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Lucia Chapter 19 [part 2]


< — The Ducal Couple — > (7)

Translated by: Miss Ruby
Edited by: Luv Shng


Hugo realized that as long as he existed and as long as the Duke that would never stop using them existed, they could never be free.

On the day Hugh left for Roam, Hugo brutally and thoroughly murdered the Duke and anyone beside him, then he slit his own throat and died alongside the duke.

“He was someone that couldn’t even kill a bug. The one that drove him to such cruelty was that old fool. It was to extent that I have nothing to say. What choice? That wasn’t a choice, that was just an ugly greed.” (Hugo)

“Young Master.” (Philip)

“Do not call me young master. I am the Lord and Duke of Taran. Are you still living in the world from 10 years ago?”

There were no gaps in the wall that he built around himself. Philip sighed. For a long time now, he was unable to end his feelings and thought that maybe now that the young master was an adult, he would understand. It was a fruitless expectation.

Was the Taran bloodline going to end this way? Was it right for such a noble lineage to end this way? Philip wondered if his father’s dying words were karmic. The birth of twins in the Taran household was unprecedented. Perhaps this unusual occurrence was a warning.

“I hear you are married.” (Philip)


“That person cannot give you a child.”

“Then it can’t be any better.”

“Do you understand what the Madam wants?”

“I’m warning you now, don’t you dare try to approach my wife!”

Hugo growled fiercely. Surprise flashed through Philip’s eyes.

“Young master Damian needs a bride. Otherwise, the bloodline of Taran…”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear those disgusting words.”

People did not know when the Taran family began or why it resided in the desolate North. They did not know why the Taran family, with so much strength under its belt, lived quietly as servants to the King. They did not know what was the one and only purpose of the Taran Family.

The true purpose of the Taran family was something that only the head of the family and a select few knew for generations. This purpose was to preserve the Taran bloodline.

And to achieve that purpose, they found the most secure and safest position for their plan. It was a land that did not appeal to the greedy or desirous and was a place that not everyone could handle. The north was a place made for the Taran family.

Currently, the only people remaining that knew of this truth was Hugo and the old man in front of him. Hugo had killed everyone that knew, leaving no stone unturned. The old man wouldn’t have been able to avoid death if it wasn’t for the fact that he had saved Hugo’s brother in the past.

“Did you know this? Even those barbarians that attack the north do not have illicit relationships with their sisters.”

“You must not judge it by the moral standards of an outsider. The Taran bloodline…”

“I said shut up. I don’t want to hear that shitty nonsense about precious blood or what not. Women do not normally harm their children! What noble lineage, more like monsters!”

Philip slowly closed his eyes with a heavy expression then reopened them.

“…You still say such words. Then…is young master Hugo a monster? What of young master Damian?”


“Although the late Duke chose such an excessive method…”

Hugo smirked then sneered coldly.

“That jerk of a father…no, stop. I think my mouth will become filthy.”

“The Taran bloodline must continue…”

“That damned obsession! Such filth will end with me! Hey, you crazy old geezer. I don’t believe god exists but you should thank god that your neck is still in place. If you touch my bottom line one more time, I won’t owe you anything. I don’t care where you are, whether it is Roam or somewhere else, just like you’ve been doing till now, don’t let me see you, just shove yourself somewhere. This is my last warning. Get out. Right now. If I see you around my wife, I will rip your heart out.”

Philip looked at Hugo without saying anything for a long time, then he bowed his head, turned around and left the office.

Hearing the sound of the door closing, Hugo rose and in a pose of pushing against the desk, tried to adjust his breathing.

His clenched fist was shaking violently. Kill him! He wanted to kill that bastard right now! Rip his heart out, break his neck, throw him in the most miserable place in the world and then throw him to the beasts to eat!

The thing inside him roared viciously, threatening to break out. His whole body boiled in anger, and his red eyes darkened, looking like blood. After a long time, his breathing finally slowed to a more comfortable pace. It would be difficult for the monster within to come out now.

He was Hugo. Hugo would never abandon the prestige of his position as Duke. It would be easy to kill the old man. But he couldn’t. It would have been better if the life debt was his, because if so, he wouldn’t care less about it.

When Hugo calmed down completely, he called for Jerome.

“You said you brought a female doctor from the capital as my wife’s primary doctor, correct?”

“Yes, Your Grace. Shall I call her?”

“There’s no need for that. That old…no, Don’t let Philip get close to, or even approach my wife.”

Hugo knew that Philip had nothing to do with her as of now but he hated the fact that Philip was anywhere around her. He didn’t want her to be hurt by Philip’s stupid words. He would really hate to see those amber eyes sad.

“I understand. Do you want him to be placed under concealed surveillance?”

“As long as he doesn’t enter the Roam residence. Otherwise leave it alone.”

“Will it be okay to inform her Grace?”

When he told her not to do something, it was her odd nature to become curious about it. He didn’t want to make her conscious of Philip.

“…No. Let them meet naturally. Do not let her have any questions.”

“I will do as you have asked.”

For a second, Jerome’s thoughts went to the events that took place in the western towers. There were no servants in the castle that had personally seen the events that took place. Except for one person. And that one person was Philip, the family doctor. Jerome didn’t know why these thoughts suddenly came to his mind but he decided to inform his master.

“Your Grace, the other day, her Grace asked why the west tower was locked.”

Hugo’s gaze immediately sharpened.

“And so?”

“I answered truthfully, to the best of my knowledge. I informed her that the former Duke and Duchess died there, and that your Grace’s twin brother… my apologies. I was of the judgement that it was okay for the Madam to know. Forgive my thoughtlessness.”

“…No. It is something she’ll learn of anyways. What did she say after hearing that?”

“She was a little surprised, but she was more worried about your Grace.”


Hugo stood up from his seat.

“I will be going out for a ride. Do not prepare dinner. I will be back late.”

Jerome bowed in response and waited till the Duke was gone then he lifted his head with a grim expression.

‘What of the gift for her Grace…’

It was definitely not the right time to ask. On the surface, the Duke was no different from usual but after Philip went in and came out, it felt like the atmosphere was pricklier.

Jerome immersed himself in his thoughts for a bit then shook his head. It wasn’t right for a steward to dig into a matter that his master hadn’t instructed him to.

“Then…as a present for her Grace…how does a flower sound?”


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  1. Well this chapter sure show many pieces of the puzzle. You just need to put the pieces correctly and… Tadaaaa!! The story of 10 years ago appear before you. Thanks for the chapter desu~

  2. There is not enough info to guess what is really going on. Why the Duke doesn’t want children? Is his sister a royal concubine or consort to the King?

    Thank you for the double featured release.

    1. The duke doesn’t want children because Damian already exists. The sister thing was a misinterpretation on my part. Apologies

      If Lucia were to give birth to another boy, then there could be trouble in the family

  3. I smell misunderstanding in next chapter. After all Vivian/Lucia ask to be gifted by flowers as a sign if Hugo no longer want her.

  4. From my understanding, their father took his sister and had the twins right?
    Like, it’s a custom from the family, incest or so?
    And so, Damien needs a “sister” to mary?

  5. Pra quem não entendeu até aqui, esse médico da família conhece a família Taran e tudo que fizeram pra manter a linhagem, Hue que agora é Hugo porque assumiu a identidade do irmão insinua que existe incesto na família Taran pra manter a linhagem, e que o Hugo verdadeiro cometeu tal ato e que Damian seria fruto disso!!! Com certeza mais para frente vai explicar mais sobre isso!!!

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