated if the Princess is by his side nursing him? If possible, I would like the Princess to help me while I am treating him.”

“Nothing could be more honorable than contributing to His Highness, the Crown Prince’s recovery.”

The princess looked into my eyes, clenching her fists passionately. Then she soon turned to the prince and flashed him a bright smile.

“You will get better soon!”

“…Thank you.”

“You should thank the Saintess, not me. The only thing I can do is help Your Highness relax during the process….”

While pretending, she said everything she wanted to say.

She was showing off that it wasn’t difficult for her to reassure the crown prince and that it was commendable of me to recognize my position.

This interesting situation was probably going to continue until it reached a conclusion. Like marriage or something.

Honestly, with the Princess, I had a feeling she wouldn’t let go of the other men even after marriage. Well, for me, the longer this story plays out, the better.

Either way, these days, I was living for the fun of watching the princess and the other men. Otherwise, like before, I would go find some famous romance novel to play with.

Seeing the princess like that, the Crown Prince gave a faint smile.

When you added a smile to his already unrivaled appearance, the effect was blinding.

I looked at the Princess, who sighed as if relieved by the crown prince’s smile, then I glanced at Helio and my eyes curved.

I turned to my side just in time to catch the frown on Reneben’s face.

‘This is just as fun as I expected.’

At this point, I found it hard to let go of the Princess, who brought this romance novel-esque scene into reality. In other words, if she wanted to use me, then I was quite willing to be used.

* * *

The crown prince board his carriage, escorted by the elite guards from the Imperial Palace. When he asked the princess to come with him, she shook her head in refusal.

She lowered her eyes slightly and looked back at me.

“If it’s not too much, I would like to go back with the Saintess, who saved my life. I also want to go to the temple and thank God.”

In the end, the crown prince patted Ronella’s head softly and closed the carriage door.

As I watched the coachman settle down to leave, I sensed the crown prince’s gaze on me through the fluttering curtains. But soon, it moved away like it was my imagination.

He was probably looking at the princess who was next to me instead.

“Saintess, you’ve gone through so much trouble today. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that. I guess they call you God’s blessing for a reason.”

My brows twitched at her tone, which seemed to be sounding me out a little. It was as if she was emphasizing that she couldn’t do such a dangerous thing. The remark was strangely digging at me but I felt calm.

“It’s no trouble at all to save people.”

I smiled softly like it was nothing then I got onto the temple’s carriage.

The Princess sent me a gaze that asked if she could join me and I made space in the carriage, giving implicit permission.

Helio saw us off but his fingers were trembling slightly. It seems the incident was too stimulating for him and he was still feeling the effects.

Reneben chose to leave on horseback so he headed for the temple first.

The princess looked around the interior of the softly lit carriage and smiled brightly.

“Back there, I kept thinking I was going to die. Will you believe me if I say that Your Holiness was like an angel when you appeared in front of me? His Highness must be incredibly grateful too.”

“That is my job.”

“I was so rattled earlier that I couldn’t thank you properly but I am deeply indebted to you for your saving grace. If you ever need help from our Ducal House, please let me know anytime,”

Words poured out of the Princess’s mouth once again like it was a habit.

When it was just the two of us alone, I didn’t have much interest in the Princess. After I became conscious of it, I was more than happy to observe her concocted actions. I quietly listened while the princess talked.

She smoothly mentioned me and rambled on next to me.

“Come to think of it, our reception must be canceled too. I know it doesn’t make sense to have a party in this situation, but it’s still a pity.”

“I did hear you were preparing a party, Princess. It’s not strange to be disappointed.”

“But it would be utterly unreasonable to have a party while His Highness is injured. My elder brother was even looking forward to it too…”

“Your elder brother?”

The duke’s heir who went abroad to study? I was filled with questions because I had barely heard about him in the 6 months that I have been in this world.

And since he was related to the princess, I was also curious to hear more.

At my question, the princess covered her mouth with her sleeve and laughed.

Unlike me, who was covered in the demon’s blood and wounded because of the prince, the Princess was spotless. I joked to myself that her appearance itself was a national treasure and should be protected.

“Actually, he will be coming back after his studies abroad are finished this time. Since he said he would come after four-day hunting competition…he promised to see me at the reception I prepared, but I guess it can’t be helped.”

The princess spoke ruefully, showing her affection for her family.

“Ah! Saintess, if you don’t mind, can I invite you to the Ducal manor when my brother returns?”


“We plan to have to have a small dinner among the family on the day he’s back but I think the day will be even brighter if Your Holiness is there.”

I looked at the princess who had a talent for making flattery sound like the truth and I hesitated for a moment.

But from the day I learned about the princess’s pretense, I thought about letting people know and decided to be a spectator. And if it was just dinner, it wouldn’t take too long…

“Honestly, I was going to welcome my elder brother back with Ernesis but we ended up fighting…”

“Is Duke Cassian also coming to the dinner at the Ducal manor?”

“Ernesis is going to have dinner with us as well.”

Then that meant it will be Duke Cassan and Ronella…

I considered the combination of the Princess and the Duke, then I smiled as naturally as possible and nodded my head.

And since I was at it…

“I’m grateful for the invitation. But I’m sorry to ask, can my assistant, Reneben, attend as well?”

I said that because I thought of Reneben who couldn’t really talk to the princess because he was stuck to me.

He was always working hard and honestly, if I really thought of what’s best for him, I should take him out of the princess’s fishery….

I guess I felt like a passing extra or an NPC, in gaming terms. A character who doesn’t affect the original story but helps the protagonist if possible.

I wanted to watch the story unfold without intervening if possible. Of course, my help towards Reneben this time was a slight exception.

Whether she knew how I was feeling or not, the Princess clapped her hands and rambled on, pleased with the idea.

Suddenly, I wondered how big the princess’s fishery was. As far as I knew, there were 12 in it, which was more than a soccer team…. Of course, there were probably many more that were captivated by the princess’s overflowing charm but she did not really aim for them.

“Right, that reminds me, Elder Brother is a mage but…”

I started wondering how much longer to the temple. The moment I blinked my eyes and was about to respond to the princess…


The carriage rattled loudly and tilted to the side. Startled, I held my breath and the princess screamed.

Fortunately, the carriage hit a tree and stopped instead of tipping over.

What was going on?

I tensely looked out the window and saw a man with a slightly bigger physique than a woman. The current state of the carriage seemed to be caused by this person.

The man poked his head into the window slightly and spoke in a soft voice that contrasted the violent action he just did.

“Oh…the Saintess is here too.”


The man, who looked familiar, pointed at me, and said.

He had blue eyes and beautiful silver hair.

Despite my wary expression, the man was calm. He glanced at me, then he turned to Ronella, who was sitting on the floor of the tilted carriage.

The princess’s head was lowered, and she was holding her forehead like she had bumped it when she fell.

The man blinked lazily and licked his red lips. Then he cocked his head slightly and asked, “What is the esteemed saintess doing here?”

I felt like I had seen him somewhere before, but no matter how hard I racked my brain, I couldn’t remember.

The princess couldn’t lift her head and cried out in pain.

Although the carriage was tilted, it wasn’t bad enough that I couldn’t protect the Princess, so I moved in front of her and suppressed my voice.

I lowered my eyes with difficulty while stretching out my arms to cover the princess and spoke in a calm tone.

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  1. I have a feeling that the Princess’s brother might be the ML. But anyway interesting turn of events hehehhehehe. Thanks for the translation Miss Ruby!!!

    1. Same, although it would be pretty on brand for Ronella if she had a “secretly in love with her but he’s adopted or something so it’s not weird (yes it is)” brother.

  2. To think she could control 12 more fishes, who didn’t stop circling her, I can’t help but admire the princess
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