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Lucia Chapter 99 [part 1]

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: ShadowDog

I just felt the need to mention this. I might use ‘big’ words in my translation but that’s only because I can’t think of anything simpler or the actual word the author uses is too complicated for something simple.

Lucia Chapter 99 [part 1]

2 thoughts on “Lucia Chapter 99 [part 1]”

  1. Big words?! Nothing farthest from the truth.
    The exact reason I love your work, Ms Ruby, is precisely your wording -simple, yet elegant. Euphemisms and symbolic language are ingrained in the discourse of some Asian cultures and the meaning behind could be difficult to comprehend for western readers. Your translations are so impeccable that I can only praise them, they are flawless. I can only beg you to please keep be faithful to your own style for it’s what makes the reading of this novel so delightful. Many thanks for your hard work.

  2. Don’t mind us readers. I used to read smutty paper back novels when I was in high school, and always had a dictionary by my side.. It’s good to expand one’s vocabulary and I don’t think you should limit your translating creativity just for the lazy readers.

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