11 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story [2.2]

  1. Wow … I sort of hoped someone was saved on Lucia, indirectly, when it was mentioned that the Countess of Matin was prosecuted dead, but I never expected it to be Hugh himself …

    Maybe it’s a protective instinct when he found his other half?

    At least the current Lucia went to Hugh for a marriage proposal, finding the other half.

    I felt sorry for Bruno, but should I say what I expected from Taran’s Duke?
    Hugh’s difference in dream and present-day Hugh is like heaven and earth.

    I am really very happy that Lucia took all the initiatives: make a marriage proposal and make a confession of love.

    Our Lucia is so honest, lovely, true, patient, specific and tenacious.

    I am the biggest fan of Taran’s couple.


  2. Though we’ll miss you we care the most about your health, so if you need to take a hiatus please do! We’ll wait patiently until you feel better!
    I have to say once again Lucia x Hugo is one of my all time favorite pairings.


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