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Lucia Chapter 61 [part 1]


< — The Capital’s High Society[1]– > (4)

TN: (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ


Hugo leaned on his arm in thought, as he sat inside the carriage heading towards the ducal residence. It was impossible to guess what he was thinking about from his expression. Fabian sat on the opposite side of the carriage and made a careful attempt to gauge his master’s mood.

“Shall I look into Sir. Krotin’s whereabouts?”

According to the Crown Prince, Knight Roy Krotin disappeared without a word and his whereabouts were unknown. Insubordination, unauthorized absence and negligence. If one were to charge Roy of these crimes, it wasn’t just once or twice.

“For someone like him, he has endured for quite long.”

Fabian couldn’t help but fully agree with that statement. In fact, it was amazing that Roy had lasted for more than a year without causing any trouble and was protesting now.

“Leave it alone. He’s probably sleeping somewhere and will crawl in later.”

When Roy was done fooling around and showed himself, Hugo planned to give him some long due ‘advice’. It was around time for the efficacy of the last ‘medicine’ to have fallen.

“And as for the escort matter, I think that’s enough, it can stop now.”

Although Kwiz was still a prince, the gap between his present royal authority and his authority before the King died was like heaven and earth. Kwiz was under escort and guarding, not lacking to that of a King’s.

If someone were to move rashly against Kwiz, they would be charged with treason and their entire family would be under the danger of extermination, hence, there was no one that would move carelessly or take risks at this time.

“Yes, Your Grace.”

‘Just as I expected. His Grace is lenient with Roy.’

If Roy were to hear this, he would frantically argue that there was no way the Duke was lenient with him since he was beaten mercilessly however, the Duke’s leniency was acknowledged by all but Roy.

His master did not treat anyone else the way he treated Roy. Fabian somehow felt like he knew why. Roy was the only person that faced the Duke of Taran with cheekiness and without being afraid. When the Duke of Taran was with Roy, at times, he would seem like an normal person.

‘Mad dog, huh…what a fitting nickname.’

Nowadays, in the Capital, the knight Krotin was referred to as the ‘rabid dog Krotin’. There was a time when Fabian used to be worried that Roy would get into trouble for acting cheeky in front of the Duke.

That fellow certainly suited the name, mad dog. For a mad dog knows no fear.

“Who is the most famous designer in the Capital?” (Hugo)

“There are a few. From here…”

Fabian looked out the window and roughly gauged their current location.

“The nearest place is Monsieur Jeffrey’s boutique or Madame Antoine’s boutique.”

The male designer was immediately excluded from Hugo’s choice.

“Turn the carriage. Head to Antoine’s boutique.”

Immediately the carriage changed directions and began to head towards the Madame Antoine’s boutique. Antoine was definitely one of the famous designers in the capital. But, it was difficult to say that she was the most famous.

Depending on the dressing style that one preferred, the best designer would differ from person to person. The reason Antoine could catch a big customer today, was firstly because she was female and secondly because the location of her boutique was closest to the Duke’s carriage.

Even though the Duke of Taran did not make an appointment in advance and was interrupting at closing time, he was treated as a VVIP and received into the VIP suite.

High-class boutiques were very sensitive to information on the power situation of the country. Their main customers were wealthy and the wealthy were mainly high-ranking nobles and the high-ranking nobles were mainly people in power.

It was a sensitive time, now that power was reorganized on such a huge scale. Although there was some factor of unrest, most people expected the Crown Prince to become King without fail.

The fact that the Duke of Taran was the closest adviser of the new King was something that anyone with a little grasp of the current political atmosphere would know. It was the emerging dominance of a powerhouse that nobody would be able to deal with in the future.

To the powerful Duke, his richness was just an extra bonus but that extra bonus was the most attractive to Antoine.

As a highly prideful designer and the owner of her own boutique, Antoine strove to establish her pride in front of her tolerable nobles customers but today, in front of the Duke of Taran, she did not plan to doing so. She was very amiable and welcomed her guests personally.

“It is an honor to meet your distinguished personage. Your Grace.”

“I do not appreciate talking for long so I will be brief.”

“Please, go ahead.”

“I need a dress for my wife.”

The hottest topic in society, the Duchess! Antoine fought to control her expression in order to avoid revealing her interest.

“Is Her Grace accompanying you? Is she waiting in the carriage?”

“I have heard that designers can personally visit on commission.”

“Yes, of course. Your Grace. When would you like me to visit?”


On a second thought, tomorrow was not going to be possible. Today was fifth day in the ‘once every five days’ rule. It may be because of the accumulated fatigue from travel but ever since she came to the capital, it had been difficult to do her to his heart’s content.

Moreover, yesterday, he was only a slightly late in returning home but she was already fast asleep. She had a huge fever before coming to the capital so Hugo was very sensitive about his wife’s health.

He didn’t want to wake her up when she was tired and in deep sleep so he just hugged her and slept.

Today, he planned to have a passionate night with her, doing both today’s and yesterday’s share. If she rested all day tomorrow, it wouldn’t be too much for the designer to visit her the day after tomorrow.

“No. Let’s have you come in next tomorrow.”

“You mean…in two days?”

Antoine was a famous designer. There were lines of people waiting to be fitted into her dresses. Nowadays, it was busy day and night, especially because of the upcoming coronation. Her schedule was tightly packed for a month.

Even when she wasn’t busy, she usually left a margin of at least a week, to schedule an appointment. The sudden demand of a schedule in two days was difficult. However, Antoine was only worried for a short moment. In the first place, the customer in front of her was incredibly huge.

Antoine flicked her abacus and compared the publicity to be gained from the Duchess wearing an Antoine-designed dress, versus the damage to be received from the immediate and impractical schedule change.

The Duchess was at the center of conversations in the social circles. She had gone straight to her husband’s territory as soon as she got married and no one had ever seen her properly.

Whenever the noble ladies were being fitted for dresses in Antoine’s boutique, they filled Antoine’s ears with talks of the Duchess. The first appearance of the Duchess in the circles would certainly be an event of great interest.

“Understood. I will do as you say.”

Antoine replied readily. She looked forward to meeting the rumored Duchess and that had also played a part in her reply.




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