Translating Korean Novels

Lucia Side Story [1.10]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

I truly feel like shit. Can’t think of a better expression. Caught a summer cold and it’s not getting any better. Aren’t I just lucky? Anyways, next week’s chapters are likely going to come out during the weekend. Here’s to hoping this is just a passing thing. Enjoy.

Lucia Side Story 10


  1. Hera

    Aww Ruby, I’m so sad to hear you sick. I’ve been waiting for new release, every day! Drink a lot of warm water. It helps me trough my summer cold, hope it will help you too.. Get well soon and prioritize your health !


  2. daniellem93

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Don’t worry about the releases, we all just appreciate you taking the time to translate Lucia! Thank you Miss Ruby and I hope you feel better soon!


    • nana

      Miss ruby, get well soon! And try to drink warm ginger it really good for cold.


  3. ina

    I can’t wait for the Damian’s debut and everyone’s shocked faces.


  4. Christine

    Please take care of yourself!
    I’d recommend boiled pears and congee.


  5. Ofelia

    Ginger tea with honey !!! I’m sure u will feel better !! Get well soon !


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