Translating Korean Novels

Lucia Side Story [2.2]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

I’m really tired. Considering a hiatus.

Lucia Side Story 2.2

PS: Sry for the mix up. I confused the post and the pages.


  1. Redlaw

    Incredible. So even in the first live she was able to charm him


  2. liedral

    Huh…. I guess for a man such as Hugh, any escape route would have been found.


  3. squicci

    They were meant to be *sighs*


  4. muu

    I can’t see the chapter!


  5. mharumi

    Wow … I sort of hoped someone was saved on Lucia, indirectly, when it was mentioned that the Countess of Matin was prosecuted dead, but I never expected it to be Hugh himself …

    Maybe it’s a protective instinct when he found his other half?

    At least the current Lucia went to Hugh for a marriage proposal, finding the other half.

    I felt sorry for Bruno, but should I say what I expected from Taran’s Duke?
    Hugh’s difference in dream and present-day Hugh is like heaven and earth.

    I am really very happy that Lucia took all the initiatives: make a marriage proposal and make a confession of love.

    Our Lucia is so honest, lovely, true, patient, specific and tenacious.

    I am the biggest fan of Taran’s couple.


  6. Carrie Hill

    Wow so she never went back to see what he left


  7. Miaka_Mei

    /pat pat
    IKR. Translating is taxing sometimes. That’s why I changed from daily translation to monthly xD


  8. Bluebird

    Nooooo. I’m gonna your hiatus.


  9. PK

    Take the break. Enjoying your translation isn’t as paramount as your health.


  10. Chris

    Though we’ll miss you we care the most about your health, so if you need to take a hiatus please do! We’ll wait patiently until you feel better!
    I have to say once again Lucia x Hugo is one of my all time favorite pairings.


  11. Karina Fitriani Fatimah



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