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You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain [151]

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Translated by: Miss Ruby
Proofread by: ShadowDog

* * *

A full-scale search for heretics had begun in the East.

“There’s someone suspicious over here!”

“Agh, why are you doing this…!”

“Check that side too!”

The search for heretics had been going on for some time, but the intensity of the search now was incomparable to before.

“What do you mean by heretic? He’s definitely not one! My brother only got sick and…!”

“Our policy is to transfer all suspicious persons for investigation. If he is truly innocent, he will be released. So stop blocking the way and move!”

The people who usually had suspicious behavior, or had unusual appearances were the first to be arrested.

“What did you just say?”

The news also reached Kalian, who was lying in the sickbed. Kalian’s face hardened and he immediately sat up.

“You shouldn’t get up yet!”

The doctor and butler by his side hurriedly tried to stop him but it was of no use. Still sitting on the bed, Kalian turned to the butler who delivered the news and asked again.

“Is this father’s direct order?”

But right after saying that, he thought it was a foolish question. The Crawford family had influence over everything in everything in the East, so obviously, this situation had proceeded under Dominic’s command.

“Where is my father right now?”

“He’s at the central council.”

Kalian got up straight away and left the room.
His injuries were bad enough that he shouldn’t be moving around so his people were shocked and tried to stop him.

Honestly, Kalian’s condition was far worse than Damon whom he rescued. There were cuts and tears all over his face and there was even a splint in his left hand.

“Young master! Didn’t the doctor say you should rest in your room for at least two weeks?”

But as before, their words didn’t stop Kalian from walking on.

“Kalian! Where are you going this time?”

However, the sound of Bastian’s footsteps thudding down the stairs made Kalian pause for a moment. If he hadn’t heard anything, he might have continued but he couldn’t just ignore his grandfather’s call too.

Kalian turned around to look at Bastian and replied.

“I’m going to see father for a bit then I’ll be back.”

“He’ll come back tonight anyway, why do you have to…wait! Wait, Kalian!”

However, that was the end of his brief report.

Kalian nodded to Bastian in farewell then turned around and dashed out the door. He headed straight for the central council where Dominic was.

The news that a full-scale heretic hunt had begun, made Kalian take action. While sitting in the moving carriage, he watched as a chaotic scene continued to unfold beyond the window. The closer he got to the crowded square and the location of the central council, the bigger the disturbance grew.

Kalian’s face also hardened more and more in proportion.

In fact, Kalian was practically the only noble in the central council who was against this heretic hunt. Of course, Kalian was on the same page as them, in that he regarded heretics as evil things.

Honestly, the moment they appeared in his sight, he was more than ready to send them right back into God’s arms.

However, he wasn’t in favor of this sort of extreme method. Because innocent victims were bound to arise from a massive search like this.

Which is why after Dominic first issued the order, Kalian took over the job himself and continued to investigate in a somewhat moderate manner.

However, if Dominic began a major hunt for heretics while he was forced to take a leave due to his injuries, he would have no more free range.­­
Kalian arrived at his destination and got down from the carriage.

“Lord Crawford?”

People were surprised to see Kalian with cuts all over his body. Kalian ignored the people who were approaching him and headed straight to Dominic’s office.

“Let him know I’m here.”

“I was told not to let anyone inside.”

However, the aide guarding the door politely conveyed Dominic’s wishes.

“It’s fine, tell him to come in.”

Right then, Dominic’s permission came from inside the door. The aide heard that as well and opened the door for Kalian.

Kalian walked into the office and faced Dominic.

“Father, I heard you gave a direct order on the search for heretics which you entrusted me with.”

Dominic, who was looking at his documents, lifted his head when he heard what Kalian said.

“And I was wondering what would make an injured man run over here in such a hurry.”

But his gaze swiftly moved back to his documents as he scribbled his signature on the paper.

“So it’s just because of that.”

His attitude was very calm and unconcerned as if he didn’t know what was going on outside.

“Please reconsider.”

Kalian looked at Dominic who was acting like this and requested.

Dominic signed a few documents without looking up as if he didn’t hear what Kalian just said. Then after a while, he put down his pen, leaned back in his chair, and looked at Kalian.

“Kalian. You might be my son, but you have grown up well.”

His tone was too dry to call it a compliment and there was no antagonism in his next words to call it sarcastic.

Kalian’s forehead creased.

“You are upright and just; as long as it is something you believe in, nothing can stop you from taking action.”

Dominic took off the glasses hanging on his nose and stated in a rather low voice:

“But, that is not a character befitting of a king. Why do you think I entrusted you with this case in the first place?”

Once the mildly reflecting glasses were removed, Dominic’s cold eyes were fully exposed.

“It has been years since I gave you that position, but you still haven’t learnt anything. It makes me a little disappointed.”

Kalian quietly met Dominic’s eyes. This was the first time Dominic was talking to Kalian in this manner.

“What did you expect me to learn exactly?”

Kalian asked in a low tone and Dominic’s reply came without any hesitation:

“What benefits the Crawford House the most.”

“…You mean the Crawford family, not the East?”

“The Crawford family will soon be the East.”

Kalian fell silent.

Dominic stared at his son’s rigid expression. Then he massaged his brows like he had a little headache and ordered Kalian to leave.

“Since you understand now, you can leave. I suggest you rest till you are fully recovered.”

He was indirectly saying that Kalian should just sit back and not think of coming back to his position until the hunt for heretics was over and the east was completely cleaned up.

After a moment, Kalian bowed his head to Dominic like always and replied.

“I understand, Father.”

However, his eyes which were hidden by his hair were shining sharply. Of course, he was not really thinking of sitting back like Dominic said.

* * *

Yuri was deeply contemplating whether she should send a letter to the Crawford and Salvatore house. The fact that they parted ways in that manner was bothering her.

To justify herself, things were so hectic right after she escaped and when she finally considered getting in touch, she felt like the contents of the letter would be a bit ambiguous.

After all, the two of them thought Yuri was an ordinary woman so wouldn’t it be strange to say that she luckily escaped from that situation on her own?

However, she didn’t feel it was right to keep on staying silent hence the contemplation. While she was thinking that, Anne-Marie spoke up like she suddenly remembered something.

“Oh, right! That reminds me, Grandpa has been very worried about you, Ms. Yuri! When I told him I hadn’t seen you in a few days, he made so much noise about getting the guards to look for you.”

Once Yuri heard that, she immediately wrote a letter and posted it. It was a short letter stating that she was okay, and they didn’t need to worry.

This happened in the afternoon after Lakis woke up.

Damon and Bastian’s responses came back very quickly. Damon’s reply was chock full of statements that said he was glad Yuri was safe. Bastian even ran over to her house to see her personally.

Only after seeing her in person did he regain his composure and go back in a very ‘cool’ manner.

‘Now that I think about it, I wrote my address on the employment contract, didn’t I?’

After that sudden ambush, Yuri clicked her tongue.

“Ms. Yuri, has Grandpa gone back?”

“Yeah, he went back a little while ago.”

When Yuri came back to Anne-Marie’s house after sending Bastian off, Anne-Marie chuckled as if she was patting Yuri on the back.

Yuri suddenly looked out the window.

“By the way, it’s a bit noisy outside today.”

“It is?”

Anne-Marie’s ears weren’t as good as Yuri’s, so she just tilted her head. Then she seemed to remember something and opened her mouth.

“Ahh, come to think of it, I heard from Mrs. Meriel earlier and…”

But for some reason, Anne-Marie paused, looking hesitant to continue speaking. Her gaze slid towards the closed door.

“You remember that thing they talked about at the welcome party. The people they call heretics. It looks like they are searching for them today.”

Yuri paused for a moment.

Judging from how Anne-Marie’s gaze moved to the room as she talked about heretics, she must have noticed that something about Odin and Lakis was strange.

Then again, that was only natural.

After all, she had even seen Odin transform from a crow into a human being. However, Yuri wasn’t worried about Anne-Marie reporting the two of them.

“Can we talk for a minute?”

Yuri said as she entered the room Lakis was in.
For some reason, every time Odin opened his eyes and saw Lakis, he had a weird reaction so the two of them had to be separated into different rooms.

Lakis looked at her without any fluctuation in his face, as if he already knew Yuri would come and say this.

Yuri sat down in the chair next to Lakis. Then she pondered over what to ask first for a while, before opening her mouth.

“Mr. Lakis, do you have anything to say to me?”




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  2. Yuri: Lakis do you have something to tell me?
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