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Hello and Welcome.

I will be translating the korean light novel:  Lucia.

I am a HUGE fan of the novel and thanks to skeletonqueen, I finally found raws.

It was confusing to mtl so i thought of translating it for myself and then decided to share my translations.

I don’t know how to read korean but i can follow a korean conversation so I’ll be listening to the raws and going off of that. It may come out choppy if the words are all foreign to my ears as I am unfortunately not 100% fluent.

I’ll be dividing the chapters into 2 as they are pretty long. Each chapter is about 3000 + words. Hope you enjoy!


-Miss Ruby


4 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome.”

  1. Thanks! I’m a huge fan too😄
    Eseul is a Korean woman by the way. She’s probably busy, and I have been waiting for new updates for ages. Really appreciate your efforts and generosity in sharing. Maybe next time I would seek your advice on how to Google translate novels… There are some stories which Translators have left for a long time.

    1. The idea is I listen to the raws and write down what I’m hearing in english. If i have questions, i consult google translate and endic naver. Naver actually helped me better for the second half of 16

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