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Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

A more accurate name for this would be [Damian Side Story 1]. For some reason, NU listed it as side-story 1 part 1. But they aren’t parts QAQ. I don’t know how to change it.

Lucia Side Story 1.1

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0 thoughts on “Lucia Side Story [1.1]

  1. Miss Ruby, could you translate this novel “Please, don’t eat me”, its content is somewhat similar to the novel “Lucia”, a group of translators called “Haru’s Hyazinthen Garten” is translating it but take too long to publish. it and sometimes block the site with password, I tried to find the novel in raw and translate it through google translator but it is only available on pagekakao and I can not translate and do not understand Korean, so I would like to ask if you could translate this novel also. the raw name is “나를 잡아 먹지 말아 줘” and the page is “https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=53185152”.


    1. Hello, I’m the translator of this novel. Sorry if it’s too long too update, but i’m still translating it, but i have real life so it takes a long time. And i already said in my post that i have sporadic update for this novel. As to why i am locking it, it’s for protection matters, please read my annoucements posts in my blog to know why i am locking it


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