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Lucia Chapter 35 [part 2]


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TN: Sorry for the cliff (I think?).


Lucia awakened to the feeling of a strange heat spreading through her nether regions. In her half-asleep, half-awake state, she felt an external stimulus exciting the sensitive junction between her thighs.

Before she could grasp the situation, she felt an intense stimulation travel through her as something plunged inside of her.


Both of her legs were held firmly apart and her most delicate part between her legs was being sucked. She managed to lift her head and look down, only to find his head buried between her legs.

Lucia forced her still asleep brain to function.

‘Is he back? Since when?’

But she wasn’t able to contemplate for long. His pointy tongue swept over her petite vaginal entrance and found its way inside. A tingling sensation traveled up her spine. Lucia shuddered as though stuck by lightning and couldn’t help but utter a cry.


His tongue wasn’t as hard as his fingers but it was a lot more accurate. Lucia felt intense excitement from the unseen stimulation. She grabbed the sheets tightly and her head trembled as she moaned.

Her waist swayed and she tried to close her legs but he held them firmly apart so her wishes went unanswered. He spread her legs apart and violated her insides with his tongue.

He intensely sucked on her drooling entrance like it was an oasis in a desert. He tasted her soft, moist inner flesh and explored deeper with his tongue, exciting her and enjoying her reactions.

As fluids gushed from her oasis, a thick smell spread out and he could see that she was fully awake. With his tongue, he fondled the small protrusion of her vagina, poking and prodding at it then he finally gave it a light bite.

“Hk! Ah! Ang!”

Her small moans transformed into passionate cries. Until those cries turned to sobs, he did not take his lips off her vagina. He kissed, licked, suckled and swallowed.

He couldn’t stop himself savoring from the odd and aromatic flavor of her body fluids. He suckled as if to swallow her aroused mound and her waist shook excitedly in response.

Hugo licked upwards from her lower abdomen, traveling all the way to her breasts. Her eyes were unfocused as they stared at him.

It was a pity. If the surroundings were a little bit brighter, he would be able to see her flushed appearance.

He wove his hands into her negligee and squeezed her chest. He grabbed her soft, tender breasts with his palms that were coarse from wielding the sword.

Her skin felt as smooth as the finest silk and every time he touched her, he was filled with thrill. Whether it was her face that did not have any blemish, or her milky teeth without any defects.

The fact that only him, her husband, would be able to feel and see such a sight, satisfied his possessiveness.

He lowered his head and took a mouthful of the appetizing fruit in front of him.

Stimulated by his caresses, her nipple stood firmly as it was fondled and swallowed by his anxious tongue.

She gave off a delicious fragrance. The smell was so captivating that if he could, he would swallow it all.

As he listened to her gasps and moans, he couldn’t help but admired his endurance all this while.

From the first day of the hunt, he suffered from an overpowering sense of hunger (desire) and thirst. No matter how many barbarians he hunted, he was not satisfied.

[Whatever, I don’t give a damn.]

He had told himself in a futile effort to break off the string that tied up his heart.

‘Wavering? So what if I waver?’

She had never tried to make him waver but he was intoxicated with her and did not know what to do.

He reached out with one hand and spread her closed thighs apart. His member had hardened to the extent that it ached and was begging to be released.

He took a place between her legs and quickly lifted her weight. In a single thrust, he penetrated into her without any hindrances, hitting deep into her womb.

Her body flinched slightly as it accepted the intruder.



His hand supported her body while his other hand on the bed squeezed the sheets of the bed tightly. A grunting moan flowed out of his mouth.

This was it. Her slippery insides wrapped perfectly around his manhood as they squeezed. Their point of union fit tightly without any gaps.

As he burrowed his desire into her warm and wet insides, he was filled with a sense of perfect satisfaction. Her breasts under him bounced up and down with the little movements he made.

Her pink nipples, wet from his saliva and her glossy fair chest were littered with marks from him. Her taste that had been in his mouth till now still excited him.

He flicked her nipple with his tongue then licked it softly. He fondled and played with it a few times then took the whole thing into his mouth.


He teasingly chewed on it before sucking with great force. He loosely rolled his tongue around it, lightly bit it then repeatedly suckled strongly.

Her body shuddered in excitement as she released a small moan and her inner walls clamped down on him tightly. Although it was good to taste her soft breasts, he couldn’t stay still anymore.

“Lift your waist.”

Only the end of his sentence flowed into her ears. Lucia who’d been moaning due to his persistent caresses felt thrill at the vague sound of his deep voice.

Vividly remembering his movements when he’d thrust deeply into her, her insides throbbed and squeezed at him.

Lucia watched as a suppressed groan left his mouth and her mouth felt dry. Her heart grew desperate and she reached out, grabbing his hand that was next to her while placing her other hand under the pillow then she wrapped both of her legs around his waist.

Hugo grabbed her buttocks, moved closer on his knees and lifted her waist into the air. He pulled out from her anxiously soaked inner walls and heavily drove his searing hot member deep into her.


Maybe because it had been a while, she felt that his thing was much bigger. It completely filled up her body as it entered and she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

She put more force into her hands, clenching tightly on his hands and when he saw the slight grimace on her face, he spoke.


Lucia pursed her lips and nodded her head. He slipped out then slowly moved his waist as he re-entered. The feeling of his desire hitting her deepest spot was numbing and she let out a moan-like sigh.


His firm member repeatedly penetrated her, heating up her insides. Deeply and at times, shallowly. As his movement to control the intensity continued, her tender, relaxed insides tightened and swallowed him.


He muttered with a murky subdued voice.

“Your insides are practically devouring me.”

As she drew closer to her climax, her tight squeeze on him began to lessen. He couldn’t hold back his impulse to rampage deeper inside of her. He felt good when he put it inside of her but when he began to move, the feeling was amazing.

The movement of his waist quickly increased in speed, plunging deeper without reserve.

“A-! Aah!”

Her body shook in accordance with his movements, swaying rhythmically with each thrust. Her body twisted and twitched as she mewled in pleasure.

When he slowly pulled outwards, it felt like her insides were pulling away with him and when he thrust hard, the heavy force caused her body to tingle.

He lowered his head to kiss her wet eyelashes then he moved to her earlobes, licking and biting then he whispered.

“Do you know your expression right now…is a little crazy?”

He held her waist firmly so she wouldn’t move up to the head of the bed and thrust powerfully. Every time he rammed into her, her eyes glistened and flickered and his rough breathing echoed in her ears.

“You look like you’re about to cry but…your insides won’t let me go…ha…hng…this…do you like it? Does it feel good?”

“Ah! Ang!”

“Tell me, do you want me to go deeper? Does you like when I put it this way?”

He didn’t feel embarrassed by his teasing words. Just like he’d said, her insides were actively sucking and wrapping around him. Her sensitive inner walls moved with him as though attached to his penis and the movement excited her immensely.

“A-! Hugh! Too-! Hng!”

The stimulation was too intense. She felt short of air as though she was falling from an incredible height. His hard penis ravaged her vigorously and when he moved outwards, she felt like she was losing her mind.

As though to split her into two, his heated shaft repeatedly thrust in and out of her. And every time her deep inner flesh was prodded and rubbed, she screamed at the pleasure that filled her brain.

Her body twitched and gasped at his seemingly never-ending thrusts.

“Haa-! Aak!”

Reaching her climax, Lucia lowered her head and screamed seductively. As her inner walls viciously clamped down on him, a wild roar burst forth from within him. She spasmed in pleasure and he continued to burrow into her.

“Hng…ng…Hugh…just..a sec…a moment…”

Lucia teared up from the intense stimulation. She wanted him to pause for a moment but it seemed as though her pleas had excited him as his movements grew fiercer.

His hip muscles contracted and relaxed as he frantically thrust into her. Her legs that were wrapped around his waist seemingly lost power as they slipped off his waist.

He grabbed both of her legs and drew her closer to him then he lifted her buttocks and plunged even deeper inside her. After several attempts, he held her ankles side-by-side in one hand then his stiff enthusiasm entered her narrow entrance, repeatedly advancing and retreating.

“Uue-! Hk!”

It was exhausting. But it felt good. His powerful force as he penetrated her, his passionate movements as though he wanted to eat her up, his muscular movements that she could make out through her blurry eyes, his low moans that slipped out intermittently too, she liked them all and they excited her.

Her body had learnt the joy of a union with a man. Her buds blossomed, her petals grew and as time flew by, she was in full bloom. Her ecstatic body was open to the one she loved.

As the wall that she’d built against him disappeared completely, her body reacted more actively to his coupling. Her body sensed his body and instinctively reacted to him and this change was driving him crazy.

He let her legs fall to one side and grabbing her behind, he penetrated her slowly. As he was enraptured by the churning of her tender insides, she closed her eyes and gasped for breath.

Whenever his moving penis hit and stimulated a sensitive spot, her forehead would wrinkle slightly.

He once again grabbed her ankles and positioned them upwards then began to burrow deeply into her vagina. Again, her body trembled greatly and she uttered a cry of pleasure.

Her lingering hand on his shoulders felt as though it would slip so she clasped down firmly with her fingers. The painful sensation of her fingernails digging into his shoulders as she held on with all her might infused more heat into his underbelly.



His body stiffened momentarily as he released deep inside her womb. Lucia felt a hot fluid spreading and filling up her insides and she shut her eyes. Her vaginal walls clenched and squeezed him tightly.

His arms shook and a growl escaped his throat while her body twitched and spasmed with pleasure.


His weight came down on her as he stopped to catch his breath. He wasn’t completely leaning on her as he held some of his weight with his elbow but his body moderately pressing down on her gave her a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Lucia placed her shivering hand on his head and the sensation of running her hand through his slightly wet hair felt good.



Translator’s Corner:

*I forgot how long steamy scenes take to translate.

*This chapter was so long(1k words longer than usual) that I started to feel like the author got inspired while writing this scene. (。・ω・。)ノ♡.

*Also make sure you’re reading this on rubymaybe translations! 🙂



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  6. I think that’s the longest and most passionate love why’ve ever made
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