Translating Korean Novels

Lucia Side Story [7.1]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

So, all stories of the main couple ended in side-story 5. You won’t be seeing them anymore really. Maybe a snippet? Anyways, there’s 6 parts to this side-story. Enjoy.

Lucia Side Story 7.1

Oh right, here’s a poll for curiousity purposes:


  1. vividlydawn

    No more Hugh and Lucia lovey dovey???


    • Miss Ruby

      Yes. No one from the main story shows up from here on.


      • vividlydawn

        I will miss their lovey dovey snuggly sweet fluffy cotton candy bed scenes. I hope we can see another pink clouds from Damian’s love story and also pretty Brother ( ◜‿◝ )♡


  2. Yuu Rie Chii

    but, but, but, but, i want more Lucia,Hugo, Damian, and Eve 🙁
    It’s so sad… 😢


    • serarose00

      Me tooooo….😭


  3. Tatara (@TataraDD)

    Whaaa~? I thought we would find out more about damians love interest for sure. Same with the duke telling damian about their family secrets, those look like loose ends to me. I don’t know when this was written but are more side stories possible?


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