Lucia Side Story 7.6: The Beginning of All Stories





Baden quickly ran over as soon as his subordinates told him that the ominous aura covering the devil’s forest had disappeared.

The man sitting on his knees by the bedside slowly turned his head. But his face wasn’t one that Baden knew.

The godfather Baden remembered was a mysterious man who never aged and remained the same from when he was a child till even decades later. But the youth of his godfather seemed to have disappeared overnight. His godfather was no longer a young man. Whoever saw him now would say he was obviously a middle-aged man.


“Is…is it really you…godfather?”

“Say goodbye to your mother.”

“Huh? Mother…? Mother!”

Baden rushed to the bed and broke down wailing. Cael stood up stepped aside a little, waiting for Baden to sufficiently say goodbye to his mother.

When Baden proposed building his mother’s grave in this place, Cael shook his head.

“You should take her with you. If you make your mother’s grave here, no one will be able to check on her and it will soon be abandoned.”

“What about godfather…”

“As you can see, time has begun to flow for me.”

Baden swallowed hard. His godfather was aging quickly as if he was paying the price for maintaining his youth for so many years. When Baden saw him this morning, his godfather looked like a middle-aged man in his later years but in just a few hours, he looked like he had added 10 more years.

“I will escort you. Please come with me.”

“No. My grave will be here.”

“Then I should also…”



Cael placed his pendant in Baden’s hand.

“This pendant is connected with your mother’s soul. If your descendants ever find themselves in a crisis, it will be a great help to preserving your legacy.”

Baden took the pendant carefully and put it in his pocket, like it was very valuable. His godfather was a unique individual with a very mysterious set of ability that the average person couldn’t even imagine. A gift from his godfather would not be an ordinary thing.

“I have a request to make.”

“Yes, please. You can ask anything, godfather.”

“Don’t leave any word about me to your future generations. I don’t want to leave any trace of my existence behind.”


“Today will be the last day you and I see each other. Don’t ever come here again.”

“Godfather. To me, you were both my teacher and my father. A child abandoning his father is an unfilial act that I cannot consent to.”

“This is my last request. I do not want to show my end to anyone.”


Baden’s eyes were filled with tears like he would burst out crying at any moment and from his expression, Cael found the mischievous little boy who used play around him. Evangeline and Baden were miracles that occurred in his dried up life.

In this unpredictable huge world order, he was nothing but a weak and feeble existence.  Out of everything he had pursued so desperately, this was the only truth he had gained.

He gave Baden a faint smile.

“Perhaps I am the same. I wish you were my son, Baden.”

Baden bawled like a child.

* * *

Baden didn’t want to leave at all but he had to quickly deal with his mother’s body, so he had no choice but to leave his godfather’s mansion.

When the funeral was over, about ten days had passed. Baden went back to the mansion but the huge building had collapsed and turned into sand. In addition, there was no sign of his godfather anywhere.

Baden felt so stunned that for an entire day, he merely sat down, looking at the pile of rubble.

Time passed and the curtains rose to a period of upheaval. Hundreds of divided forces destroyed each other, or swallowed the other up, growing bigger and bigger and unifying to create a country. Baden made a name for himself as a meticulous subject in the founding of Xenon and was bestowed a title and land. In this new country, Baden created a new family that carried his name.

This was the beginning of the Baden family.





Translator’s Corner:

It has been a ride translating Lucia (for me, at least). Translating this book was my first time ever trying my hands on translating so it definitely has a special place in my heart. I didn’t initially plan on continuing to translate, let alone finishing the book. Was gonna pop out a few chapters, then hop off the grid… cough

My initial translations were… atrocious (in my opinion). But you guys were nice about it so I did the next one. And the next one….and I just kept doing it. Hah. I think I improved too. (Actually, I really improved. Hell, this book had me sleeping with the korean-english dictionary.)

I really have to thank you guys for the immense positivity and support. It kept me going so so many times. Thanks for coming along this ride with me. [Lucia] was a journey I really enjoyed, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

I’ll be working on my next project [You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain]. If you’re looking for something to read, do take a look and see if it is right up your alley. (As before, I do not read much ahead because I like to enjoy the book alongside the readers, but it had been a very fun novel so far.)

The update schedule is currently 2/week but as I have finished [Lucia], I plan to slowly increase that. Right after I get some rest ofc.

That said, I hope you all have a great day and enjoy yourselves!

-Miss Ruby.


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  1. Oh my Gosh I spent a week engrossed with this novel! What a ride!! Thank you so much miss Ruby for the translation. Def gonna read your next translation, the premise is really caught my interest.

  2. i spent a week to finish read this novel. I really love this novel !!! althought i still sad that damian had died :(.
    Thank you miss ruby to translate this novel!!!!

    1. Damian is not dead, he is dead in an other future:the one that was supposed to be if lucia didn’t marry hugh.

  3. Thank you Miss Ruby! I appreciate your dedicated translations! I discovered the webtoon to this story and I am so grateful that you translated the rest of the story! I couldn’t stop reading on my phone because it was not available for purchase through my eReader. Your work is great. Thank you for taking the time to tell this story to us ♡

  4. This was a very heartwarming and humane story…the reality overlapped with dream …it was like a ride of a generation. Each person in this story was so unique and different,made me think many times about the emotions plus your translation quality was the only reason I could enjoy♥️♥️ the intimate scenes with different vocabulary each time was different, so It was not at all boring. I admire your translation skills and English really!!💌I really wish to be able to use such beautiful words like you ,and to write many stories (only with words do the imagination works,ya?)😁
    So, in short -I fucking love this story ,I read within 2days, I was literally crying at sad scenes ,but I was also surprised the development of the was much like magic,this was my first time that was enough to keep intrigued and even though in dream it was sad, the reality was better,still I felt the dream was a little bit sadder -daiman and hugh(I mean it felt so real💔)…what all they had to go through… Lucia (or should I call Vivian?) and nearly every characters I loved very much except the crown prince(I dunno y though 😂).
    Thank you so muchh and luv you dear Ruby 💫

    1. This was my first experience moving from the webtoon to the translated novel. Thanks so much for making it a great one. I am a loyal fan so any work you do I will read!

      1. Same here!

        My only frustrations are not knowing what happened to Chris. Thought he would have a larger role. And of course Roy and his son’s story.

  5. Thank you miss ruby! I really enjoyed the ride in this book! Hoping for more novels to come!

  6. Damn this was one hell of a ride. I lowkey loved the story and the plot was *chefkiss* I read this within a week and now I finally completed it and now I feel empty. Thanksu for the translations. Without it, a lot of people wouldn’t have read it. It is such a masterpiece.

  7. I would like to present my sincere gratitude to Miss Ruby for translating this novel.

    Im very pleased with the happy ending. However, just a personal rant that a good portion of the side stories seems to lose priority. I am quite dissapointed that the author went to lengths to describe the ancestors’ story and the alternate reality. Id much rather want to know the details of the MAIN reality. Especially since the author put in quite a lot of new plot points like Roy’s family or Damien’s love interest, etc. This has got to be the most open-ended side stories I have ever seen 😓

  8. Wow, this was one hell of a ride. An extremely enjoyable experience, thank you so much for your hard work in translating the book so beautifully. This took me 3 days to read and I couldn’t have found a better time to find this novel as it’s summer break and quarantine. I hope someday in the future I’ll remember this and re-read it.

  9. This story was one hell of a ride. The love story between Lucia and Hugh was amazing. Although sometimes I wanted to hop in the novel and yell at the to clear up their silly misunderstandings. Your translations were some of the best I have read in a translated novel. Your translator corner comments were funny as well. These side stories made me very happy Lucia became the duchess. She had saves the lives of so many people. This story will forever be in my heart. I had originally came here because of the manhua, but I started to fall in love with the plot. And the hot and heavy scenes were a little embarrassing to read, but you translated them well. Thank you so much Miss Ruby for translating this!

  10. Thanks for the translations! Agree with above comments that this is one of the best translated novels I’ve read. Thanks for sharing this wonderful novel that I would otherwise not be able to enjoy in Korean. Keep up the good work

  11. Your work is so good. I can read it without much trouble. Eventhough I skip most of the smut chapters.

  12. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I’m done! I feel like an orphan now … I even rolled up a whole month when I got to chapter 120!
    I will miss this incredible romance so much, now I have to read the weebton. Thank you for translating this wonderful work, Ruby!

  13. It was one hell of a ride! It’s been a while since I’ve binged on reading like this. My first Korean novel and I fell in love. Thank you for the translation, thank you for the notes and the interaction with us, it made the whole experience much more enjoyable!

  14. Oh my god! I skipped some of my sleep time just to finish this and it’s been an awesome read! Thank you so much Ms. Ruby for translating this. I will go ahead and start reading your next project. I am still crying from that last side story though T.T

    1. Thank you for translating this novel. I read it without trouble and it was really smooth and enjoyable. It was my first time reading a web novel and the translation was really appreciated. I discover it by reading the webtoon and couldn’t wait to know the end of the story. Thanks to your notes, I could understand the flow of the story and things that weren’t clear if I’ve read the web novel in another website. Thank you again.

  15. Finish reading this Aug. 27, 2020. Thank you Miss Ruby for translating this great novel. I Hope you will always continue finding many great stories like this. And now I will also leave my mark in here. Good bye!

  16. Hello ruby! This is my first and probably the last time I left a comment here. I just want to say thank you so much for translating this book so that many of us could read it and felt the journey of lucia together. Translating is hard, not to mention translating whole series of books, so I’m really grateful you actually decided to share it for free for me and others to read. Again, thank you so much, it was one hell of a journey and I love every single time I spent reading this book. Parting with this series seems weird and I felt empty because I’ve spent almost a whole week reading it every day and it now comes to an end. I want to give support as much as I can so later if I have the chance and I am able to give one, I want to support you through patreons. Best of luck to you and thank you!

  17. Wanted to my deep gratitude for the wonderful translation I felt the story and how it flowed was very well done.

  18. Thank you so much for the hard work and great translations! It was very well translated and I had such a good time reading the novel. As a foreign language learner myself, I could not even have the perseverance to translate a chapter of a novel. It’s really impressive to translate full 8 books in such detail!

    It feels really empty to finish this story and I’ll definitely re-read some of my favourite chapters again. Thank you so much for making this novel available, Ms Ruby!!

  19. You’ve worked hard Miss Ruby. You’ve done an absolutely good job. 🙂

    But now, I feel so empty. Last side story made me bawl my eyes out. *sigh*. Some part of me wishes I shouldn’t have read Lucia so I can avoid this deep void dwelling in my heart but I did anyway and I feel like I’m going to die. Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a fan.

  20. Am I the one wondering the possibility that Cael might be Hugh’s ancestor? And whether Evangeline (Present) is the same as the Evangeline in the past?

  21. Thank you! Thank you for your hard work in bringing such a lovely and captivating Korean story to us, who otherwise would never have been able to read such a great writing. The translation are wonderful and love your TN and references that help so much. You are awesome!

  22. Thank you Miss Ruby for your work! This novel is so well-translated and I have no trouble reading and understanding the story. I love the story and I am sooo glad I come across this! I binged read the whole week and it was an emotional roller-coaster ride. There were clever plot twists and I love that the character’s emotions were described in detail. I feel so hard especially when reading the struggle for Lucia and Hugh to express their love to each other. So when they finally confessed to each other, I couldn’t express how happy and heartwarming that was (Okay, I know I got too immersed in the story). Anyways, I thought I would cringe at the smutty scenes (I have never read a novel with this much sex) but they were actually quite entertaining hahaha. When I finally came to the end, I felt empty (people call this book hangover I think?). Oh well, every story has an ending, but I’ll definitely revisit my favourite chapters because this story is sooo good. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work! *throwing love hearts*

  23. Thank you for your hard working, I love this novel. translation done well, I happy find this novel when it were complited. 😅 can’t waiting your another project

  24. Hi Miss Ruby!

    First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for your hardwork! 🥺 I can’t imagine how hard it was to translate this novel and then I have noticed that you updated this more than 2x per week(?)

    I started reading the manhwa last week and I really like it so I decided to join a discord group about Lucia. Thankfully someone mentioned about the novel and your translation. 💖🙏🏻

    I’m gonna miss them 😦 It took me a week to finish all of the chapters and now I can’t believe that I’m done already. Lol and i dont sleep anymore because I cant stop reading this hahaha. And noowww. 😦
    Well, I’ll probably read this again one of these days haha.

    Thank you again! And i’m looking forward to reading your other translations! 🧡🖤

    1. This was a wonderful journey which I could enjoy only thanks to you Miss Ruby. Thank you so much 🥰 Now I don’t think I will be able to sleep these following days because I just can’t wait to read your next ongoing translation 😆. I wish for you to always be healthy Miss Ruby.

  25. Thank you Miss Ruby.
    I really loved the book it’s not a book I will be forgetting anytime soon. I literally finished it in 3 days. Your translation was superb and a big part of my being able to enjoy the book.

  26. I just started last Monday and just finished this Monday. Whats a week~ Thank you so much Ruby-san. It’s so heartwarming. Feels the up & down from the story, i love so much this novel (story) and your hardworking. The translation just superb~ Will be missing so much Vivian, Hugo, Damian, Evangeline, Bruno, Chris, Jerome, Fabian etc. 🙁 But still, looking forward your other works. Keep fighting and stay healthy! ^^

  27. This is the first time I’m ever leaving a comment but it’s worth it.Thankyou a lot MISS RUBY for translating this wonderful story.It was my first time reading a korean novel n I’m in love with its plot n characters. Completed in 4 days.n now I’m sad that it is overr. Once again thanks miss ruby.Your translation was superb

  28. Miss ruby thank you so much for picking up this novel to be translated. It was so far the most beautifully translated korean novel that is easy to read and understand. I’ll read another novel that you translated, thank you so much and fighting! Hope you healthy and have a good life 💖

  29. Thank you so much for this wonderful translation Ms. Ruby. I had fallen in love with the story of Hugo and Lucia, and the Author had really not disappoint. He/She delivered much much more, and for the novel to finally come to an end is bringing me so much happiness and sadness at the same time. Happy because the the journey from the beginning to the end to the past, has all been very wondrous, and sad because it is now the end, no more Hugo and Lucia, if I can erase my memory, and relieve once again the emotions that I had felt reading this novel, I really would. I would over and over again. This was the first novel-turned-webtoon that I have read, and I honestly did not have that high of a expectation at the beginning from just reading words. But your work has been really fun and wonderful. You had translated the novel while still maintaining its beauty. Your translators note are also something to look forward for, they were funny, helpful, and knowledgeable. I am going to check out your other translated work “You’ve Got The Wrong House, Villain”. I hope that that novel would also become special for me.

  30. Hi, i finally managed to finish this novel thanks to you miss ruby. No word can thank you enough for your effort. I love that you’re very detailed with your translation with the note and more. I had a very good time and i look forward to read more translated novel from you hehe ❤
    Once again thanks 🙆❤

  31. This is loved. I jusr wish we can get to have Damian’s and Eve life story esp love story. Kudos to the writings! Overall, i love that it has great smut scene but never leave the beauty of plot and story line. No unnecessary pov’s as all were shifted to have great importance without you getting bored for being repetitive or somethin. The last ss (cael and eve) leave me with ambigous feelings tho. The feeling that it has allot of room for more interesting sub stories. I love you author. Salute ❤💋

  32. This was a beautiful story, couldn’t stop reading whenever I had a free moment for 3 days. Thank you so much for translating it Miss Ruby, you did a wonderful job ! ^^
    Seeing the quality of your work I will gladly jump onto the next one, “You’ve Got the Wrong House, Villain” here I come !

    10/10 will read it again ❤

  33. Great job !! Gaaadd after being hooked reading the manhwa , greatful reading comments and saw link to the novel completed.. i spent nights reading it and got more hooked ! I just love the duke falling crazy in love with Lucia..❤️❤️❤️❤️ Much love from PH

  34. Okay, lemme just tell you, I’m an English Major who HATES to read. Ironic, I know. I don’t like reading long stories….

    I READ LUCIA IN A WEEK, (on/off cause I had assignments). I HAVE NEVER VOLUNTARILY GONE OUT OF MY WAY TO READ SOMETHING. That was absolutely amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters and hold each and every one of them in my heart. Hopefully the webtoon does continue because I really want to see my baby Damian.

    In my heart, I genuinely hope that Damian finds Ted and lives out a romance akin to his parents; I hope that Damian, Chris, and Bruno stay close friends and confidantes. As for Eve and Bruno… errrr IDK, I mean I think their relationship right now is sweet, but I think if she were 15 years older, then maybe? But MOST IMPORTANTLY, I hope that Hugh and Lucia will continue to live happily and as in love as they have always been.

    Thank you for translating such a wonderful story with such eloquence and dedication. I’m dreading pressing the “The End” button.

  35. Re-reading for the second time, still equally good! The first time I read it I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in 3-4 days. No chapter was wasted, each event was meaningful. The relationships we’re beautiful. Plenty of side stories to explain things in the end (however I hope the author will come out with a Damien/Ted sequel). I laughed and cried while reading this. Great job with translations too! Just so much love for this novel. Thanks so much for sharing your translations!

  36. Me hubiera gustado ver si Damian encontraba a la chica que le gusta…
    Thank you for the translate, I loved the history

  37. 3 days and 2 sleepless night just to finish this novel… so worth it… 😭 I’m so glad that Evangeline and Cael end up together as Lucia and Hugh… 😭😭😭

  38. This was a wonderful journey which I could enjoy only thanks to you Miss Ruby. Thank you so much 🥰 Now I don’t think I will be able to sleep these following days because I just can’t wait to read your ongoing translation 😆. Stay healthy Miss Ruby.😘😘😘

  39. Thank you so much Ruby💕 idk if you kept track but how many words would this novel be in total ? I’m just curious hehe

  40. Read it on 2021 – thanks for the wonderful effort in translating this.

    Got intrigued with Webtoon and could not wait to know the ending, that’s why I am here! Thank you Miss Ruby for translating this novel and the lovely community here who shares the same love in this novel. Wish you all can meet a partner like Hugh/Lucia!

    J xxx

  41. I read this after reading the manwha because i got impatient with waiting for updates and happy to say it did not disappoint. I don’t know how many times i laughed out loud and teared up, also considering i binged read this in 2 days and 1 night, i’m pretty sure my SO thinks I’m insane. Lucia is cute, my only wish was I hoped that Hugh called Lucia another petnames, other than Vivian, but then again I guess Hugh and Vivian is their special names towards each other.

  42. I loved this story! Thank you for translating. My only question is….whAT HAPPENED TO TED (Damian’s gf from the Academy) wE NEVER FOUND OUT!!!!

  43. Thank you so much!!

    I saw the webtoon and got addicted to reading this and finished it all within 3 days…

    I will miss this story… I wish we got a little bit more about Roy and Damian haha but I was very happy with the story overall, thank you so much for translating!

  44. I’m so glad I found your website! Thank you so much for wonderfully translating this beautiful novel! I really enjoyed this and bingeread it for days. I enjoyed the side stories as much as a main story. Will there be no spin off series for the kids? Would have been nice to see their stories as grown ups. Really loved how Lucia pretty much collected wonderful and appreciative kids. It was heartwarming when even Bruno calls her mother. Wonder if Chris does too since he likes her more than his mother. Curious about Ted. Why she disguised herself. Was the academy only exclusive for boys? Can’t remember. The author has to make a follow up series or it would be a great shame to miss all their stories. Even Roy’s love story I’d love to read! That archmage and the old Evangeline’s story made me cry. That was really heartbreaking.

  45. I just want to utter my gratitude for translating this wonderful novel. It most likely was not easy and done from free will, that is why I thank you Miss Ruby for allowing me to read this wonderful piece.

  46. Thank you so much for translating such a wonderful work. I’ve binge reading it in one day!

    As the novel is great, your translation is too. Now i will go on binge reading your other works when my eyes have enough rest😂.

  47. thank u for translating this miss ruby and thank you also to shadowdog for being an editor. this novel was beautiful and nicely translated. 😭🤍

    this is definitely one of my favourite novels ever!!

    1. and im crying because this ended and also the fact that we didn’t have a side story for damian and ted😭 i was hoping for one but nonetheless, still grateful for the authors and translators!!

    Thank you so much for translating this book 😭😭😭 you are so kind
    Now iam feeling empty, iam sad this book ending, i want more 😭😭😭😭😭

  49. I binged 100 chapters over the past 3 days and now I feel empty. When I think about it, I’ve never finished any of the light novels I’ve read. I’m glad that this was completed, but I also wish there was more. Seeing the characters grow old like that has strangely made me very conscious of my own mortality. I imagine Lucia and Hugh dying, peacefully, but dying nonetheless and now im crying thinking about it. I didn’t expect such a touching story from a smht novel. it’s kind of funny. Lucia will always have a special place in my heart…Thank you again Ruby for all your amazing work. I don’t think I can read any other types of isekai stories after this. Nothing compares to this story or to your translations.

  50. And I’m done, i’m so sad. Thank you very much Miss Ruby for this wonderful translation 😭 This story is so good, I’m gonna miss all of them (omg my heart is sinking).
    And I just wanna say, the last side story broke my heart 😭
    Anyway, thank you again for sharing and doing the best in sharing their journey.

    Ugh 😭 i really feel so empty.

    P.S. Does Damian have his own story? Thanks

  51. Thank you so much for translating and posting this wonderful story! I’m so glad they had so many side stories and even the other life stories- answered so many questions and was a great glimpse into different things.
    Thank you!!!

  52. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed this story so much. More than the smut, I love the plot and the characters. I wish there are more side stories showing the love stories of he side characters esp Damian’s.

  53. Thank you for everything, I loved the novel, your translation and your comments. I definetely see myself coming again to re-read Lucia in a future. Hugs and kisses!

  54. I have no words to describe my gratitude, thanks for translating Lucia, Ruby.

    I spent a whole week entertained and absorbed in this story, my feelings went from ten to a thousand, my emotions bubbled up. I’m so sad and happy, sad that the story is over, but happy for the characters to end, I’m glad Lucia chose to change her future. I’m glad Hugh opened his heart, and that most were happy.


  55. Firstly this chapter just grip my heart and my eyes just can’t stop from crying from this tragic ending
    Secondly Miss ruby YOU.ARE.AWESOME. I am so thankful and grateful that you translated this novel it made my heart so happy.

  56. First of all, again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to translate and share this wonderful novel to the world, Ruby-nim. You are awesome!

    I honestly came here because of the webtoon. I really loved the webtoon! But since it’s ongoinand everyone was bablin about the novel, I came here. I read the webtoon and novel simultaneously, for comparison.

    The novel is really wonderfully written (and translated). I hope the webtoon wouldn’t disappoint in the future once it finishes.

    I just want to express my disappointment with regards to Damien. I’ve come to love this child the first time he was mentioned both in the webtoon and novel. I developed a motherly affection towards this child. I feel like he didn’t have enough screen time. Even towards the end, it feels like it was not enough. Talk aboit my obsession with Damien. Hahahahaha.

    I cried buckets reading the alternate future of Damien. He didn’t deserve the way he died. And yet, it feels like his life is still incomplete with how the novel ended. I mean, yes, he’s happy, but I really feel like he deserved more. (LOL. I sound like a crazy mother hen. Hahahahaha)

    I wish author decide to write a novel about Damien.

    And hell yeah, Lucia and Hugo were perfect for each other. I’m so happy they both found each other both in the dreams and in reality.

    Ughhhh… I’m gonna have serious post-reading withdrawal symptoms again, for God-knows how long. Such a beautiful, unforgettable story this was.

  57. It was the most and magnificent story ever, it’s my first time finishing a Korean novel, so “Lucia” will always be at the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, Miss Ruby, without you we would have never read such an amazing story, hope you healthy and have a good life!

  58. I enjoy my days reading this one. I finished both of your completed novels (my habit, I don’t wanna wait, always read whatever completed)

    I refrain myself on this one because of the smut. But what the hay, I thought to myself, I would just skip all those parts!

    As it turns out I am glad I had made a good choice.. yes I skipped most of the smut part (sorry ruby you spent so much time on it) the story lines and MC/ML characters are very nice.

    I’ll wait until your third is done before reading it. I would love to spend some time to tell you how much I appreciate your work here.. very nice job

  59. Read this wholesome novel twice. And might be back to re read sometime later.

    By the way i think Cael is one of Taran bloodline, since i remember seeing that pureblood taran have black haie and black eyes, and only them have magic ability. But they all are killed when magic suddenly dissapear from this world. Only mixed blood have red eyes. Only mixed blood survive the killing since they were abandoned by the pureblooded because they were considered dirty. They then build the Taran Family. I think i saw it on webtoon, but correct me if I am Wrong.

    I was here after reading the webtoon version, specifically after the tea party scene where huga in state of panic after he realize Jerome give Lucia flower as a gift of her first tea party. I really like the angst when hugo start to regret his decision about the contract. And i knew the novel will be angstier than the novel, and i was not dissapointed. As a person who fear of rejection and losing someone, i really feel the angst when Lucia and Hugo struggled with their feeling. The great translation also helps the feeling conveyed well. Thank you Mary!

    Still sad we did not get to see Damian and his crossdresser lover, and chris suddenly missing in the last part. I really like the theory from one of the reader where Chris is traveling to searching Damian beloved. I hope it will be another novel by the author. We can only hope 🤭

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